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Water-Balloon Mouth

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Water-Balloon Mouth
KatFL Water-Balloon Mouth artwork.png
Artwork of Water-Balloon Mouth Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First stage it appears in Welcome to Wondaria
Obtained from A water pipe
Power(s) Take the form of a water balloon and spray water at things
Comparable to Water
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Kirby gained the mysterious Mouthful Mode ability after he flew through that vortex... Now he can stuff a huge amount of water into his mouth! Fill yourself up at a water pipe, wobble over to a patch of muck, and spray it away to clear a path forward. Thanks for cleaning up!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Water-Balloon Mouth is a Mouthful Mode that involves Kirby filling himself with a large amount of water, distending his body like a water balloon (and even becoming translucent like one) and allowing him to spray the water from his mouth. Kirby can obtain this ability by finding a blue water pipe and putting his mouth on it. Doing so allows him to clean up patches of mud, toxic goop, or lava, which may uncover hidden items or cause platforms to rise and fall. This water can also be used to attack enemies, and is required to deflect Runaway Parade Cars or defeat Poison Croakoms and Twirling Star Rockets. Naturally, due to Kirby's inflated size, he becomes a bigger target and is unable to move much aside from wobble about and jump short distances. Eventually, Kirby will gradually shrink back down in size as he runs out of water to spray, with each fill giving him enough to spray for about 15 seconds continuously.


  • A (or B) - Jump
  • B (or Y) - Spray Water





Video gallery[edit]

Official short animation from HAL based on Water-Balloon Mouth (JP).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずふうせんほおほおばり
Mizufūsen Hōbari
Water Balloon Mouthful
Traditional Chinese 水球塞滿嘴
Shuǐqiú Sāimǎnzuǐ
Water Balloon Stuffed Mouth
Simplified Chinese 水球塞满嘴
Shuǐqiú Sāimǎnzuǐ
Dutch Mondvol-waterballon Mouthful water balloon
French Bombe à eau transmorphée Transmorphed water balloon
German Wasserballon-Stopfer Water balloon-Stuffer
Korean 물 풍선 머금기
Mul Pongseon Megeumgi
Water Balloon Mouthful
Spanish Burbuja de agua transmórfica Transmorphic water bubble