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Poseiblu Dimension - 3-4

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Poseiblu Dimension - 3-4
KRtDLD Poseiblu Dimension 3-4 select screenshot.png
Poseiblu Dimension - 3-4 in the main hub.
Area Poseiblu Dimension
Stage type Main
How to Unlock Complete 3-3
Medal scores Silver: 700
Gold: 850
Platinum: 900
First clear bonus 650 points
Mid-Boss(es) No
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Poseiblu Dimension - 3-3
Poseiblu Dimension - Dimensional Vanish Stage (optional)
Poseiblu Dimension - 3-BOSS
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Poseiblu Dimension - 3-4 (simply called 3-4 in-game) is the fourth main stage of Poseiblu Dimension in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. This stage becomes available after clearing Poseiblu Dimension - 3-3.

Stage overview[edit]

This stage consists of three main areas. In the first two, Magolor has to proceed to the left while outpacing an advancing rift wall, through zones that resemble areas in Onion Ocean - Stage 1, though without any water. Instead, Magolor needs to cross crumbling bridges and moving platforms over yawning bottomless pits. Along the way, he will need to blast away the coconuts before they fall on him and deal with a multitude of other foes. There are also a few places where some extra Magic Points can be gathered, and a little nook high up in the second area where a food item can be recovered.

In the third area, Magolor has to contend with an enemy ambush while also dodging a Gordo that patrols up and down in the middle of the area. The last two opponents that Magolor needs to fell are a large Parasol Halcandle Dee and a large Pierce. Once all the enemies are defeated, the end rift will appear off to the left.

Enemies and Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses



Video walkthrough[edit]

Walkthrough of Poseiblu Dimension - 3-4.