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Glitches in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Ability drop effects[edit]

Dropping Kirby's Copy Ability under specific circumstances forces several of his animations to reset. Some of these effects would appear to require inputs despite taking place as is:

  • Dropping the ability in the middle of a bounce will make Kirby bounce higher than normally.
  • Dropping the ability while climbing a ladder returns Kirby to his default ladder pose.
  • Dropping the ability underwater causes Kirby to swim in the direction he is facing.

Ability Star clip[edit]

The Ability Star gets stuck within two tiles of solid ground.

To view this glitch, Kirby must bring a Copy Ability to an area that scrolls forward automatically (such as the Heavy Mole battle). Kirby must drop his ability in such a way that the Ability Star is pressed against a wall by the scrolling screen. As the screen continues scrolling, the Ability Star will rapidly rotate while clipping through walls until it either reaches the air or self-destructs.

Backdrop rope clip[edit]

In order to perform this glitch, Kirby must bring the Backdrop to Orange Ocean - Stage 3 and stand on the platform preceding the first slope-like rope bridge. He must then activate his attack, causing him to clip through the bottom of the rope and into the area below. This glitch has no effect on regular gameplay since the area is easily reachable with a ladder placed a few steps away.

Delay double damage[edit]

If the game is paused while Kirby is using a slow activation ability's attack (such as Needle or Beam), the attack deals damage again shortly after the game is unpaused.

Empty full stomach[edit]

If Kirby attempts to inhale a projectile next to him at the moment the boss that created it is defeated, the projectile will disappear normally before ending up in Kirby's mouth, ready to be shot out as a Star Bullet.

Meta Knight health bar glitch[edit]

Meta Knight's corrupted health bar.

This glitch occurs during the Meta Knight boss fight if he is attacked while his health bar is still filling up. Meta Knight's health bar will appear to be full until a second attack is used, in which case a gap appears in the middle of the bar. His health bar returns to normal if he is damaged a third time.

Swimming Crash softlock[edit]

This glitch is achieved by using the Crash ability at the same time as Kirby leaves water. The timing is strict, but if done correctly, the splash will duplicate itself higher on the screen and the Crash animation loops at Kirby spinning. The only way to revert the glitch is by resetting the game.[1]

Underwater flight[edit]

In the Meta Knightmare sub-game, it is possible for Meta Knight to fly underwater in Orange Ocean - Stage 5. In the third room, he should enter the water and use his down thrust right above the bomb block. During the brief moment it takes for the room to fill up with water, Meta Knight should cancel his attack by flapping. Once the bottom half of the room is filled with water, he will behave as if in the air until he leaves the water, lands on a solid platform, or performs an attack.[2]

Whispy's extra puff[edit]

If Whispy Woods is damaged shortly after he releases 2 or 4 Air Bullets, he will seem to be puffing something out, but no bullet will appear.