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KSA Spider Artwork.png
Artwork of Spider Kirby from Kirby Star Allies.
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Type(s) Unlimited use
Obtained from Como
Power(s) Ensnares foes in webs.
Helper Como
Similar to Taranza, Ice, Hi-Jump
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Quote1.png What predator is more impressive? None shall escape such a hunter! You can spin threads with skill to execute the Friend Bounce, which will get your friends up high. Ready, set...jump! Quote2.png
— Kirby Star Allies quote

Spider is a Copy Ability that debuted in Kirby Star Allies. The Spider ability allows Kirby to ensnare his enemies in thick webs, encasing them in cocoons which he can then kick out of the way, much like when enemies are frozen using the Ice and Freeze abilities. Bosses and mid-bosses cannot be encased, and will instead take damage while touching a web.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Spider debuts in this title. The webs that Kirby throws out can also be used as trampolines by Kirby and his allies. With a friend, Spider Kirby can use a technique called Friend Bounce, wherein the friend can launch from Kirby's web and pass through obstacles above safely, similar to the Hi-Jump ability. It is obtained from Como, who also can use this ability when recruited as a Friend. It gives both Kirby and the Como Friend a purple top hat with spider eye and web decals, along with small 'legs' that hang off the rim. Taranza the Dream Friend shares part of the Spider ability, including Friend Bounce.


Spider's Moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Description Damage
(Star Bullet=52)
String Shot
Press and release B
Kirby shoots out a small string which encases foes in pods upon contact. 16
Net Work
Press and hold B, and then release
Kirby releases a large web around himself which encases all nearby opponents in pods. 22
Skyward Web
↑ + B
Kirby shoots out a tall needle made of web that strikes opponents. 16
Web Sling
Dash + B
Kirby shoots out a large web ahead of himself which lingers for a moment and encases enemies that touch it. 18 (8 as a projectile)
Web Scatter
Dash + B in midair
Kirby throws out three smaller webs with similar effect to Web Sling. 18 (8 as a projectile)
Downward Web
↓ + B in midair
Kirby tosses a web beneath himself. 18
Pod Kick
When touching pod
Kirby kicks an encased enemy away, which can harm other foes in the way. 48
Pod Snatch
B when near a pod
Kirby grabs hold of an encased enemy. 16
Pod Slam
Pod Snatch + B / Pod Snatch + forward
Kirby slams his pod in an arc ahead of himself, causing it to fly forward. 48
Pod Slamabam
Pod Snatch + ↑, ←, or ↓
Kirby slams the pod repeatedly in front and behind himself, damaging any enemies caught in the arc, then sends the pod flying. 48
Pod Guard
Kirby hides inside a pod. If an enemy or projectile touches the pod, a spike attack will be activated. Releasing the guard damages nearby enemies. 16 (for both the spike attack and releasing the guard)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパイダー
Chinese 蜘蛛
zhī zhū
Dutch Spin Spider
French Araignée Spider
German Spider Spider
Italian Ragno Spider
Korean 스파이더
Portuguese Aranha[1] Spider
Russian Паук
Spanish Araña Spider
Polish Spider[2] -