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List of Kirby Star Allies loading screen tips

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This is a list of the various loading screen tips that might show up in Kirby Star Allies. Initially, tips appear on every loading screen within Story Mode stages but as the player progresses through the mode, the tips appear less and less frequently.

All other modes do not display any tips, regardless of whether "Display tips" is enabled or not.

Tips in Kirby Star Allies  
Set a weapon on fire for a Friend Ability! Raise your weapon with ↑ to get a friend's flames put on it.
Add various effects to your weapon! You can add fire, ice, electricity, and other power effects to a weapon.
Add to a friend's weapon! If a friend raises their weapon with ↑, attach effects like fire to your friend's weapon by hitting it with B.
Share healing items. To restore a teammate's stamina, pick up a healing item and feed it to your teammate.
Use Copy Essences to get friends. If you hit a Copy Essence with a Friend Heart, you'll get a friend from it!
Friend Abilities for Stone: The Stone ability can access Friend Abilities from a friend's ice or water effects.
When it's game over... If Kirby is defeated and has no more Kirbys remaining, it's game over!
Get items from Pop Flowers! Touch Pop Flowers to get items. Run for these flowers if you're in a pinch!
Collect Point Stars! Collect 100 Point Stars to get a 1-Up, which gives you an extra Kirby!
About the Dream Palace: Grab the Dream Rod to summon special friends!
Use round-trip doors all you want! You can enter these doors as many times as you like. Take a look inside if you find one!
Play together with other players! Play with others by handing them a Joy-Con! Other players can join in any time by pressing SL + SR.
Look for the big switch! Big switches are hidden in stages. Find them to open Extra Stages!
How to drop a Copy Ability: You can drop a Copy Ability by pressing and holding Y or pressing -.
Drop through floors! Press ↓ to drop through the floor you're standing on.
Get bonuses in the Goal Game! Press A when you reach your lowest point to jump as high as possible.
Use Hover to take flight! Press A repeatedly while jumping to hover through the air.
Collect the Picture Pieces! Collect Picture Pieces to complete celebration pictures!
Inhale enemies for abilities! Inhale an enemy with an ability and then swallow it with ↓ to get the Copy Ability.
Use a Reset Platform to make changes! You can use a Reset Platform to turn friends into Copy Essences and make changes to members as you see fit!
Use Friend Hearts to make friends! To make friends with an enemy that has an ability, press X to throw a heart at it.
Get the right number of friends! The icons in the picture on the right indicate the number of friends that you need.
Learn how to use techniques! Press + to open the pause menu, where there's lots of info about various techniques.
Use wind to see some techniques! Add the power of wind to a weapon to infuse it with airiness and see how some techniques flow!
Attack with Slide! Press ↓ + A to perform a Slide attack. You can do this even when you have no ability equipped!
Co-op technique: Friend Actions! Climb onto a Friend Platform with three friends and press ↑ to perform a Friend Action!
How to say good-bye to a friend: Press L + Y to select which friend to say good-bye to.
Entering the Dream Palace again: You can re-enter the palace only after you clear a stage.
Using the Capture Button: Snap a screenshot anytime with the Capture Button. You can also share your shots with friends!
Dream Friends join the fun! (version 2.0.0.-3.0.0. only) Dream Friends will be added in a free update. It's a dream come true!
A new adventure with Dream Friends! (version 4.0.0. only) Former allies and rivals return as friends. Embark on the adventure of your dreams with characters from the Kirby series!
Get abilities from friends! Inhale friends with B, and then use ↓ to swallow them and get their Copy Abilities!
Using Guard and Dodge Hold L/R to guard against attacks. Use ←/→ while guarding to dodge.
Hold A to jump high in the air! Hold A while in a Friend Circle to perform a high jump!
Hold ↑ to activate in order! Use ↑ repeatedly to activate Friend Abilities with your current members in order.
View techniques of CPU friends! Press + to pause while riding piggyback on a CPU friend to view its technique commands.
Control a CPU player from its back! Jump on a CPU friend while holding ↓ to take control and then be able to Control Piggyback!
Want to play without hints? Set display tips to OFF in the Options menu to remove the tutorial signs.
Viewing the World Map: Use the R Stick to control the view on the World Map so you can see all the sights in the galaxy!
Pound stakes down! Pound stakes into the ground with the Stone and Hammer abilities!
Sweep up leaves! Use the Cleaning ability to sweep up piles of leaves!
Use Friend Abilities to power up! When you use Friend Abilities, your attack power will increase. Take full advantage!
Help your teammates! Use X to help any teammates who fall in battle.
You can use amiibo to recover! You can use amiibo via the pause menu to help you defeat difficult bosses.
Look for a boss's weakness! Watch the boss's attacks and try fire, ice, and electricity to see what works best.
Don't give up if you're defeated! Bosses grow more exhausted and get weaker as they fight more battles. So don't give up. Keep fighting!
Try fire on Whispy Woods! You can burn Whispy Woods when it's larger. Have everyone attack with fire!
A way to restore health! The dirty food thrown around can be washed clean with a water attack!
Smash rocks to make headway! Smash the stacked rocks! It will weaken Meta Knight's defense!
How to destroy bombs: Smash ice bombs with fire, and fire bombs with water or ice!
Francisca's use of water and ice: Francisca attacks with ice and water. Use Friend Abilities with fire and electricity against her!
Flamberge's use of fire: Flamberge attacks with fire. Use Friend Abilities with ice to cool down her fiery assault.
Zan Partizanne's electric shocks: Zan Partizanne attacks with electric shocks. Use Friend Abilities with water to get the best of her!
Set fire to Yggy Woods! Give your team Friend Abilities with fire! Then blaze your way to victory!
Break the Shutter Gate! The Shutter Gate can divide teammates. Use fire to burn it instantly.
Watch the weapons on each hand! There is a bomb in each hand! To fight back, cut the rope and light the fire!
Fight back with team freezing! You can freeze the rain if your whole team works together!
Following the dark hearts... The friends have followed the dark hearts and at long last arrive at a mysterious altar...
Use Friend Abilities to your advantage! Team up with friends to best use Friend Abilities to fight back!
Onward, to the final battle! The friends have joined to create the legendary Star Allies Sparkler and confront the chaotic darkness!
Charge up and aim at the weak spot! Keep your distance while you charge up, and then fire! You can dodge the enemy's attacks with a double jump.
Avoiding the dripping liquid: Liquid drips when you do damage. Block it with the Parasol!
Use Friend Hearts to save friends! When a friend's soul falls under the enemy's control, use a Friend Heart to get your friend back again!