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Galactic Nova (stage)

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KSSU MWW Galactic Nova Entry.png
Nova pushing against the Sun and Moon on the map screen in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main game Milky Way Wishes
Boss Galactic Nova Nucleus
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays in Galactic Nova, from Kirby Super Star

Stage order
Halfmoon ???
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Nova is one of the places which Kirby can visit in Milky Way Wishes, in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. Unlike the main planets, Kirby can not enter this stage until he clears all prior ones. Kirby can find the entrance to this stage near Popstar as the Galactic Nova pushes against the Sun and Moon after clearing every planet for the first time, and can visit Nova in the upper-right corner of the map after completing the game. The boss of this stage is the Galactic Nova Nucleus. After the boss is defeated, Kirby automatically moves into the final boss fight against Marx on a different planet.


The stage begins in an open area of the Nova's interior, as Patas, Dakugas and Bolums fly toward him. Using the Starship, Kirby can quickly destroy these before they cause any trouble. Further in, Kirby will need to dodge and weave across metal formations that form an ever-tighter tunnel. Touching the walls at any point will deal Kirby damage, so he should be careful. Further in, the stage starts to scroll faster, and the passage becomes more cramped, with more and more enemies appearing in Kirby's way. After a while, Kirby automatically zooms forward, heading directly to the boss encounter.

Boss: Galactic Nova Nucleus[edit]

Kirby blasts the pillars around the Nova's heart.
Main article: Galactic Nova Nucleus

After flying through the opening area, Kirby finds himself in the central chamber. Here, his task is to shoot the shapes suspended in-between pillars that move automatically toward and away from him. Kirby must clear the shapes from all eight pillars to defeat the boss, and move on to the final encounter with Marx.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギャラクティック・ノヴァ
gyarakutikku nova
Galactic Nova
French Comète Nova Comet Nova
German Komet NOVA Comet NOVA
Italian Nova Galattica Galactic Nova
Korean 갤럭틱 노바
gaelleogtig noba
Galactic Nova
Spanish Cometa Nova Comet Nova

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