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Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension IV

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Dimension IV
KSA Heroes Dimension IV 2.jpg
Kirby tosses his chilled Cutter blade in Dimension IV.
Level Heroes in Another Dimension
Friend Action(s) Friend Star
Boss(es) Parallel Dedede
Mid-Boss(es) Big Bouncy
Mr. Frosty
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Dimension IV

Stage order
Dimension III Final Dimension
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Dimension IV is the fourth of four primary stages in Heroes in Another Dimension. It is unlocked once Dimension I is completed, and completing this dimension is necessary to unlock the Final Dimension. As with the others, there are 30 Friend Hearts to collect in this stage. The boss of this dimension is Parallel Dedede.


The dimension takes place in ten primary rooms, not counting the boss and boss prep chambers. The Hero Doors grant the following Copy Abilities/Dream Friends in the following order:

In the boss prep room, the following Copy Essences can be found:

There are a total of 3 Dream Rods that can be found in this dimension, with two after the Friend Star section, and one in the boss prep room.

Friend Heart Guide[edit]

The following are in order of appearance:

Starting Room[edit]

  • The first heart is out in the open, and must be obtained in order to progress.

Cutter Room[edit]

  • After clearing the first Cutter obstacle, this heart can be found inside a box.
  • Kirby will need to hit the box on the second cutter obstacle as to not let it fall to get this heart.
  • Kirby will need to hit the box on the third cutter obstacle as to not let it fall to get this heart.
  • Kirby will need to hit the box on the final cutter obstacle as to not let it fall to get this heart.

Magolor Room 1[edit]

  • In the ambush area, Magolor and company will need to quickly defeat all the foes, including the hardy Big Bouncy and then Mr. Frosty before the heart is dropped into the pit further ahead.

Magolor Room 2[edit]

  • On the second crushing ceiling, a pile of metal blocks can be broken to reveal this heart.
  • On the third crushing ceiling, a floor can be broken to reveal a round-trip door to a side-room. In here, Magolor will need to either toss some Gem Apple Bombs at the right time or maneuver through the crushing blocks to reveal another heart.
  • On the third crushing ceiling, a pile of metal blocks lies out of the way of the crushing elements. Magolor will need to use Magoloran Launch to bust them and reveal a heart.

Taranza Room[edit]

  • At the start of this room, a Key will need to be transported to the higher platform. To do this, Taranza can use a Friend Bounce. Unlocking the gate grants access to this heart.
    • From there, Taranza can hit a switch through the wall to grab another key and carry it across the crumbling bridge. From there, a third key will need to be transported across a bottomless pit using Friend Bounce to unlock a gate concealing another heart.
  • A long hall with a broken wire stretches. Taranza will need to strategically drop the right blocks in place to mend the wire. There is a heart in one of the pits under a wire block.
    • Spark the wire and follow it back to the start of the hall to get two hearts.

Susie Room 1[edit]

  • Using a Blizzard-enchanted blaster, Susie can clear away some burning logs in a tunnel leading down to a side room. Here, she will need to hit the barrels at the right time to uncover two hearts before they are dropped into a pit.
  • Using her Business Suit, Susie will need to pound some Stakes in a sequence while chasing a falling heart to intercept it before it is lost.
  • Using a Bluster-enchanted Business Suit, Susie can Spin Cycle through a series of burning chains to collect two hearts, though she should be careful not to cut the last chain holding the second heart up.

Susie Room 2[edit]

  • During the ambush, several switches will pass by on moving platforms. Susie would do well to hit as many of them as she can (preferably all of them). If the right switches were hit, she will be rewarded in the next room with three hearts.

Wing Room[edit]

  • After mounting the Friend Star, Kirby and co. can bust away a large impediment blocking the doorway forward. A heart can be found in the lower portion of the impediment once it is cleared away.

Friend Star Room[edit]

  • In the first set of falling meteors, a heart can be seen traveling with them.
  • Between the two Mega Blados, a heart can be found upward.
  • Three more hearts can be found amongst the second meteor shower.
  • When coming across the set of three movable Bomb Block platforms, the one in the middle should be followed after it is set off, revealing a heart when it breaks.
  • A secret passage can be found underneath the door to the next area which leads to an encounter with a Waddle Dee Ball. Shooting at the ball repeatedly will break it, revealing the last heart.

Enemies & Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses



Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Dimension IV.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディメンションIV
Dimenshon IV
Dimension IV
Traditional Chinese 空間IV
kōng jiān IV
Dimension IV
Simplified Chinese 空间IV
kōng jiān IV
Dutch Dimensie IV Dimension IV
European French Dimension IV -
German Dimension IV -
Spanish Dimensión IV Dimension IV