Peanut Plains

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Peanut Plains
Peanut Plains KSSU.png
Kirby in Peanut Plains
Main game Dyna Blade
Mid-boss(es) Chef Kawasaki
Big Switch? Xmark.png
Theme music

no music given

Level order
First level Mallow Castle
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Peanut Plains is the first level of the Dyna Blade main game in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It is a lush grassland with hills and mountainous terrain. The floors, except for those that are underground, are covered in grass. As seen on the map in Super Star, Peanut Plains also has lakes and other habitats.


At the start of the level, Kirby has to travel east of the level and avoid the obstacles. After entering the door at the end, he reaches to a room with ladders. Climbing up all of them lets him get to the next room, which has a door inside a platform barrier with an bomb platform with it. From here, Kirby can go northwest, where there are two Lovelys on a platform with a Invincible Candy. Although optional, Kirby can get it to clobber enemies. Kirby must then go through the mountainous terrain until he sees a big hole. Going through it and then going east lead to a fight the Mid-Boss Chef Kawasaki. Kirby then has to go east again. After that, he reaches the goal door, which is guarded by two Sir Kibbles and two Waddle Dees.

Enemies and mid-boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSBomber.png BomberSSU.png Bomber Crash KSSNoddy.png NoddySSU.png Noddy Sleep
KSSBrontoBurt.png BrontoburtSSU.png Bronto Burt None KSS Parasol Dee sprite.png ParasoldeeSSU.png Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol
KSSBroomHatter.png BroomhatterSSU.png Broom Hatter None KSSPoppyBrosJr.png PoppyjrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Jr. None, Bomb, Cutter
KSSGordo.png GordoSSU.png Gordo None KSSSirKibble.png SirkibbleSSU.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KSSKabu.png KabuSSU.png Kabu None KSSWaddleDee.png DeeSSU.png Waddle Dee None
KSSLovely.png LovelySSU.png Lovely None KSSWaddleDoo.png DooSSU.png Waddle Doo Beam
Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSChefKawasaki.png ChefkawasakiKSSU.png Chef Kawasaki Cook