Magolor Soul

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Magolor Soul
Magolor Soul.png
Magolor Soul
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land (2011)
Similar to Magolor, Marx Soul, Drawcia Soul
Theme music


Clip of Magolor Soul's theme from Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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Magolor Soul is the final boss of Extra Mode in the game Kirby's Return to Dream Land, being fought after Magolor EX is defeated. He has a much more menacing appearance in this form than his old one, such as being more of a bluish-black color, and having a more elaborate crown with a spikier build. Additionally, while the original form only shows the eyeball in his mouth once the second phase begins, Magolor Soul shows it from the start. Most of his attacks in this form are the same as the ones he used in the second phase of his battle in the main game. However, they now do more damage or look different, such as his portal spike attacks now having thorns and being done in different locations. He keeps his previous attacks of using his own dark versions of the Super Abilities like in the original battle, but now Magolor Soul can use a new attack that combines the attributes of the Grand Hammer and Snow Bowl powers.

Magolor Soul also appears as the final boss in The True Arena of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.


Compared to his main game counterpart, all of Magolor Soul's attacks are souped up, and he has a few new ones.

Attacks - Magolor Soul  
Attack Description
Super Dispel
Magolor Soul opens with this move only if Kirby still has Ultra Sword from the last fight. He sends a shock wave that immediately removes the ability and destroys it. This attack deals no damage.
Super Pain Vortex
Magolor Soul opens a vortex to the Pain Dimension, all the while causing the entire background to swirl around it. If Kirby is caught, he will take massive unavoidable damage.
Juggle Conjure EX
Magolor Soul conjures, then juggles random enemies, some with Copy Abilities, he then tosses them at lethal velocity at Kirby. More enemies than in the Main Game.
Rift Spikes EX
Magolor Soul conjures rifts at various positions, which shoot out spikes. Faster and with more patterns than in the Main Game.
Dark Orbs EX
Magolor Soul conjures and tosses orbs of black energy from varying positions. These can be deflected or inhaled. More of them than in the Main Game.
Rift Beam EX
Magolor Soul fires a Super Beam into a rift, which then systematically fires across the entire stage and air, leaving stars on its last strike. Very hard to dodge.
Portal Ram
Magolor Soul travels into a rift, then exits one on the stage in an attempt to ram Kirby, then going into another rift to do it again.
Super Beam EX
Magolor Soul fires a giant beam that covers the entire stage, creating stars where it hits. Much faster than in the Main Game.
Pain Stencil
Magolor Soul jumps into the background and draws a stencil, the solid parts of which transpose onto the stage as a wall of pain.
Ultra Sword EX
Magolor Soul takes out two black swords, and swings them one at a time in a manner similar to Kirby's Ultra Sword. They leave stars where they hit. He then finishes by swinging them both at once, with the only safe zone being the very middle of the stage.
Flare Beam EX
Magolor Soul charges up, and then flies around the stage in an orb of dark energy, while another empty orb does the same, similar to Kirby's Flare Beam.
Monster Flame EX
Magolor Soul conjures two dark fire dragons, which he directs across the stage, leaving stars in their wake. Faster and tougher to avoid than in the Main Game.
Grand Hammer
Magolor Soul slams a giant icy hammer into the ground, creating a shock wave similar to Kirby's Grand Hammer, creating icicles that fall from the top of the arena, and making the floor icy for a long period afterward.
Perspective Flip
Magolor Soul jumps into the background and flips the screen orientation, making it more difficult for the player to discern direction correctly.

*Names of attacks are conjectural.



Video Walkthrough[edit]

No damage fight against Magolor Soul at the end of Extra Mode.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マホロア ソウル
Mahoroa Sōru
Magolor Soul
French Âme de Magolor Soul of Magolor
German Magolor-Seele Magolor Soul


  1. "A sad shell possessed by the limitless power of the Master Crown, no more than a manifestation of the crown itself." —The True Arena (Special Page)