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Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee

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Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee
KatFL Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee artwork.png
Artwork of Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Latest appearance Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
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Theme music

A clip of the theme that plays in Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop

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This energetic craftsman opened his own weapons shop in town. He can power up your Copy Abilities! All he needs is a blueprint, his trusty hammer, and a little elbow grease. He keeps making the headgear for each evolved ability bigger than the one before. That's how you know they're more powerful!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee is a character in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. He is a Waddle Dee with a tan face, orange-red skin, glossy brown eyes and large yellow feet. He wears a brown leather cap, black goggles with purple lenses and a utility apron covered in soot. His face and hands are also perpetually covered in what appears to be soot and dust.

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee is an ally to Kirby who can evolve and power-up Kirby's Copy Abilities when provided the necessary blueprints, Rare Stones and Star Coins. He is also the owner of Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop, which is built in Waddle Dee Town after Natural Plains is completed. Along with providing Kirby with Evolved Copy Abilities, Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee can also revert evolved abilities back to their regular form if Kirby so desires. In addition, Kirby can consult Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee for information about whichever ability he has equipped, which includes info on the names of various moves and button inputs for them.

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee also has his own figure, which is one-of-a-kind. To obtain this figure, Kirby must evolve every Copy Ability at Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop. Power-ups are not required.

Other appearances[edit]



