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Air Ride Machine

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An Air Ride Machine is a vehicle that can be ridden by Kirby or another character in Kirby Air Ride. The following lists every Air Ride Machine in the game, with more details on their respective pages:

  • Bulk Star: a big and durable machine that requires charging to fuel.
  • Compact Star: a slow but easy-to-maneuver star that is made for City Trial cruising.
  • Dragoon: an elegant legendary machine that surpasses all others in gliding ability.
  • Flight Warpstar: a modified Warpstar that can glide exceptionally well. It is not usable outside of Free Run mode.
  • Formula Star: a sleek vehicle that is among the fastest, but steers and glides very poorly.
  • Free Star: a Top Ride vehicle that moves in the direction the analog stick is pointed.
  • Hydra: a brutish legendary machine that surpasses all others in durability, speed, and combat.
  • Jet Star: a winged machine that speeds up drastically when taking to the sky.
  • Rex Wheelie: a big bulky Wheelie bike that has difficulty with handling.
  • Rocket Star: a machine with incredible boost ability, but which has poor stats otherwise.
  • Shadow Star: a sinister machine that specializes in combat and glides well, but is fragile.
  • Slick Star: a machine that excels in speed and gliding, but slides in a single direction on the ground until a boost is used.
  • Steer Star: a Top Ride vehicle that turns left or right based on where the analog stick is pointing relative to its orientation.
  • Swerve Star: a machine that is very fast and accelerates immediately, but cannot turn at all unless braked, coming to a full stop.
  • Turbo Star: a speedy vehicle that is tricky to control due to its unique charging mechanics.
  • Wagon Star: a boxy vehicle that cannot boost but handles well.
  • Warpstar: Kirby's tried-and-true vehicle that has overall average abilities compared to the others.
  • Wheelie Bike: A Wheelie that rides along the ground, similar to Wheelie Rider, with overall average stats.
  • Wheelie Scooter: A smaller Wheelie bike that turns well and hops high into the air when going off ramps, but is fairly slow otherwise.
  • Winged Star: A winged vehicle that moves slowly on the ground but glides exceptionally well.

The following are characters that are not Air Ride Machines, but are still selectable among them in Kirby Air Ride: