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Friend Bridge

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Friend Bridge
KSA Friend Bridge.jpg
Screencap of Friend Bridge being formed.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Usage type Specific Location Use
Requirements Four friends
Power(s) Bridge gaps.
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When friends combine their power, a friendship bridge appears! The key to solving certain puzzles is moving ↑↓ to adjust the route. This bridge might even help you guide you-know-who!
— Kirby Star Allies Pause Screen description

Friend Bridge is a Friend Action present in Kirby Star Allies. It allows Kirby and his friends to form up in a line to span a gap, allowing Key Dee to cross with a Key. To activate it, Kirby and three of his friends must find the correct Friend Platform and activate it. From there, once they've formed up, one or more Key Dees will appear, which the Star Allies must guide to a gate. To assist Key Dee in this endeavor, Kirby and his friends can also move up and down the cliffside. Once the door is unlocked, Kirby and his friends will jump forward and back out of formation.


The Friend Bridge is used in the following stages:


  • While Key Dee is standing on a friend in formation, that friend will adopt a strained expression on their face. This will also cause the player's controller to rumble, imitating Key Dee's footsteps.
    • Notably, Meta Knight does not change his expression when trodden on, which may have been an intentional way to signal his discipline.
  • In the concept art, only three allies are required to form the bridge and then Kirby can freely walk on them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンズつりばし
Furenzu Tsuribashi
Friends Suspension Bridge
Traditional Chinese 盟友吊橋
méng yǒu diào qiáo
Friend Suspension Bridge
Simplified Chinese 盟友吊桥
méng yǒu diào qiáo
Dutch Vriendenbrug Friend bridge
French Pont d'amis Friend bridge
German Freundesbrücke Friend bridge
Italian Ponte amici Friend bridge
Korean 프렌즈 다리
peulenjeu dali
Friends Bridge
Polish Friend Bridge[1]
Russian Дружеский мост
Druzheskiy most
Friend bridge
Spanish Puente de amistad Friendship bridge