Candy Mountain

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Candy Mountain
Candy Mountain.jpg
Kirby using a series of Cannons in Candy Mountain
Main game Dyna Blade
Mid-boss(es) Bugzzy
Big Switch? Yescheck.png
Theme music

no music given

Level order
Cocoa Cave Dyna Blade's Nest
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Candy Mountain is the fourth stage of Dyna Blade. As the name suggests, it takes place on a mountain slope, with the path leading mostly upward.


This stage is divided into several areas with optional side-passages, many of which are filled with Cannons. Along the way, enemies like Birdon are seen for the first time. In one of the side-chambers, a Fuse Cannon can be accessed to eventually reach a Big Switch that will unlock the way to the second Trial Room from the level map. The path forward in each area is choked with enemies, and this includes the Mid-Boss encounters at the end. Kirby will have to face off against Mr. Frosty, then Bonkers, then two Poppy Bros. Sr.s.

Enemies and mid-bosses[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSBirdon.png BirdonSSU.png Birdon Wing KSSLovely.png LovelySSU.png Lovely N/A KSSSlippy.png SlippySSU.png Slippy None
KSSBladeKnight.png BladeSSU.png Blade Knight Sword KSSNoddy.png NoddySSU.png Noddy Sleep KSSTAC.png TacSSU.png T.A.C. Copy
KSSBlipper.png BlipperSSU.png Blipper None KSSParasol.png Parasol Parasol KSSTookey.png TookySSU.png Tookey None
KSSBomber.png BomberSSU.png Bomber Crash KSSPoppyBrosJr.png PoppyjrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Jr. Cutter KSSTwizzy.png TwizzySSU.png Twizzy None
KSSBurninLeo.png LeoSSU.png Burnin' Leo Fire KSSRocky.png RockySSU.png Rocky Stone KSSWaddleDee.png DeeSSU.png Waddle Dee None
KSSGordo.png GordoSSU.png Gordo N/A Scarfy KSS sprite.png ScarfySSU.png Scarfy Crash (when scanned using Copy) KSSWaddleDoo.png DooSSU.png Waddle Doo Beam
KSSJungleBomb.png JunglebomberSSU.png Jungle Bomb Bomb KSSShotzo.png ShotzoSSU.png Shotzo N/A KSSWalky.png WalkySSU.png Walky Mike
Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSBonkers.png BonkersSSU.png Bonkers Hammer
KSSMrFrosty.png MrfrostySSU.png Mr. Frosty Ice
KSSPoppyBrosSr.png PoppysrSSU.png Twin Poppy Bros. Sr. Bomb



  • Using certain abilities like Jet, it is possible to skip the Mid-Boss encounters at the end of this stage.