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Marx Soul

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Marx Soul
Sprite of Marx Soul from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
First game Kirby Super Star Ultra (2008)
Latest game Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023, reference)
Other game(s) Kirby: Triple Deluxe (as a keychain)
Super Kirby Clash (as a Sticker)
Kirby's Dream Buffet (as a Character Treat)
Copy Abilities Cutter (Shooter Cutter)
Paint (Splash Marx)
Ice (Ice Ball)
Relative(s) Marx
Theme music

Clip of Marx Soul's boss battle theme from Kirby Super Star Ultra

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He absorbed a nova's power to bring back his evil soul... This really is the last battle!
— Kirby Super Star Ultra pause screen flavor text

Marx Soul is a boss that appears exclusively in The True Arena of Kirby Super Star Ultra, serving as the game's true final boss. Marx Soul is a stronger, zombified version of Marx, mutated into a grotesque monstrosity by the power of the destroyed Galactic Nova. He fights in the same way as his regular form, but his attacks are much stronger and he moves in a faster and more chaotic manner. His health (630) is also 1.8× higher than before (350). Marx Soul is different from his regular form in various ways. Most notably, he can morph into paint blobs that rain down on Kirby, and, if inhaled, give Kirby the Paint ability.


Marx Soul is very visually different from his normal counterpart. His body is purple instead of lavender, his arm-like appendages are now dark purple with blue heart-shaped jewels, with three claws instead of two, his tongue is longer and sticking out, and his pupils are more narrow. His jester hat now appears as fuchsia on the left and cyan on the right with the pompoms now having spikes on them, and his shoes have curled tips. Additionally, he appears to be wearing a golden necklace that seems to be made out of parts from Nova. Finally, he has a distinct laugh. After Marx Soul is defeated, he lets out a bloodcurdling screech and slowly splits in half while turning pink. Eventually he explodes, destroying the entire arena in the process.


Kirby battles Marx Soul.

This table describes all of Marx Soul's attacks. Most are stronger, faster, and/or longer ranged versions of the original Marx's attacks, but some are unique to him.

Marx Soul's attacks  
Attack Description Notes
Marx Soul splits in half, creating a black hole. If Kirby is sucked in, he is transported to an alternate dimension in which he takes massive damage. Cannot be guarded. Used as a surprise entrance attack.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 5.png
Shooter Cutter
Marx Soul appears to teleport, but instead shoots out four cutters. He then repeats the attack. These cutters can be either thrown or swallowed for the Cutter ability.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 1.png
Seed Attack
Marx Soul flies off the screen, dropping six damaging seeds in random places in the arena. About a second later, thick rose vines spring up from each of the seeds' locations.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 8.png
Shadow Uppercut
Marx Soul appears as a flashing circle on the ground that follows Kirby. After a few seconds, he springs up in an attempt to ram into Kirby.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 2.png
Splash Marx
Marx Soul splits in half, creating magenta and blue paint blobs. After disappearing, many similar damaging paint blobs fall from the ceiling, increasing in volume as the attack goes on. The paint blobs can be swallowed for the Paint ability.
This attack is similar to Drawcia Soul's Splash Rush attack.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 3.png
Arrow Arrow
Marx Soul flashes, then releases dozens of damaging arrows from his body.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 9.png
Ice Ball
Marx Soul puffs his cheeks, following Kirby, then drops a bomb out of his mouth. After reaching Kirby's height, it explodes into two shockwaves that may freeze Kirby if not guarded or dodged. This bomb can be swallowed for the Ice ability.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 6.png
Marx Cannon
Marx Soul puffs his cheeks, then fires an enormous, damaging beam out of his mouth. Cannot be guarded at all, and can only be dodged by hovering or crouching.
KSSU Marx Soul fight 4.png
Deadly Ball
Marx Soul splits in half, creating magenta and blue comets. After a few seconds, the two comets fly in one after the other, including a sound effect that resembles Marx Soul's laugh; however, the sound effect is more high pitched in the magenta comet. This attack is similar to Drawcia Soul's Deadly Sun attack.
He only uses this attack when he has lost half of his health.
Japanese attack names are taken from the Japanese Kirby Super Star Ultra guide book; English attack names are taken from Marx's Dream Friend moveset in Kirby Star Allies.

Above half health, Marx Soul attacks in the following order on loop:

  1. Black Hole
  2. Shooter Cutter
  3. Seed Attack
  4. Shadow Uppercut
  5. Splash Marx
  6. Arrow Arrow
  7. Ice Ball
  8. Marx Cannon

Below half health, Marx Soul's pattern changes to this order on loop:

  1. Deadly Ball
  2. Shooter Cutter
  3. Seed Attack
  4. Ice Ball
  5. Marx Cannon
  6. Splash Marx
  7. Shooter Cutter
  8. Arrow Arrow
  9. Black Hole
  10. Shadow Uppercut

Additionally, Marx Soul's idle animation speeds up and the background becomes lighter.

Other appearances[edit]


KSS Marx Mid-Transform sprite.png
  • In Milky Way Wishes, if the player looks closely a split second before Marx transforms into his first powered-up form, he can be seen looking extremely similar to Marx Soul. This is present even in the original Kirby Super Star.
  • Marx's tongue actually changes between the colors of his hat, being magenta normally and changing to cyan when he is defeated.
  • Marx Soul is the first soul boss in the main-series Kirby games. The first one in the whole series is Drawcia Soul from Kirby: Canvas Curse, which is a spin-off.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マルク ソウル
Maruku Souru
Marx Soul
Traditional Chinese 魔嚕酷靈魂
mó lū kù línghún
Marx Soul
Simplified Chinese 魔噜酷灵魂
mó lū kù línghún
Dutch Marx' ziel Marx's soul
French Max Ultra Marx Ultra
German Max Ultra Marx Ultra
Italian Anima di Mark Soul of Marx
Korean 마르크 소울
Mareukeu Soul
Marx Soul
Portuguese Alma de Marx Marx's Soul
Spanish Espíritu de Marx Spirit of Marx