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Copy Chance Wheel

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Copy Chance Wheel
KAR Copy Chance Wheel screenshot.png
A Copy Chance Wheel from Drag Race 1
Type Device
Function Gives Kirby a Mix when he touches it
Found City Trial, some race courses
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Similar to Transformer
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Copy Chance Wheel is an object found in Kirby Air Ride. It is a floor panel with a ? on it, which also projects a ? overhead. When Kirby races over it, he will be given a random Copy Ability by means of the Mix roulette, similar to if he'd swallowed two or more ability-yielding creatures at once.

Copy Chance Wheels are found in the following areas:

Checklist objectives[edit]

Copy Chance Wheels are involved in the following checklist objectives:

Air Ride[edit]

  • "CELESTIAL VALLEY: Use the Copy Chance Wheel on top of the tree!"

City Trial[edit]

  • "City Trial: Get the Bomb ability from the Copy Chance Wheel!"
  • "City Trial: Get the Sleep ability from the Copy Chance Wheel!"


  • A glitch is present in Kirby Air Ride which allows Kirby to "store" the effect of a Copy Chance Wheel for later use. One way to do this is to perform a Tornado-assisted Quick Spin at the exact moment before activating the Copy Chance Wheel. This technique is used in speedruns of the Nebula Belt course in certain categories to save time.