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KSA Geokinesis.jpg
ESP Kirby performs Geokinesis.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Unlimited use
Requirements ESP & Stone
Power(s) Drop a stone using psychic power.
Comparable to Rock Painter
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Geokinesis is a special Friend Ability in Kirby Star Allies which allows ESP Kirby or NESP to pick up a Friend with a Stone form (Stone Kirby, Rocky, Gooey, or Rick), then drop them in stone form using psychic force. To activate this ability, the ESP-wielding ally must hold up their hand (up on the analog stick or control pad) and the Stone-wielding ally must then jump on. If successful, the ESP wielder will then levitate the transformed stone wielder, able to move them freely about, then on command, can drop the stone on the ground very hard, dealing great damage. This technique also allows electric Posts to be pounded.

Like other stone-based moves, the stone from Geokinesis can slide down slopes after being dropped, and will retain its electric properties as it does so.