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SSU MWW Floria Entry.jpg
Planet Floria on the map screen in Kirby Super Star Ultra
Main game Milky Way Wishes
Boss Twin Woods
Copy Essence Deluxe(s) Cutter, Fighter, Ice
Theme music

no music given

Level order
First level Aquarius
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This article is about the planet in Milky Way Wishes, and should not be confused with Floralia.

Grass Planet Floria is one of the planets which Kirby can visit in Milky Way Wishes, in Kirby Super Star (Ultra). It is a verdant planet dominated by four seasons, which Kirby can switch between by entering doorways. The Boss of Floria is Twin Woods. Floria is home to three Copy Essence Deluxes. These are Ice, Fighter and Cutter.


Floria is characterized primarily by a large open grassland area segmented off by tall trees, and with lots of doorways interspersed. After landing in the area, Kirby will quickly find his route forward blocked by one of the trees until he uses one of the doors. Once entering the door, however, Kirby will find that he is in largely the same place, but the season has moved forward from spring to summer. The tree up ahead is still blocking his path, though a number of other changes have been made to the landscape. If Kirby re-enters the doorway he used, the season advances again to autumn, and the tree is cleared away. Using this and other doors in the area, Kirby can freely cycle between the four seasons, encountering different obstacles in each one, but ultimately making forward progress toward the right. The door on the rightmost end of the area will take Kirby directly into the boss fight against Twin Woods.

Copy Essence Deluxe guide[edit]

The following is a basic guide on how to reach each Copy Essence Deluxe on Planet Floria:

  • Cutter - In the summer version of the main area, this essence can be found inside a tree which can only be accessed from the right near the right-end of the area.
  • Fighter - In the winter version of the main area, this essence can be found through a doorway buried under a frozen pond. Kirby will need to bust through the ice to get it.
  • Ice - In the winter version of the main area, this essence can be found in a room all the way to the left.

Enemies and boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability (using Copy) Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability (using Copy)
KSSBlipper.png BlipperSSU.png Blipper None KSSLovely.png LovelySSU.png Lovely None
KSSBrontoBurt.png BrontoburtSSU.png Bronto Burt None KSSPlasmaWisp.png PlasmawispSSU.png Plasma Wisp Plasma
KSSCappyCover.png CappySSU.png Cappy None Scarfy KSS sprite.png ScarfySSU.png Scarfy Crash
KSSChilly.png ChillySSU.png Chilly Ice KSSSimirror.png SimirrorSSU.png Simirror Mirror
KSSGator.png GatorSSU.png Gator None KSSSlippy.png SlippySSU.png Slippy None
KSSGrizzo.png GrizzoSSU.png Grizzo None KSSTAC.png TacSSU.png T.A.C. Copy
KSSJungleBomb.png JunglebomberSSU.png Jungle Bomb Bomb KSSTookey.png TookySSU.png Tookey None
KSSKabu.png KabuSSU.png Kabu None KSSWheelie.png WheelieSSU.png Wheelie Wheel
Image (KSS) Name Copy Ability
Super Star Twin Woods Sprite.png Twin Woods None

Boss: Twin Woods[edit]

Kirby attacks trees once again.
Main article: Twin Woods

Twin Woods serves as the boss of this planet. It has largely the same attack strategy as its previous appearance in Revenge of Meta Knight, but has higher Stamina. In the remake, it also bears an autumn hue.


  • The basic concept of switching between different phases of a single area would be reused in two different instances in future games, though not in quite the same way:
The Milky Way in Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
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