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Super Star Mix Icon.png Mix is the term used to describe the state where Kirby gets a random Copy Ability by swallowing enemies with two or more abilities at once. In older games like Kirby Super Star, the enemies swallowed could be ones that both provided the same ability, but starting with Kirby's Return to Dream Land, they need to provide different ones. This mechanic is present in most games in the main Kirby series that feature Copy Abilities.

When a Mix begins, the game pauses while a roulette decides what ability Kirby will get. While seemingly random, this roulette can be timed to get a specific ability in games like Kirby Super Star.

In Milky Way Wishes, activating a Mix is the only way to obtain a Copy Ability without collecting the Copy Essence Deluxes. This can only be done with certain enemies, like Noddy.


  • In Kirby's Adventure, it is possible to spot an icon in the HUD for "Cannon" during the roulette, which is unused in the rest of the game. Presumably it was planned to have this icon appear whenever Kirby hopped into a Fuse Cannon, as the icon is used in the European versions of the games[1], and in all versions of Kirby Super Star.
  • In Kirby: Planet Robobot, UFO and Smash Bros. cannot be obtained via Mix.


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