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Boss InfoBox
Void Soul Splash.jpg
Splash image of Void Soul from Kirby Star Allies.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Weakness(es) Friend Hearts
Relative(s) Void Termina, Void
Similar to Dark Matter

Star Dream Soul OS
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Void Soul is a Secret Boss who is faced only in The Ultimate Choice, at the end of 'Soul Melter' difficulty. He is a souped-up version of Void Termina's Final Core, and can be considered an EX version of that phase, making Void Soul the true Final Boss of Kirby Star Allies prior to version 4.0.0, which added Void to the game. Defeating him is required to complete The Ultimate Choice.

Boss Battle

Void Soul is fought in a similar arena to his normal counterpart, and takes the place of Void Termina's fourth phase in his battle on 'Soul Melter' difficulty.

However, Void Soul's attack patterns are far more deadly and difficult to avoid, which compounds Kirby's reduced health in Soul Melter. He routinely uses attacks that can sweep or cover the entire stage, and can also cause the arena to flood with water. When he does so, Void Soul may also shock the water with huge electric lasers, dealing heavy damage to anyone submerged.

Similar to his normal counterpart, Void Soul can be damaged by directly tossing Friend Hearts at him.

The following lists all of Void Soul's attacks.

Void Soul's Attacks  
Attack Description
Wheels of Friends
Instead of staying in the center only for his normal counterpart, Void Soul sends out 3 circular waves of blue-green energy in different locations. There are gaps on each wave for Kirby & Friends to avoid.
Any Friend hit by the wave will be converted against Kirby and other Friends. This can be undone by tossing a Friend Heart at the affected Friend.
Pleasant Dream
Instead of firing in 5 directions for his normal counterpart, Void Soul fires barrages of energy bullets in 3 directions but with faster rate of fire while rotating the firing angle. The bullets leave Recoil Stars on impact.
Shooter Cutter Void Soul gains this attack which originated from Marx. He fires 4 cutter boomerangs around himself for three rounds, which can be swallowed for the Cutter ability.
Loud Song
Void Soul has two patterns of firing lasers, which cannot be guarded:

In the first pattern, he floods the stage with purple water. Then, he transforms into the Dark Matter-like form and fires an electric laser downward 2 times, electrifying the water to hurt anyone underwater.

In the second pattern, he fires lasers in the following order:

  • 3 lasers from one side of the stage,
  • 3 lasers from the other side of the stage,
  • 4 lasers from the background (up, left, right and down),
  • 4 lasers from the background (all in one row),
  • 8 lasers from the background (in two rows).
Instead of sprinting on his own for his normal counterpart, Void Soul splits into four to ram Kirby & Friends, leaving 2 stars on each side on impact.
This resembles the ball tackle of Drawcia Soul and other soul form bosses.
Full Smile
Instead of poking needles on his own for his normal counterpart, Void Soul splits into four. Each of them bursts into laughter and pokes needles from his body to 8 directions, each needle leaving a star.
This resembles the Needle Form of Miracle Matter.
Bon Appétit
Instead of summoning only 2 minions for his normal counterpart, Void Soul summons 3 watery Dark Matter-like minions.
Each minion opens a black hole in an attempt to inhale Kirby & Friends. If successful, Kirby & Friends will take huge damage from their chewing.
The minions can be defeated in one hit by Blizzard and Zap augment attacks. They will disappear naturally if not defeated.
Attack names are taken from Japanese guide book.

Void Soul has 13500 HP, the highest of all bosses in The Ultimate Choice (not counting Void Termina's previous forms). His defense is also constantly changing as he uses different attacks.

Defeating Void Soul causes him to flare up and explode in quite dramatic fashion.


  • Void Soul is called Soul of Nil in the Japanese version, devived from his previous form's Japanese name, Ende Nil.
    • Interestingly, Soul of Sectonia is called Sectonia Soul in the Japanese version.
  • Void Soul is titled 魂沌こんとん (soul chaos) in his Japanese/Chinese Boss Caption on the splash screen. It's a pun on 混沌/渾沌 (chaos) in both Japanese and Chinese.
  • The primary face which Void Soul displays is very similar to the face that displays at the beginning of its fight.
  • Void Soul is the first boss in the main Kirby series which can flood the arena with water.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソウル オフ ニル
Souru ofu Niru
Soul of Nil
  • Nil means 'zero/nothingness' in English.
Chinese 虚无之灵魂 (chs)
虛無之靈魂 (cht)
xū wú zhī líng hún
Soul of Nil / Void Soul