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KatFL Gorimondo artwork.png
Artwork of Gorimondo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Latest game Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022, reference)
Relative(s) Phantom Gorimondo
Similar to Goriath, Void Termina (phase 1), Bonkers
Theme music

Music for the battle with Gorimondo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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This article is about the large gorilla-like boss from Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and should not be confused with Goriath.
Gorimondo considers the local shopping mall to be his personal territory. As part of the Beast Pack's executive council, he's in charge of capturing Waddle Dees and gathering food. He tends to eat all the fruit himself... He just can't help it! This behavior has earned him an earful from his boss more than once.
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Gorimondo, titled Strong-Armed Beast, is a large boss who appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, being primarily fought in the Natural Plains stage, The Brawl at the Mall. He is a giant gorilla-like entity with black fur and skin, with red accent marks on his face and arms, and white fur stripes on his head, with the one on top formed into a mohawk and another smaller one formed into a tiny beard under his chin. Gorimondo is part of the executive council of the Beast Pack, and is by far the largest member of the pack, being larger even than the leader Leongar. Gorimondo is the first boss that Kirby faces in the game, and he keeps a gold cage containing three trapped Waddle Dees as a necklace. In other appearances however, he wears an anchor around his neck instead.

In addition to his appearance in The Brawl at the Mall, Gorimondo is also fought in the stage Gathering of the Beast Council in Redgar Forbidden Lands and is fought in the Meta Knight Cup and The Ultimate Cup in the Colosseum. A stronger variant of him exists in Extra Mode called Phantom Gorimondo. In the ending cutscene for this Extra Mode after Forgo Leon is defeated, the Beast Pack return wayward pieces of Leon's soul to him, including Gorimondo.


At the start of the battle, Kirby is grabbed by Gorimondo, and has to escape his clutches (this is done by the player mashing the left analog stick), otherwise he will then proceed to throw Kirby at the floor, damaging and flattening him. From there, the proper boss fight begins.

Gorimondo has 1000 HP (Star Bullet=80) in The Brawl at the Mall, 600 in Gathering of the Beast Council, and 700 in the Colosseum. In Natural Plains and the Colosseum, he enters Phase 2 when his HP is below 40%. He takes 0.2× damage when he roars at the beginning of Phase 1 and during the transition to Phase 2.[1]

Unlike most bosses, Gorimondo's HP is not locked, so if sufficient damage is dealt, his second phase can be skipped entirely.

The following are Gorimondo's attack patterns (attack names are from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide).

Gorimondo's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants
Gorimondo walks towards Kirby. His feet can damage Kirby when they stomp on Kirby.
Rock Throw
Gorimondo pulls out a large stone from the ground and tosses it in Kirby's direction. The stone leaves a bunch of Dropped Stars on its first impact and rolls forward from there. Gorimondo only uses this move at a distance. The move can be done up to three times in a row.
Swing Down
Gorimondo swipes at Kirby with his hand in a horizontal manner, leaving a trail of Dropped Stars in its wake. Gorimondo only uses this move when Kirby is close enough to swipe at.
Gorimondo attempts to grab Kirby (cannot be guarded), leaving some drop stars in his swiping motion. If he fails to grab Kirby, he will look at his empty hand in disappointment for a moment. If caught, Kirby must repeat the process of wriggling out from his clutches, or be tossed to the floor and take heavy damage. Gorimondo only uses this attack at close range.
Gorimondo stomps with either one or both feet, creating a shockwave on landing and throwing out Dropped Stars. He only performs this move when Kirby is underneath him.
Gorimondo leaps in the air and then stomps on the ground with both feet, creating a shockwave upon landing and leaving behind drop stars. He only performs this move when Kirby is underneath him.
Gorimondo leaps over to a new position, usually away from Kirby.
Second phase only  
Gorimondo raises his arms and spins wildly, creating a vortex and traveling around the arena for a few seconds before stopping and leaving drop stars around him while he is dazed.

Other appearances[edit]


  • Gorimondo's name is a portmanteau of 'gorilla' and 'mondo', the latter word being slang for huge (originating from Italian meaning "world").
  • Many of Gorimondo's sound effects during his battle are reused from that of Goriath's in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • Gorimondo has the general fur color and lower body shape of a gorilla, but the cheek pads and long arms of an orangutan, thus being an amalgamation of many different great apes.
  • According to Shinya Kumazaki, Gorimondo's boss battle is modelled after Void Termina, but made faster.[2]


Video walkthrough[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Gorimondo in The Brawl at the Mall.
Video playthrough of Kirby battling Gorimondo in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 剛腕獣ごうわんじゅう ゴルルムンバ
Gōwan-jū Gorurumunba
Strong-Armed Beast, Gorlmumba
  • ゴルルムンバ: a corruption of the words「ゴリラ」(gorira, gorilla) and possibly「ルンバ」(runba, rumba)
Traditional Chinese 剛腕獸 猩猛霸
Gāngwànshòu Xīngměngbà
Strong-Armed Beast, Gorlmumba
「猛霸」means "mumba" and although it is mainly phonetic, the characters chosen mean "ferocious tyrant"
Simplified Chinese 刚腕兽 猩猛霸
Gāngwànshòu Xīngměngbà
Dutch Spierbalbeest, Golossos Muscle beast, Golossos
Combination of "gorilla" and "colossos" (alternate spelling of "colossus")
European French Brute baraquée, Goricolosse Hefty brute, Goricolosse
Portmanteau of "gorille" (gorilla) and "colosse" (giant)
German Bizeps-Bestie, Gorilloss Biceps-beast, Gorillos
Combination of "Gorilla" (gorilla) and "Koloss" (colossus)
Italian Bestia forzuta, Gorimondo Tough beast, Gorimondo
Korean 강철 팔 짐승 고르르뭄바
Gangcheol Pal Jimseung Goreureumumba
Steely Armed Beast, Gorlmumba
Brazilian Portuguese Gorinorme Portmanteau of "gorila" (gorilla) and "enorme" (huge)
Spanish Bestia forzuda, Gorilondo Tough beast, Gorilondo
From "gorila" (gorilla)