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Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension II

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Dimension II
KSA Heroes Dimension II 2.jpg
Kirby goes pole-vaulting over some hazards in Dimension II.
Level Heroes in Another Dimension
Friend Action(s) Friend Train
Boss(es) Parallel Twin Kracko & Parallel Big Kracko
Mid-Boss(es) Bugzzy
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Dimension II

Stage order
Dimension I Dimension III
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Dimension II is the second of four primary stages in Heroes in Another Dimension. It is unlocked once Dimension I is completed, and completing this dimension is necessary to unlock the Final Dimension. As with the others, there are 30 Friend Hearts to collect in this stage. The boss of this dimension is Parallel Twin Kracko, who later transforms into Parallel Big Kracko.


The dimension takes place in eight primary rooms, not counting the boss and boss prep chambers. The Hero Doors grant the following Copy Abilities/Dream Friends in the following order:

In the boss prep room, the following Copy Essences can be found:

There are a total of 3 Dream Rods that can be found in this dimension, with two at the end of the Friend Train section, and one in the boss prep room.

Friend Heart Guide[edit]

The following are in order of appearance:

Starting Room[edit]

  • The first heart is out in the open, and must be obtained in order to progress.

Staff Room[edit]

  • Shortly into the room, an underwater switch can be hit to open the way to this heart.
  • After the first Waddle Doos, this heart can be obtained by electrifying a pool to hit another underwater switch.
  • Another pool can be found, this one with many switches and Bomb Block barriers inset. A number of pole vaults will allow Kirby to safely cross to get this heart.
  • Inside an underwater passage, electrifying the water's surface releases a heart which slowly sinks. Kirby will need to grab it before it falls too far down.
  • A small part of the tunnel extends above water, allowing Kirby to electrify the surface again and release three hearts which sink in succession. Kirby will need to be quick to get all of them.

Rick & Kine & Coo Room[edit]

  • At the end of the underwater tunnel, this heart can be found inside a burning (somehow) log in the corner.
  • In the underwater tunnel, Kine will need to break away some burning logs and press a series of switches to open up a hallway above. Once on the other side, Rick can walk along that hallway thawing the ice barricades with his fire breath. This will allow him to get a Key, which he needs to proceed to the right with. Down a ladder, the key can be used on a gate to obtain a heart and a chest containing another key.
    • Once the blue key is obtained, Coo will need to make a path forward by cutting some String Platforms up ahead. From there, Rick will need to bounce on a NESP and his projectile to reach the blue gate and get three more hearts. Alternatively, a second human-controlled player can hold the key and be Space Jumped to the first player after they go a certain distance and unlock the door that way.

Marx Room 1[edit]

  • The first heart can be obtained shortly up the path past the falling Rockys.
  • The next heart can be found to the right under one of the falling platforms. It will be made unobtainable if the platform falls on it.
  • The third heart is hidden behind a Bomb Block barrier, and will need to be obtained before the platform above falls on it.

Marx Room 2[edit]

  • Three hearts appear in the water one-after-another during the enemy ambush and slowly sink. Marx will need to grab them before dealing with Bugzzy.

Gooey Room[edit]

  • On the left after the first ladder, some burning logs block the way to a Stake, Gooey can use his tongue and parasol to put the logs out. The heart appears once the post is pounded.
  • A blockade of ice blocks guard the next post, which can be busted through using the Burning Gooey move. The next heart appears after the post on the other side is hit.
  • A switch needs to be hit through a small crevice, which can be done using the Dark Laser. From there, the post on the other side needs to be thawed out before it can be hit to raise the rightward platform enough to allow Gooey to use his Friend Throw in the above chamber. Done successfully, this will reward two hearts.

Ice Room[edit]

Friend Train Room[edit]

  • The first heart appears on a platform under the moving square, which the Friend Train will need to fall through to obtain.
  • The next heart appears right afterward on a smaller platform.
  • A heart appears in midair on the path of the moving square. The Friend Train will need to leap at the right time to get it.
  • Two platforms holding switches appear underneath the moving square, which are very small. Both will need to be hit to unlock gates at the end of the path leading to two Treasure Chests containing Dream Rods and the last three hearts.

Enemies & Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Dimension II.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディメンションII
Dimenshon II
Dimension II
Traditional Chinese 空間II
kōng jiān II
Dimension II
Simplified Chinese 空间II
kōng jiān II
Dutch Dimensie II Dimension II
European French Dimension II -
German Dimension II -
Spanish Dimensión II Dimension II