Dark Nebula

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Boss InfoBox
DarkZtar N.png
Sprite of Dark Nebula (neutral form).
Debut Game Kirby: Squeak Squad
Weakness(es) Triple Star
Similar to Dark Matter, Zero, Dark Mind
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Dark Nebula is the lord of the underworld and the final boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad. He was concealed in a treasure chest that Kirby receives after beating Daroach. However, this treasure chest was stolen by Meta Knight to keep Dark Nebula concealed. However, Kirby believing that the treasure chest contains the cake he was about to eat in the beginning of the game, beats Meta Knight and the treasure chest is then stolen by the Squeaks, and the Dark Nebula is released, consuming Daroach. After Kirby defeats Daroach a second time, Dark Nebula exits Daroach's body as a small dark star and Kirby follows him and then faces him, where he enlarges and gains an eye. After Kirby beats him, the stars that make up Dark Nebula fall out of him, leaving only his eye, which then explodes. Having defeated Dark Nebula, Kirby returns home.


Dark Nebula is a large black star. He has one large eye, that being found in his center. His color changes with his form, with a red color for fire, light blue for ice, and green for electric. Regular Dark Nebula can never be faced.


Dark Nebula has the ability to change into three different forms. His star texture changes from a fiery texture, to ice, and then a green static texture. Depending on what texture he is depends on which form he takes, and one powers he uses. Dark Nebula moves around randomly around the screen making it harder to know when to attack.

Fire form

DarkZtar F.png Dark Nebula's fire form is a red star. He can now send fire to the ground, burning anything on it. Fire Wheel and Fire Tornado can be used on this fire.

Ice form

DarkZtar I.png Dark Nebula's ice form is a light blue star. He can now send a beam from his eye, freezing the ground. Ice Wheel and Ice Tornado can be used on this ice. Dark Nebula moves in a circular pattern making it easy for attacking him.

Electric form

DarkZtar E.png Dark Nebula's electric form is a light, green star. He can now send electricity to the corners, bordering the screen with electricity. Unlike the other forms, Thunder Wheel and Tornado can't be used in the electricity. When moving around the screen, Dark Nebula moves in an "Up and Down" pattern making it harder to avoid him.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークゼロ
Dāku Zero
Dark Zero