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KSA Thundersplash.jpg
Kirby and Driblee perform Thundersplash.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Usage type Unlimited uses
Requirements Two actors with Plasma and a Splash ability
Power(s) Shoot electrified water balls.
Comparable to Icicle Lance, Zap Splasher, Rising Sizzler
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Thundersplash is a Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies. To perform it, two allies must take part, with one having the Plasma ability (Plasma Kirby or Plugg), and the other having an ability with the Splash element.

The Plasma-wielding actor must either hold ↑ or activate the Plasma Barrier while the other ally throws a Splash-causing attack into the Plasma ally. Done correctly, globs of electrified water will fly out the other side, which do great damage to any foe they hit. This can be kept up for as long as both actors keep using their moves.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スプライデーン
Portmanteau of スプラッシュ (supurasshu, splash) and 雷電 (raiden, thunder and lightning)
European French Électreau Wordplay on "Électro", using "eau" (water)
Spanish Electrogotas Electrodrops