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Endless Explosions - Stage 4

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Endless Explosions - Stage 4
KTD Endless Explosions Stage 4 select.png
Stage 4 on the Endless Explosions level hub.
Level Endless Explosions
Hypernova Section? Yes
Sun Stones 4
Keychains 4
Rare Keychain Marx Soul
Mid-Bosses Winged Eggers
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Endless Explosions - Stage 4.

Stage order
Endless Explosions - Stage 3 Endless Explosions - Stage 5
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Endless Explosions - Stage 4 is the fourth stage in Endless Explosions. There are four Sun Stones and 4 keychains in this stage. The rare keychain is one depicting Marx Soul.


The stage begins with Kirby descending ladders past Shotzos. In the next open area, many 3D Tilt Missiles can be found, which can be used to clear the way.

The next area consists of walls which tilt into Kirby's plane potentially knocking him into the screen. From there, Kirby has to cross a wide tunnel over a bottomless pit by creating a bridge forward.

Another tilting wall area is accessed next. This leads to an exterior area where the Miracle Fruit awaits. From there, Kirby will have to cross the lava pools using the fan-powered drill platforms.

In the next area, Kirby contends with the Winged Eggers. Defeating them yields the stage exit.

Sun Stone & Rare Keychain Guide[edit]

  • Sun Stone 1 - In the area with the 3D Tilt Missiles, Kirby has to clear all of the stone blocks out of the way, then grab the Key and carry it to the door. After unlocking the door, a hidden path inside will lead to the stone.
  • Sun Stone 2 - In the wide void tunnel, a Bomb Block can be hit in a crevice in the ceiling to reveal a side door. In here, Kirby will need the Archer ability to hit targets beyond a Tilt Gear to get this stone.
  • Sun Stone 3 - While using the fan drill platforms, Kirby can collect this stone in a crevice between two lava-fall areas.
  • Sun Stone 4 - This stone will appear after the Winged Eggers are defeated.
  • Rare Keychain - In the second tilting wall area, this keychain can be found at the end of the path inside a breakable wall segment.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special