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Kirby 3D Rumble - Level 1

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Level 1 is the first level of Kirby 3D Rumble in Kirby: Planet Robobot. This level bears a grassy theme and takes place during the daytime. It consists of four short stages.

Full Combo on this level is 50.


The Kirby's Return to Dream Land HAL Room version of the Green Greens theme plays through most of the level, with Stage 1-4 playing the boss theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3 instead.


Stage 1-1[edit]

Stage 1-1.

This platform consists of a simple square configuration with three star blocks in each corner, and a small dip in the middle. There are two silver coins and one gold coin here.

Enemies (in order of appearance):

Stage 1-2[edit]

Stage 1-2.

This platform resembles a sideways Roman numeral two, with two bridges arcing across two separate small platforms, each holding two star blocks in each far corner. Here is where it first becomes conceivable that Kirby may fall off the stage if he jumps poorly. There are two bronze coins, two silver coins and two gold coins here.

Enemies (in order of appearance):

Stage 1-3[edit]

Stage 1-3.

This platform is plus sign shaped, with a tree occupying all but the bottom extension of the platform, and no star blocks. There are two bronze coins and two silver coins here.

Enemies (in order of appearance):

Stage 1-4[edit]

Stage 1-4.

The last platform is octagonal in shape, with four trees up near the top end of it. There are four separate evenly spaced blocks situated around the center, elevated above the rest of the platform, holding two gold coins, and two Food items. Once Masher is defeated, the level is complete.

Enemies (in order of appearance):