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Egg Engines - Stage 6

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Egg Engines - Stage 6
KRtDLD Egg Engines Stage 6 select screenshot.png
Egg Engines - Stage 6 in the level hub.
Level Egg Engines
Energy Sphere(s) No
Boss(es) Metal General, HR-D3 (Extra Mode only)
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays in Egg Engines - Stage 6.

Stage order
Egg Engines - Stage 5 Dangerous Dinner - Stage 1
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Egg Engines - Stage 6 (simply called Stage 6 or 6-6 in-game) is the boss stage of Egg Engines in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and its remake—Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. It is the final stage of Egg Engines and the sixth boss stage of the game, where Metal General is fought. In the Extra Mode, HR-D3 is fought directly after Metal General EX. Completing this stage grants access to Dangerous Dinner.


Metal General crashing down on his rocket.
Main article: Metal General

Prior to the boss fight, Kirby traverses a mechanical area by riding elevators and walking along conveyor belts. Along the way, he has a choice between the Hi-Jump, Beam, Ninja, and Sword Copy Abilities from Copy Essences before heading through the door. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, the Mecha ability is here as well.

Upon entering the boss arena, Kirby encounters his opponent inert to his right. As he approaches, however, a green signal enters the robot, sparking it to life and initiating the battle. Metal General has a large array of attacks at its disposal, most notably using its laser sword, mines, and flying drones to attack (the latter of which can be inhaled and spat back or swallowed for Spark or Bomb). Metal General can also throw out waves of sparks or fire missiles.

When the second phase begins, Metal General pulls out a rocket and then rides it into the background. Kirby will need to dodge this rocket as it comes careening toward him, then again when it crashes down from above and explodes in a big fiery conflagration. The rocket itself can be destroyed beforehand if hit enough times. From here, Metal General will start throwing out more attacks, including attempting to dive at Kirby from the air. Once Metal General is defeated, it explodes, leaving Kirby to move on to the next level after performing his obligatory dance.


HR-D3 uses its spinning attack.
Main article: HR-D3

Exclusive to Extra Mode, when Kirby defeats Metal General EX, it does not explode right away, and instead flies off into the background. The walls around the arena then lower to widen the stage, and Metal General EX returns, now piloting a giant robot that attacks from the background. This robot is HR-D3, bearing a different emblem to the one it had in Kirby Mass Attack.

HR-D3 is fought in two distinct phases, with two separate health bars to indicate them. In the first, it attacks by striking the arena with its fist and drill, firing lasers from its eyes, or when Metal General EX opens up the cockpit to throw out a wave of missiles. During this phase, HR-D3 can only be attacked when it is striking the stage.

In the second phase, HR-D3 flies into the foreground to attack Kirby more directly with body slams, more strikes with its arms, and a giant laser cannon. While HR-D3 was slowly losing pieces during the first phase, this becomes more evident during the second, as more substantial pieces of the robot are gradually lost as it loses health, though this does not hinder its ability to fight. Once the second health bar is depleted, however, HR-D3 loses its arms and topples over, finally defeated.

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Battle against Metal General in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Battle against Metal General EX and HR-D3 in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Battle against Metal General EX and HR-D3 in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.