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Homing Bomb

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Homing Bomb
KatFL Homing Bomb Artwork.png
Artwork of Homing Bomb Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Based on Bomb
Blueprint location An Unexpected Beast King
Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×800 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×3
Starting Power-up Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×1200 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×3
No. Power-ups 2
Power(s) Throw bombs that home in on enemies
Starting Power 3.5
Rapid-Fire 2.5
Similar to Chain Bomb
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Toss a homing bomb, then watch it get to work! It'll patrol the area until it spots an enemy, then race toward them and explode. Chain bombs together to corner your foes!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Homing Bomb is an Evolved Copy Ability based on Bomb that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. When Kirby throws a bomb that lands on the floor or even the surface of water, it will gain wheels (plus a swimming ring if on water) and start moving in the direction it was thrown. If the bomb gets close to an enemy, it will lock on to it and start moving towards it, exploding afterwards. Similar to the Chain Bomb, these homing bombs can also be linked together. Kirby's hat becomes black with pink signal wave patterns, a microphone, and an antenna, while the bombs are pink with a blue front and a black antenna that has a green spark on the top.

The blueprint for Homing Bomb can be found in the stage An Unexpected Beast King, and is rewarded for defeating King Dedede. Homing Bomb is required to play the Treasure Road stage Seek the Switches! Homing Bomb Hunt.


All attack names are taken from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide. Applicable equivalent adapted English names from other games are listed in bold.

Homing Bomb moveset 
Move Button execution Description Damage[1]
Bomb Throw
Press B, or release B after Target Throw Kirby throws a bomb a fair distance. 25 (collision)
22 (explosion)
Aim Throw
Target Throw
Hold B Kirby angles the trajectory of his throw, which is shown to the player. It can be adjusted with the L-Stick.
This move is referred to as Aim and Throw when the hint movie showing it in action is displayed.
Strike Bowl
Bomb Bowl
Tilt L-Stick + B or B after dodging an attack Kirby rolls a bomb like a bowling ball at nearby enemies.
Auto-Search Bomb
- Bombs will automatically sprout wheels and start wandering the stage until they find an enemy, to which they will chase down until they explode. These bombs can also jump if they come into contact with a wall or the enemy is in the air.
The name of this attack is the Japanese name of Homing Bomb.
Chain Bomb
Place multiple bombs near each other with any other move Up to 5 bombs can be chained together in this manner. When one explodes, all the others do at the same time. The larger the chain, the larger and longer the explosion lasts and the more damage it deals.

Chained homing bombs will glow different colors depending on how many are grouped together:

  • Two bombs are green
  • Three bombs are teal
  • Four bombs are blue
  • Five bombs are a deeper blue
5 per hit (1 chain)
8 per hit (2 chains)
12 per hit (3 chains)
19 per hit (4 chains)
34 per hit (5 chains)

Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
KatFL Boxart NA.jpg Kirby and the Forgotten Land Figure description:

Toss a homing bomb, then watch it get to work! It'll patrol the area until it spots an enemy, then race toward them and explode. Chain bombs together to corner your foes!

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee:
The Homing Bomb ability's attack power will increase when bombs gather near each other to form a chain. Bigger, longer chains mean bigger, badder booms!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オートサーチボム
Ōto Sāchi Bomu
Auto-Search Bomb
Traditional Chinese 自動追蹤炸彈
Zìdòng Zhuīzōng Zhàdàn
Auto-Tracking Bomb
Simplified Chinese 自动追踪炸弹
Zìdòng Zhuīzōng Zhàdàn
Dutch Geleide bom Guided bomb
French Bombe téléguidée Remote-controlled bomb
German Sucherbombe Seeker bomb
Italian Granata a ricerca Tracking grenade
Korean 오토 서치 밤
Oto Seochi Bam
Auto-Search Bomb
Spanish Bomba buscadora Tracking bomb