The Revenge

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The Revenge
The Revenge KSSU intro.png
The opening cutscene for The Revenge.
Main game Revenge of the King
Mid-boss(es) Bandana Waddle Dee, Grand Wheelie, Mr. Tick-Tock, Phan Phan, Twin Fire Lions
Boss King Dedede
Level order
Mt. Dedede Sky Last level
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The Revenge is the fifth and final stage of Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It takes place inside Castle Dedede, culminating with the fight with Masked Dedede. Along the way, King Dedede can be heard conversing with Bandana Waddle Dee trying to prepare for/stop Kirby from reaching him.


Kirby traveling through Castle Dedede.

The stage begins with Kirby crashing into the castle using his Warp Star. From there, after some dialogue, Kirby can use the door to the right to progress.

In the next hall, Kirby meets the kings soldiers, who try to block his way.

The following room has Kirby fighting a Mr. Tick-Tock by order of the king.

Down the next hall, more enemies try to stop the unstoppable pink ball.

In the next room, a Grand Wheelie challenges Kirby. Dedede starts to panic as Kirby makes short work of it.

The next hall has yet more soldiers who get knocked over. Some pitfalls may make this hall more dangerous, however.

In the following room, King Dedede throws Phan Phan at Kirby.

The proceeding hall is taller than the previous ones, and has enemies patrolling Star Block platforms overhead.

The following room has Dedede calling the cavalry on Kirby, in the form of the Twin Fire Lions.

In the last hallway, King Dedede pardons his servant Waddle Dee from having to fight as Kirby draws near. Regardless, Bandana Waddle Dee fights for his king, though he is clearly no match. The door to Dedede's chamber lies just beyond (details in section below).

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities

Boss: Masked Dedede

Kirby dodges Masked Dedede's super spin attack.

When Kirby first reaches the boss chamber, it is dark. Then, the stage lights up, with a Hammer on the floor, an offering for an honorable duel with Dedede. Once Kirby picks it up, King Dedede appears with his mask and jet hammer, and the fight begins. The fight is similar to the original one at the end of Spring Breeze, but Dedede has greater Vitality, and his attacks are quicker and more forceful. He can also shoot flamethrowers from his hammer, and the ceiling is an electrified grid that is dangerous to touch.

In the rafters, instead of a full house, only Bandana Waddle Dee remains, cheering King Dedede on whenever he lands a hit.

Once Masked Dedede is defeated, his mask breaks, and he gets sent flying out of the castle. With that, the end cut-scene plays, and the game is complete.


  • Though many spin-off games before this would break this ground, this stage was the first time King Dedede had a full speaking role in a main series Kirby title.