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Artwork of Boxin from Kirby Squeak Squad
Debut Game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Latest Game Kirby: Squeak Squad
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Boxin is an uncommon enemy in the Kirby series. As indicated by his name (slang for boxing), boxing gloves on his paws, and fighting style; Boxin will box Kirby on sight. Unlike the Bronto Burts, Blippers, and Waddle Dees, Boxins generally are not found in groups as often only a single one can be found in an area. The physical traits of this mammal resemble that of a small dog, or more likely a mole. When inhaled Boxin will empower Kirby with the Fighter copy ability


Boxin made his debut in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and has since appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Both incarnations are minor enemies in the games. Squeak Squad's instruction manual debuted artwork of Boxin. It was also given a few more fighting moves to attack Kirby with.