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Locandra Dimension - 4-3

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Locandra Dimension - 4-3
KRtDLD Locandra Dimension 4-3 select screenshot.png
Locandra Dimension - 4-3 in the main hub.
Area Locandra Dimension
Stage type Main
How to Unlock Complete 4-2
Medal scores Silver: 950
Gold: 1050
Platinum: 1150
First clear bonus 800 points
Mid-Boss(es) (see Enemies and Mid-Bosses section)
Stage order
Locandra Dimension - 4-2 Locandra Dimension - 4-4
Locandra Dimension - Trickery Stage (optional)
Pyred Dimension - Secret Stage (optional) →
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Locandra Dimension - 4-3 (simply called 4-3 in-game) is the third main stage of Locandra Dimension in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. This stage becomes available after clearing Locandra Dimension - 4-2.

Stage overview[edit]

In this stage, Magolor enters a Tower of Mid-Bosses and has to battle several in sequence, similar to Nutty Noon - Stage 5. Magolor fights each opponent in a confined space where at least one wall is covered in spikes. In-between battles, Magolor can collect Magic Points as he ascends the tower, with one particular stop involving a cannon and some ice blocks which can be broken using Upward Revolution Flame.

Magolor fights the Mid-Bosses on the following order:

  1. Moundo
  2. Gigant Edge
  3. Bonkers
  4. Kibble Blade

The last area of the stage involves other enemies in an ambush zone, and while fighting them and Kibble Blade, Magolor also has to protect a Magic Bulb. Once all of these foes are dealt with, the end rift appears.

Secret Path[edit]

Much like other tower stages, this stage has a Secret Path. To access it, Magolor needs to levitate high above the main door to find a broken window to enter (he will need a fair amount of levels in Levitation to reach it). The stage plays out similarly to the main path, though the areas are flipped laterally, and Magolor now has to fight EX versions of the Mid-Bosses, as follows:

  1. Dubior EX
  2. King Doo EX
  3. Gigant Edge EX
  4. Water Galboros EX
  5. Moundo EX
  6. Bonkers EX
  7. Kibble Blade EX

The last enemy ambush area is where Magolor has to fight Bonkers EX and Kibble Blade EX. As might be expected, the Magic Point rewards are much greater when playing the Secret Path.

Enemies and Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Main PathSecret Path


Video walkthrough[edit]

Walkthrough of Locandra Dimension - 4-3 (Secret Path).