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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 2

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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 2
KRtDL Dangerous Dinner Stage 2 screenshot.png
Kirby tosses blades at some Foleys as he moves along the large moving blocks.
Level Dangerous Dinner
Super Ability Grand Hammer
Energy Sphere(s) 5
Mid-Boss(es) Super Bonkers, Sphere Doomer (silver)
Stage order
Dangerous Dinner - Stage 1 Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3
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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 2 is the second stage of Dangerous Dinner in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There are five Energy Spheres in this stage.


The stage begins with Kirby atop an elevator in a volcanic tunnel. Pressing the Switch causes the elevator to start descending. During the descent, Kirby will need to contend with several enemies emerging from below, along with a couple boulders rolling in. The door can be found at the bottom.

The next area has Kirby hopping across many moving blocks in tight hallways. Some of them are hot, so touching them is not advised. Near the bottom, Kirby will need to keep in line with a series of moving magma walls to reach the door.

The door leads to a thin vertical shaft, where a Starman and the Hi-Jump Copy Essence can be accessed. As Kirby makes his way upward, he will need to avoid walls closing in on him as he plows through enemies above. At the top, a cannon will blast Kirby up to the door to the next section.

From there, Kirby finds himself in a dark cavern. Up ahead, Kirby will need to make his way past Elecs and then carry a Candle across a pool of water.

The door leads to a straight hall going right. Kirby does not have much time to take in his surroundings here, as the ceiling immediately starts to come down and attempt to crush him. Passing many enemies, Kirby will eventually stumble onto a Crackler, which he can use to clear the path ahead. After fighting through a great deal of enemies, Kirby can narrowly avoid the ceiling and make it to the door to the next section at the right end of the hall.

From there, Kirby finds himself facing Super Bonkers, who could be a target for the Crackler if Kirby still has it. Defeating him yields the Grand Hammer ability. Up ahead, Kirby can use the hammer to pound metal stakes in and complete wires. Along the way, a series of Burner Boxes can also be hammered down. Knocking all of them in the last chamber reveals a rift to the other dimension.

Alternate Dimension Stretch[edit]

Kirby will need to descend a column as he moves past moving walls and platforms. This includes swimming through passages as the walls move along. Near the bottom, Kirby will have to cause walls to fly in, which may crush him if not careful. At the end, Kirby will then need to face an icy Sphere Doomer on a moving floor. Once Kirby is victorious and out of the rift, he will need to proceed through a door to the right of where the rift appeared.

The last chamber contains a few bottomless pits and the stage exit just to the right. A trio of Moonja will attempt to ambush Kirby in front of the stage exit.

Energy Sphere Guide[edit]

  • In the first elevator descent area, a horde of Degout guard this sphere on the left hand side.
  • While descending the second area, two Moonja can be seen guarding a hidden passage through the magmatic rock. This passage leads to a side chamber where Kirby will need to cut a String Platform using a well-timed knife to reveal this sphere.
  • In the Hi-Jump area, Kirby will need to fly up through a passage that closes on itself quickly. The sphere can be found at the top, if Kirby doesn't get squished.
  • The last two spheres can be obtained from the Sphere Doomer at the end of the rift.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability


Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Dangerous Dinner - Stage 2.