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Roll Up and Throw! Clutter Needle Trial

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Roll Up and Throw! Clutter Needle Trial
KatFL Roll Up and Throw select screenshot.png
Stage select screen for Roll Up and Throw! Clutter Needle Trial.
Level Winter Horns
Difficulty ★★
Ability/Mode used Clutter Needle
Unlock criteria Rescue 5 Waddle Dees in Winter Horns
Stage time 3:30 (3:00 in Wild Mode)
Target time 1:20
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Sliding Road! High-Speed Skating Long Shots! Noble Ranger Trial
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Roll Up and Throw! Clutter Needle Trial (Clutter Needle Treasure for short) is a stage in Treasure Road, found in Winter Horns. This stage tasks Kirby with completing a challenge revolving around the use of Clutter Needle, catching enemies and then tossing them at other enemies to clear the path forward. The stage is unlocked by rescuing 5 Waddle Dees in Winter Horns. In order to access this challenge, Kirby needs to have obtained the Clutter Needle ability. The stage is marked by two stars of difficulty and has a stage time of three and a half minutes (three minutes in Wild Mode), with a target time of one minute and 20 seconds.

Stage details[edit]

This stage features four main areas. In the first, Kirby needs to demonstrate his ability to use the "Roll Up and Throw" technique by tossing a Kabu and some Star Blocks at a Bomb Block to clear the way forward. From here, there are three distinct areas, each featuring a different layout of walkways, spike pits, and isolated platforms. In each, Kirby is tasked with catching enemies as they appear on the walkway and tossing them at the enemies on the isolated platforms to defeat them. Once all three waves are clear, Kirby can head to the Rare Stone at the end of the stage.


The following are tips on how to attain the target time for this stage:

  • The target time for this stage is not too tight, so Kirby should focus on lining up properly to make his throws. Missing one will cost a lot of time.
  • Kirby can more accurately target where his thrown objects will travel when the player aims the control stick directly toward the target. It doesn't matter so much where the objects are on Kirby's needles at the time of the throw.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Roll Up and Throw! Clutter Needle Trial.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Rollen und werfen! Krimskrams-Igel-Prüfung Roll and throw! Bits and pieces-Hedgehog-Trial
Korean 싸워라! 정크 니들의 시련
Ssawora! Jeongkeu Nideul-ui Siryeon
Fight! Trial of Junk Needle
Spanish ¡Rueda y lanza! La prueba del Erizo cachivaches Roll on and throw! Trinkets Hedgehog trial