Jam Jungle - Stage 1

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Jam Jungle - Stage 1
Kirby does battle with Box Boxer in an overgrown room.
Level Jam Jungle
Mid Boss(es) Box Boxer
EX Stage? Xmark.png
Treasure(s) Graphic Piece
Spray Paint / Shadow
Bubble Scroll
Stage Order
Cushy Cloud - Secret Stage 2
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Jam Jungle - Stage 1 is the first stage of Jam Jungle in Kirby: Squeak Squad. The Bubble Ability Scroll can be found here.


This stage consists of six main areas. It begins in a jungle walkway with thick foliage that can be burned and slashed through. Along the way, a number of caches can be accessed, including a Treasure Chest guarded by a gate with very quick closing time. Kirby will need to get creative to get this chest before proceeding.

The following area is a dense jungle arena where Kirby must fight Box Boxer before moving on.

From there, Kirby will make his way up a vertical column using the Hi-Jump ability.

Kirby then finds himself in an elevated jungle pathway, where the powers of a local Laser Ball may help him clear the way, and maybe even reach another treasure chest.

The next area has Kirby traversing down a column in somewhat of an inverse to the initial way up.

The last room is an open area, with floating platforms distributed about the place. There are many hedges here that can be burned or cut to reveal bubbles and other items. One in particular is hiding a large treasure chest. Collecting it will call forth the Squeaks led this time by Doc. Kirby can easily escape them however, since the stage exit is located just to the right from his position.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
Piece Yellow.png Graphic Piece Part of a big picture. JamJungle-1 Treasure 1.jpg
Spraypaint Shadow.png Spray Paint / Shadow Change your color.
Changes Kirby's color to a dark grey body with black feet and blush, similar to Shadow Kirby.
JamJungle-1 Treasure 2.jpg
Bubble Scroll.png Bubble Scroll New ability memorized!
Allows Kirby to throw a large bubble at great distance, which can be aimed slightly.
JamJungle-1 Treasure 3.jpg