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Dream Button

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A Dream Button has been added to the Select Mode screen. It gives Kirby the look he had when he first debuted as a character!
— Message of unlocking the Dream Button

The Dream Button is an option in the Select Mode screen of Kirby Star Allies with which the player can switch Kirby's look between the default current modern one and the classic style from his debut appearance. It's unlocked via completing the Soul Melter EX difficulty of The Ultimate Choice.


Notice of the Dream Button being unlocked from Kirby Star Allies.

By pressing the Dream Button, Kirby's modern look will change to the classic style from Kirby's Dream Land (and vice versa) throughout the game, including his look in menu icons and title screen animations. The effect lasts permanently even when the game is closed and re-opened, until the button is pressed again to switch his look to the other one. It also applies to the alternate color Kirbys in the two sub-games. However, pre-rendered cutscenes and screenshots are unaffected. Also, the ranking of The Ultimate Choice doesn't save whether the player played as modern or classic Kirby, and Kirby's icon in the ranking will always change to the enabled one.

When switching from the modern look to the classic one, the 1-Up fanfare from Kirby's Dream Land plays. When returning to the modern look, Kirby says "Hi!"

The classic Kirby has smaller black eyes, visible cheek lines when his mouth is shut, blush represented as lines, pointy arms and feet, and paler color overall. However, the change in look is purely aesthetic and does not affect actual gameplay — Kirby's animations and hitboxes are the same.


  • The English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish localizations mistranslate the title of the unlock message as "Celebration Picture Reward!". The original Japanese text reads メモリアル★プププごほうび! (Memorial★Pupupu Reward!), and the unlock requirement has nothing to do with Celebration Pictures; this is correctly translated in the Chinese and Korean localizations as well. This might be because Celebration Pictures are known as Memorial Illustrations in Japanese, and the Western localizations confused the two as a result.
  • The Japanese unlock message uses the word 生誕[1] (seitan, "born") to describe "when he (Kirby) first debuted as a character". Interestingly, 生誕 appears in the track name of the theme of Void Termina's Final Core / Void Soul (生誕の希望[2] "Hope of Birth"). In addition, the alias of Void, 星誕 (Astral Birth), has the same pronunciation as 生誕 in Japanese.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プププボタン
Pupupu Botan
Pupupu Button
Traditional Chinese 噗噗噗按鍵
pū pū pū àn jiàn
Pupupu Button
Simplified Chinese 噗噗噗键
pū pū pū jiàn
Dutch Dream-knop Dream Button
French option Dream Dream option
German Dream-Schaltfläche Dream Button
Italian l'opzione Dream Dream option
Korean 푸푸푸 버튼
pupupu beoteun
Pupupu Button
Spanish botón Dream Dream Button


  1. "モードセレクトに プププボタンが 追加!
    なんと カービィが 生誕したときの
    あの顔になれる ボタンだ!
    " –Message of unlocking the Dream Button (Kirby Star Allies, Japanese version)
  2. Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack