Team Kirby Clash

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Team Kirby Clash
KPR TKC logo.png
Logo of Team Kirby Clash.
Type(s) Fighting - Teamwork
Levels 6
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot
Theme music

Clip of the title screen theme for Team Kirby Clash
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This article is about the Sub-Game from Kirby: Planet Robobot. For the series of games, see Team Kirby Clash (series).

Team Kirby Clash is a Sub-Game that appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot. In this game, up to four Kirbys take on fantasy-themed fighter roles and are tasked with defeating one of six Bosses from earlier Kirby series games. To complete their task, they must defeat the boss without being KO'd in turn or running out of time. As the Kirbys fight, they gain experience, which will allow them to level up after the fight concludes, improving their survivability and damage output. The experience gained is also used as the final score on each fight, with one of four medals being awarded, ranging from bronze to platinum.

Team Kirby Clash can be played either solo with CPU allies, or via Local Wireless with friends. The game can also be played in Download Play mode without other users needing Kirby: Planet Robobot to play.

Team Kirby Clash was the base for the free-to-start expanded spin-off title, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and its sequel, Super Kirby Clash.


There are four roles to choose from. Kirbys can take on multiples of the same role if they wish:

Role Image Description
Beam Mage KPR TKC Beam Mage.png A supporting role based on Beam. Has the power to stop time if he hits the Boss enough with the right move.
Doctor Healmore KPR TKC Doctor Healmore.png A supporting role based on Doctor. Has the power to heal his allies and himself.
Hammer Lord KPR TKC Hammer Lord.png A powerhouse role based on Hammer. Very slow on his feet, but can dish out huge damage.
Sword Hero KPR TKC Sword Hero.png A front-line role based on Sword. Can protect his friends with a bubble shield.

All four roles are capable of reviving their fallen teammates given enough time to do so.


There are six bosses to fight in this Sub-Game. They are revealed in sequence, and can be re-fought as many times as necessary to build up experience:


Each boss fight takes place in a flat arena, with no other platforms or pitfalls to consider. Upon starting out, there are only two Kirbys in the party, but more join in after successive fights until there are four.

Bosses, where necessary, are made larger and given much greater stamina. The first two, Gigant Edge and Mr. Frosty, are also given new attacks to upgrade them to full Boss status. All bosses fight in two phases, and cannot be greatly harmed while transitioning between the two.

The party of Kirbys has a set amount of time, depending on the Boss being fought to win the fight. If time runs out, they lose, and will have to try again. They will also lose if they are all defeated by the Boss's attacks. Like in Kirby Fighters, the Kirbys have a limited ability to hover off the ground, and their Guard can only last so long before it breaks, leaving them dazed. Occasionally, during the fight, items will appear to help the party. These can be food items that the Kirby's can share between themselves to recover stamina, or they can be Power Tablets. There are up to four of these pieces and each Kirby needs to collect one. After that, they can unleash the devastating Team Meteor attack that deals huge damage and stuns the Boss for an extended period of time.

After the fight, experience is tallied, and if it passes the next threshold, the Kirby levels up, gaining bonuses to their Stamina, Attack, Recovery and Team Meteor damage. The maximum level is 10, and the stats cap at different amounts based on the role chosen. Being at maximum level is not required to defeat the final Boss, but it certainly helps.


  • The Japanese title ("Kirby Hunters") is similar to the Monster Hunter series.
  • Occasionally when leveling up, a Kirby may also gain a few points in odd stats like 'Rosiness' or 'Spirit'. The game clarifies that these stats don't actually matter, and that it is largely a joke. This harkens back to the fight with Computer Virus in Kirby Super Star.
  • According to an early sketch revealed by HAL Laboratory, proposed additional fighter roles included a Huntsman, presumably based on Archer, and a pirate-themed Bandit, who may have been based on Cutter.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みんなで!カービィハンターズ
Minna de! Kābii Hantāzu
Everyone! Kirby Hunters
French L'attaque des Kirby The attack of Kirby
German Kirbys Team-Jagd Kirby's Team hunt
Italian Squadre Kirby in azione Kirby teams in action
Korean 다 함께! 커비 헌터즈
da hamkke! keobi heonteojeu
All together! Kirby Hunters
Spanish ¡Todos juntos! Héroes legendarios All together! Legendary heroes
Polish Team Kirby Clash[1] -