Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion

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Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion
Jambastion Card.jpg
Title card for Jambastion
Normal Stages 6
Extra Stages 3
Boss(es) Pon & Con, Francisca, Flamberge, Zan Partizanne
World Order
World of Miracles - Planet Popstar Far-Flung Starlight Heroes
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Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion is the third level in Kirby Star Allies. It is a huge floating fortress which serves as an outpost of Jambandra, and is overseen by the three mage generals - Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne. In pursuit of the pieces of the Jamba Heart, Jambastion embeds itself into Planet Popstar. From there, Kirby and his allies infiltrate the fortress in an attempt to drive them off. Once Kirby defeats the mage generals here, they attempt to stop Kirby by destroying the fortress with him inside it, though Kirby manages to escape.


Jambastion is accessible once Meta Knight is defeated in World of Miracles - Planet Popstar. Jambastion consists of nine stages, as well as a Dream Palace. There are four bosses to face throughout the stages, with Zan Partizanne being the last. Defeating her and then escaping unlocks the next level, Far-Flung Starlight Heroes.

For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stages in Jambastion  
Stage EX Stage? Unlock Req. Big Switch? Boss(es) Notes
Gatehouse Road Xmark.png Xmark.png Pon & Con
Eastern Wall Xmark.png Complete Gatehouse Road. Yescheck.png Pressing the Big Switch unlocks Sector A.
Longview Corridor Xmark.png Complete Eastern Wall. Yescheck.png Francisca Pressing the Big Switch unlocks the Dream Palace.
Western Outer Wall Xmark.png Complete Longview Corridor. Yescheck.png Pressing the Big Switch unlocks Sector B.
Inner Sanctum Xmark.png Complete Western Outer Wall. Yescheck.png Flamberge Pressing the Big Switch unlocks Sector C.
Heavenly Hall Xmark.png Complete Inner Sanctum. Xmark.png Zan Partizanne Completing this stage unlocks Far-Flung Starlight Heroes. A HAL Room can be found during the escape.
Sector A Yescheck.png Press the Big Switch in Eastern Wall. Xmark.png
Sector B Yescheck.png Press the Big Switch in Western Outer Wall. Xmark.png
Sector C Yescheck.png Press the Big Switch in Inner Sanctum. Xmark.png


  • While Kirby and his allies infiltrate only one Jambastion, several more can be seen orbiting the great space station Jambandra. Despite the station's massive size, it has comparatively less areas for Kirby to traverse than the Jambastion which lands on Popstar.
  • From Version 4.0.0 onward, after clearing Story Mode, Shadow Kirby on a Warp Star may fly over the Jambastion level map on occasion.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒要塞ジャマハルダ
Ankokuyōsai Jamaharuda
Fortress of Darkness - Jamahalda
  • ジャマハルダ (Jamaharda) is derived from ジャマダハル (Jamadhar), a weapon also known as katar.
  • In the Jambandra language, ハルダ/bastion means heart.
Traditional Chinese 暗黑要塞 邪魔哈魯達
àn hēi yào sài: xié mó hā lǔ dá
Fortress of Darkness - Jamahalda
Simplified Chinese 暗黑要塞 邪魔哈鲁达
àn hēi yào sài: xié mó hā lǔ dá