Quotes from Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land (with the Type A control type set)  
  • "Welcome to Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop! I work with all types of Copy Abilities. It's kind of my thing."
  • "Any Copy Abilities you find out there will become available in here. Pop in and grab one anytime."
  • "Oh! And guess what else? I can help you evolve those abilities to make them much stronger!"
  • "This blueprint contains some incredible techniques. We can use it to evolve your ability!"
  • "Let's try evolving one right now. I'll ready my tools!"
  • "To evolve this Copy Ability, you'll need KatFL Star Coin icon.png Star Coins and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png Rare Stones."
  • "You can find KatFL Rare Stone icon.png Rare Stones on the Treasure Roads hidden throughout the world map. Try those out!"
  • "I prepped everything in advance this time, so we're all set. Just press A to evolve the ability!"
  • "Stand in front of the ability you want to evolve, then press A to see the details."
  • "Hold on, Kirby! Don't you want to learn how to evolve your abilities? I can show you right now..."
  • "Just stand in front of the ability you want to evolve, then press A to see the details."
  • "Success! All done. The (base Copy Ability) ability has evolved into (Evolved Copy Ability)!"
  • "If you find more blueprints, just bring them to me! I'll use them to evolve your abilities even further."
  • "Did you know you can inhale each of these abilities right off the counter with B?"
  • "You can also drop your current ability with Y."
  • "You can set each ability to your preferred form. That changes every instance of that ability to match!"
  • "If you're having trouble finding blueprints, try talking to Wise Waddle Dee! He might be able to help."
  • "Whoa! Is that a (Evolved Copy Ability) Blueprint?! I want to make that! Gimme, gimme!"
  • "Wow! You have so many new blueprints to give me!"
  • "All right! Let me get my tools ready, then we'll get this evolution started..."
  • "New stock! I just added the (Copy Ability) ability. Enjoy!"
  • "Thanks for waiting! The (base Copy Ability) ability can now be evolved into (Evolved Copy Ability)!"
  • "Guess what, Kirby! I've found a way to make your Copy Abilities even more powerful!"
  • "I just need a few KatFL Rare Stone icon.png Rare Stones to raise your attack power. I'm calling this process...Ability Power Up!"
  • "I'm ready to power up your abilities whenever you are. Pick a favorite, and we'll try it out!"
  • "Wait a second, Kirby... Have we finally evolved ALL of your Copy Abilities?!"
  • "That's AMAZING! To think a humble engineer like me got to build every single one of them... I'm honored."
  • "I want you to have this special figure. Consider it a cute, collectible token of my appreciation!"
  • "To use the Bomb ability, hold down B to aim, then release it to throw a bomb forward."
  • "The Chain Bomb ability's attack power will increase if you place bombs near each other to form a chain."
  • "Bigger, longer chains mean bigger, badder booms!"
  • "The Homing Bomb ability's attack power will increase when bombs gather near each other to form a chain."
  • "Bigger, longer chains mean bigger, badder booms!"
  • "You can charge up the Crash ability's attack power by holding down B."
  • "At max power, your attack will be incredibly strong!"
  • "If you continuously defeat enemies while Time Crash is active, time will be stopped for a longer duration!"
  • "The Cutter ability lets you stop your attack in midair and charge it up! Just hold down B after you throw."
  • "Once it's charged up, let go of B to unleash a powerful Return Attack!"
  • "The Buzz-Saw Cutter's blade will bounce off walls. If you aim the bounces well, it can travel really far!"
  • "The Drill ability will let you avoid most attacks by holding down B to burrow underground."
  • "If you burrow in a complete circle, you'll trigger a powerful Quake Surge to attack above you!"
  • "When you have the Fire ability, run and jump, then press B to blaze forward with a Burn attack!"
  • "You can also use this ability to light cannon fuses. And here's a lesser-known cannon tip..."
  • "When the fuse is lit, hop in the cannon and press L or R to crouch. That'll speed up the fuse!"
  • "With Dragon Fire, you can use your Burn attack to fly really far by holding down B!"
  • "You can charge up the Hammer ability's power by holding down B."
  • "Let go at max power to unleash a brutal Hammer Flip attack! Woo!"
  • "Oh, and you can also use the Hammer ability to, uh, hammer nails and case that wasn't clear."
  • "The Ice ability will let you use freezing breath to stop enemies in their tracks!"
  • "Your freezing attacks will even make larger enemies like bosses stop moving for a while!"
  • "With the Needle ability, you can extend your roll a bit by picking up enemies and blocks as you go."
  • "Let go of B to throw stuck objects and enemies in front of you as powerful projectiles!"
  • "The Needle ability will also let you roll through strong winds. It's so versatile!"
  • "Hold down B to charge up a powerful Ranger blast that can pierce through enemy defenses!"
  • "Oh! Also! Y'know those Target Switches that float in the air? Ranger is the only ability that can hit 'em!"
  • "If you don't have time for a long nap, you can wake from the Sleep ability by quickly moving around."
  • "Press B with Deep Sleep to catch some serious Z's and fully restore your health."
  • "If you're able to sleep for the full duration, you'll wake up with a bonus power-up effect!"
  • "Charge up the Sword ability by holding down B, then let go to unleash a powerful Spin Slash attack!"
  • "To shield yourself while using Gigant Sword, just press L/R. You can still move while you guard!"
  • "If you swing the Meta Knight Sword with full health, you'll attack with a Crescent Shot wave."
  • "If you have two health bars, you can keep slinging Crescent Shots until the first bar is depleted!"
  • "Press L/R + A to Sword Slide. Follow with A, then rapidly press B to do an Upper Calibur attack!"
  • "The Morpho Knight Sword will grow REALLY big if you hold down B to charge it to the max."
  • "The sword has a wider range and a higher attack power at max size. It's incredibly powerful!"
  • "The Tornado ability has the power to pull enemies or stars into its cyclone!"
  • "If you pick up a bunch of objects, you can launch them back out with B and hit other enemies!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぶきワドルディ
Buki Ya Wadoru Di
Weapons Shop Waddle Dee
Traditional Chinese 武器店瓦豆魯迪
Wǔqìdiàn Wǎdòulǔdí
Weapon Shop Waddle Dee
Simplified Chinese 武器店瓦豆鲁迪
Wǔqìdiàn Wǎdòulǔdí
Dutch Wapenwinkel-Waddle Dee Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee
French Waddle Dee armurier Armorer Waddle Dee
German Waddle-Dee-Waffenhändler Waddle-Dee-Weapon trader
Italian Waddle Dee armaiolo Armorer Waddle Dee
Korean 무기점 웨이들 디
Mugijeom Weideul Di
Weapon Shop Waddle Dee
Portuguese Waddle Dee armeiro Armorer Waddle Dee
Spanish Waddle Dee armero Armorer Waddle Dee