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Glitches in Kirby Air Ride

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby Air Ride. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches listed on this page. Note that the listed "names" of glitches on this page are by their nature conjectural.

List of glitches[edit]

Breakdancing Kirby[edit]

In City Trial, it is possible to put Kirby in a state where he tumbles sideways indefinitely along the ground, making it appear as if he is breakdancing. In order to set up this glitch, a Sensor Bomb must first be placed in a location accessible without an Air Ride Machine. Then, Kirby must dismount his machine near the city center and head for the uppermost entrance tunnel leading into the underground areas. Kirby must then hop onto the edge of the steep yellow opening in such a way that will cause him to fall off and land at an unusual angle. At this point, Kirby should slide around on the floor without walking, and this state can be canceled by jumping, getting onto an Air Ride Machine, or traveling up a slope. From here, Kirby needs to make his way to the sensor bomb location and set it off, being flung into the air. When he lands, he will continue to tumble indefinitely and will no longer be controllable unless hit by an external entity. This glitch can also be performed by ramming Kirby with a sufficiently powerful machine like the Hydra while he is in his tilted sliding state.

Bulk Star infinite glide[edit]

Kirby gliding endlessly with the Bulk Star.

The Bulk Star can further accelerate over its normal top speed in a single charge. By charging very quickly to refuel, this machine can reach a very high speed, up to the speed cap in the game (124.86 mph or 200.95 km/h, also the Hydra's top speed). When used in the air, this can make the machine glide almost endlessly and easily complete the two harder Air Glider Stadium tasks on City Trial's Checklist, namely "Fly more than 1,300 feet" and "Stay airborne longer than 30 seconds". To charge very quickly, the player must tap the A button rapidly in a particular rhythm.

City Trial out of bounds glitch[edit]

In City Trial, it is possible to get over the course's invisible boundaries positioned at each edge of the city. However, there is yet another boundary farther out, preventing the player from going too far away. It is interesting to note that the player can go directly through the same boundary, to get back into the city. To get over the invisible boundary, a machine possessing great gliding capabilities, like the Dragoon is needed. The player must go into the city's volcano, launch upward, and glide to the upper limit of the sky, then fly towards an outer edge. Once the player hits the edge, they should continue to fly up, until said machine hovers over the boundary limits, and continues outside.

Copy Chance Wheel ability storage[edit]

In special cases, it is possible to store the ability obtained from a Copy Chance Wheel and use it at a later time by pressing A. One way to perform this is to use the Tornado ability and perform a Quick Spin immediately before running into the Copy Chance Wheel. This maneuver only has a one frame (1/60th of a second) window to work. This glitch is utilized in speedruns of the Nebula Belt course to complete it more quickly.

Kirby launch[edit]

In City Trial, it is possible for Kirby to be hit in such a way that he flies straight upward at high speed and collides with the ceiling of the level. One way to perform this glitch is to have one Kirby off his vehicle and standing on a Super Jump Ramp or in a golf hole. Another player should then be present riding a vehicle with high launch power, such as the Hydra. The free-walking Kirby should then hover just above the ramp or hole and allow the vehicle rider to enter from below. When the vehicle is popped up by the ramp or hole, it will launch the free-walking Kirby high into the air. If done with sufficient force, that Kirby will be stuck tumbling on the ceiling of the sky for a while before coming back down.

Out of bounds glitch[edit]

In certain courses, such as Celestial Valley and Magma Flows, it is possible to get out of bounds in certain places. There are a few spots along the fringes of various race courses where invisible walls do not line up correctly. These spots are typically found along the edges and corners of invisible barriers along the upper regions of the playable area. Once such place is above the Copy Chance Wheel in Celestial Valley. To reach these small gaps and pass through them, sufficient mobility is required, such as using the Wing ability in conjunction with Bomb to gain the appropriate lift. Combining this with the Bulk Star infinite glide glitch can allow the player to travel very far out of bounds and explore the outer reaches of certain race courses.

Spin Dash[edit]

Using the Wheelie Scooter, it is possible to gain extra speed by riding into a wall while performing a Quick Spin and charge. While riding the Wheelie Scooter, the player should ride toward a wall at about a 45 degree angle and perform a Quick Spin just before running into it. As soon as the scooter makes contact with the wall, they should initiate a charge by pressing and holding A and then continue holding the direction toward the wall. If done correctly, the scooter will gain tremendous speed as it slides along the wall for a brief moment. This glitch makes the Wheelie Scooter the overall best air ride machine to use in Air Ride speedruns. More information about this trick can be found here.

Stuck in Wheel form[edit]

While in Wheel form, Kirby can get stuck indefinitely instead of reverting back after a short time as he is supposed to. Players can do this by holding A to brake and stop underneath a stationary hazard such as a Gordo. Done correctly and held in this position, Kirby will not revert back to normal. While in this position, a looping damage sound will play.