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Enemy InfoBox
Artwork from Squeak Squad
Debut Game Kirby: Squeak Squad
Latest Game Kirby Mass Attack
Copy Ability U.F.O., Laser
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Yadogaine and Mecha-Kracko, two of Doc's robots

Doc is one of the Squeaks, and a reoccurring Mid Boss, and Boss, in Kirby: Squeak Squad. He sometimes appears when Kirby obtains a large chest. As such, his main goal as a Mid Boss is to steal Kirby's chest and take it to his headquarters. Kirby can either run away with the chest, defeat Doc, or if Doc has already obtained the chest, hastily go to the headquarters to defeat him. Doc looks like a light blue regular Squeak with swirled goggles and a green mustache. When in Mid Boss form, he is seen inside of a red U.F.O. in which he attacks by shooting lasers at Kirby. He may occasionally throw bombs at Kirby, which Kirby may inhale and throw back at him. If hit enough, the U.F.O. will crash, allowing it to be swallowed for the U.F.O. ability, and he will become immobilized. At that moment, Kirby has a chance to repetitively attack him. He soon calls another U.F.O., and repeats his battle technique until he is defeated. Doc sometimes also throws a laser pointer, which can be swallowed for the laser ability. Unlike the other two Mid Bosses, his red form is almost three times his strength, but lasts for a very short while. He does not appear as himself in boss battles, but rather as one of two robots, Mecha-Kracko or Yadogaine. Doc is also the main opponent in Treasure Shot, one of the sub-games in Squeak Squad.

He reappears in Kirby Mass Attack on the Squeaks' airship which he built himself, but he doesn't talk, even when Daroach asks him a question.


  • Doc is the the only one of the three Squeaks under Daroach to be fought as a boss.
    • In fact, he is fought twice as a boss.