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Jamba Heart

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Jamba Heart
KSA story mode opening scene 03.jpg
The whole Jamba Heart as seen in the intro cutscene for Kirby Star Allies
Type Plot device
Function Contains Void Termina
Found The Divine Terminus
Game(s) Kirby Star Allies
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The Jamba Heart (pieces of it are referred to as Dark Hearts) is a black crystal heart which appears in Kirby Star Allies. It contains a great evil known as Void Termina, and is the central object in the storyline of Star Allies, as Hyness attempts to revive the dark god within.

It is unknown where the heart originally came from, but it is first seen on Jambandra at The Divine Terminus, under the possession of Hyness and his generals; Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne. At the beginning of the Kirby Star Allies Story Mode, Hyness attempts to awaken Void Termina from within the heart, but fails to do so, instead shattering it into many smaller pieces which scatter across the galaxy. Many of these pieces land on Planet Popstar, thus immediately involving Kirby and his friends in the crisis. As the pieces fall onto Dream Land, they begin to change various inhabitants' behavior, making them generally more aggressive. Conversely, a side effect of the blast launches a Friend Heart directly at Kirby, settling inside of him and giving him the power to change his enemies into friends.

Throughout the course of the story, the Mage-Sisters are busy collecting as many of the scattered dark heart pieces as they can in order to return them to the shattered Jamba Heart on Jambandra. Kirby attempts to stop them, but despite giving them a thrashing, they ultimately get away with the hearts they collected. Kirby chases them across the galaxy and eventually reaches Jambandra, where Hyness is mending the still-incomplete heart. Kirby fights and trounces Hyness, but in an act of desperation, he sacrifices himself and the Mage-Sisters to the heart to fully restore it and revive Void Termina. The heart itself is not seen again after this point.

Role in Heroes in Another Dimension[edit]

Another Jamba Heart appears in Heroes in Another Dimension, formed from darkness that "left its master"[1] (most likely either Hyness or Void Termina). The spears that were seen in the Story Mode also appear at the end of every main dimension, serving as collectables. Once Kirby and company arrive at the Divine Terminus-like arena in Final Dimension, the Jamba Heart arises from the pool. The four spears shatter it, revealing Corrupt Hyness inside and initiating his boss battle. After this point, neither heart nor spears are seen again.


  • The Jamba Heart is similar in appearance to Star Dream Soul OS's final form.
  • The pink heart-shaped prongs that are initially seen in the Jamba Heart are actually magical spears used by four ancient heroes to seal the Jamba Heart's power. Hyness's initial ritual was presumably intended to remove these spears - which it did - but also had the effect of shattering the heart.[2]
  • In Super Kirby Clash, the Jamba Heart can rarely appear during Aeon Hero's dimensional rift attack.
  • When King Dedede and Meta Knight are under the influence of the Jamba Heart, their eyes resemble their Mirror World's counterpart. King Dedede's eyes turn white during his transformation into his second phase, and Meta Knight's eyes have an orange hue during the first phase of his boss battle.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャマハート
Jama Hāto
Jamba Heart
Dutch Donker hart Dark heart
French Cœur sombre Dark heart
German Dunkel Herz Dark Heart
Italian Cuore oscuro Dark heart
Polish Dark Heart[3] -
Russian Темный сердечко
Tyomnyy serdechko
Little dark heart
Spanish Jamacorazón
Corazón oscuro
Jamba Heart
Dark heart
Thai Jamba Heart


  1. "Hyness has fallen into a hole leading to another dimension. The darkness left its master, transforming into a giant Jamba Heart and swallowing him whole. Is there hope for escape? Friends in another dimension offer a sliver of hope..." - Pause caption during the first phase of the fight against Corrupt Hyness, in Kirby Star Allies
  2. "Hyness did not fully grasp how to completely break the seal. All that was written about Void Termina in the ancient scrolls was the progenitor of darkness was vanquished by four heroes of yore, using four spears of the heart. After that, they were never seen again." - Pause caption during the first phase of the fight against Hyness, in Kirby Star Allies
  3. Nintendo Polska - Kirby Star Allies