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Air Ride Machine

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Air Ride Machine
KAR four Kirbys on Air Ride Machines.jpg
Artwork of four Kirbys on various Air Ride Machines
Type Device
Function Allows for controlled transport
Found Random parts of the city, Underground Skylight (Free Run only)
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
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Air Ride Machines are the main method of transportation in Kirby Air Ride. They come in many different types, each having their own appearance and stats, and each of the three modes of that game have their own lineup of machines and different ways of obtaining them. In Air Ride, only the Warp Star is initially available, and other machines must be unlocked from there. In City Trial, each Kirby starts with the Compact Star and can dismount it to get on other vehicles around the city. Top Ride has only two machines, with the only difference being how they are controlled. Kirby can ride most of these machines, however King Dedede and Meta Knight also appear as selectable characters alongside the Air Ride Machines. Machines also have HP in some modes, such as City Trial, and when one runs out of HP, it gets destroyed and its host will collapse on the ground. In order to make Air Ride Machines stronger, Kirby can patch his machine with various patches found across the city.


There are 20 machines in Kirby Air Ride with two additional characters making a total of 22 options.

Machine Name Description
KAR Warpstar Small.png Warp Star The Warp Star is one of the most balanced machines in Kirby Air Ride. All of its stats are average all around. It has no real flaws, but doesn't excel at anything.
KAR Turbo Star Small.png Turbo Star The Turbo Star has great top speeds, but unorthodox handling. Its turning and charge are based off of speed, with more speed meaning a longer turn but a faster charge.
KAR Formula Star Artwork.png Formula Star The Formula Star is a vehicle that has high top speeds but a really slow acceleration. It lacks gliding capabilities and has poor handling, but it can really shine during Drag Races.
KAR Slick Star Small.png Slick Star The Slick Star is a slippery machine with above average charging. It can take time to get used, to but can use its bad traction to its advantage. All of its other stats are average.
KAR Swerve Star Small.png Swerve Star This machine cannot turn while moving and can only turn while charging. Its charge speed is good and it has incredible acceleration, reaching its top speed almost instantly. All of its other stats are average. An exception to this is gliding, which is below average.
KAR Wagon Star Small.png Wagon Star The Wagon Star cannot charge at all, leaving its charge gauge completely empty at all times. As a result, it cannot boost. To make up for this, it has good handling and excellent HP.
KAR Bulk Star Small.png Bulk Star This machine relies on charging to move, not being able to go anywhere if not charged. However, this machine has great battling capabilities and can even go at high top speeds.
KAR Shadow Star Small.png Shadow Star The Shadow Star has high acceleration, gliding and offensive capabilities, but has low HP and poor defense, making it very fragile.
KAR Winged Star Small.png Winged Star The Winged Star is a fairly slow machine, but picks up with its excellent gliding stat. It is pretty weak though and cannot take many hits. Its other stats are average.
KAR Rocket Star Small.png Rocket Star The Rocket Star has incredibly low top speed but it has an excellent boost, shooting it forward at very high speeds. It has a slow charging speed, however, and all of its other stats are average.
KAR Jet Star Small.png Jet Star The Jet Star is an average machine and well-rounded everywhere. When it leaves the ground, it gets a boost of speed and can directly glide upwards. When it lands on the ground, it gains another burst of speed.
KAR Wheelie Bike Small.png Wheelie Bike The Wheelie Bike always hits the ground with a single wheel and isn't a star like most of the other machines. Because it is always on the ground, it automatically hits any boost panels it may drive upon. Its stats are mostly average, with gliding and handling being below average.
KAR Wheelie Scooter Small.png Wheelie Scooter This machine excels at jumping instead of gliding. It has low top speed, but it can gain it fairly easily from driving off of ramps and boost panels. It has great acceleration, handling and charging speed, but it is lacking in fighting capabilities.
KAR Rex Wheelie Small.png Rex Wheelie The Rex Wheelie is a heavy bike with great battling capabilities but poor handling. It has weak acceleration and is not good at gliding, but has fast top speed.
KAR Free Star Small.png Free Star Free Star is one of two Air Ride Machines available in Top Ride. Its turning is determined by the direction the control stick is pointing at.
KAR Steer Star Small.png Steer Star Steer Star is the only other machine in Top Ride. Its stats are the same as the Free Star, but it can only turn left or right from where Kirby is facing.
KAR Compact Star Small.png Compact Star Compact Star is the machine everyone starts with in City Trial. It has good acceleration and nice handling, but it is very slow, has poor battling capabilities and is very frail.
KAR Dragoon.png Dragoon The Dragoon is one of two legendary machines that are assembled by finding its three parts around the city. It has outstanding top speed and gliding capabilities, able to stay airborne for a very long time and shoot through the sky.
KAR Hydra Small.png Hydra The Hydra is a legendary machine that has amazing power, being able to do huge damage by ramming into others at incredible speed. It has a massive bulk and can take a lot of hits. However, it can only move by charging up and will stay in place until charged.
KAR Flight Warpstar Small.png Flight Warpstar The Flight Warpstar is a unique Air Ride Machine, only being able to be used in the Free Run mode of City Trial. It's stats are mostly the same as the Warpstar aside from its glide, which can be used to fly across the city and to practice flight.
KAR Meta Knight Artwork.png Meta Knight A special character who flies like Wing Kirby but slashes anything in front of him like Sword Kirby. He cannot use copy abilities.
KAR King Dedede artwork.jpg King Dedede The self-styled king riding his Wheelie Bike Dedede Custom. He uses his hammer to bash anyone in front of him. He cannot use copy abilities.

Other appearances[edit]

While the Air Ride Machines aren't prominent in any other games, they still appear every so often, mostly through cameos of some individual machines. One of their most notable appearances is in the Super Smash Bros series, where the Dragoon can be assembled by collecting its three parts in a match, which allows the character to aim the Dragoon via a crosshair on the screen. Hitting someone with this will deal damage and a huge amount of knockback, with a great chance of KO'ing them. Additionally, the Dragoon is seen in a cutscene in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where Kirby flies it straight through the Subspace Gunship, destroying it.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, some Air Ride Machines are predominantly featured in the later episodes of the show, most notably Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II. There, a squad of solders call the Air Riders pilot some of machines seen in Kirby Air Ride: Winged Star, Rocket Star, Formula Star, and Shadow Star. The machines behave differently than in their debut game, being able to run out of fuel and glide for way longer.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

Various Air Ride Machines being ridden in Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!

In the Kirby novel series, the Air Ride Machines appear in Kirby: Big Race in Pupupu Land!, where they are used in a race that is broadcasted around the universe. The Air Ride Machines are lined up after the first checkpoint where there are seven to choose from. Mr. Frosty boards Slick Star, Burning Leo takes Formula Star, Cappy picks Jet Star and the Meta-Knights pile up on Shadow Star. Kirby and Waddle Dee show up last and have to use Warp Star and Wheelie Scooter respectively. Unlike in Kirby Air Ride, King Dedede takes Rex Wheelie instead of using his own custom made bike.


  • Early sketches for the Air Ride Machines shown in the booklet included in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition show concepts of Kirby transforming into the Air Ride Machines instead of riding them.