Samurai Kirby

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Sub-Game InfoBox
Samurai Kirby KSS gameplay.png
Kirby facing off against his fourth opponent, King Dedede.
Type(s) Reflex
Levels 5
Players 1-2
Appears in Kirby Super Star
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Comparable to Quick Draw
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Samurai Kirby is a sub-game appearing in Kirby Super Star, and later as an unlockable Nostalgic sub-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra.[1] In both versions, Samurai Kirby can be played by pressing any button.[2] Unlike the other sub-games in Kirby Super Star Ultra, Samurai Kirby retains its dated graphical style. Samurai Kirby has three levels of difficulty. This sub-game can be unlocked after completing the Meta Knightmare Ultra game.

In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, the sub-game Quick Draw had its western theme changed to a style strongly based on Samurai Kirby's.


Samurai Kirby shows Kirby standing against his opponent in a scene lined with bricks and a horizon level sun. The objective is to draw faster than the opponent, by pressing any button immediately after an exclamation mark signal appears.[3] "Drawing" involves pressing any button after the exclamation signal. The round will restart if Kirby draws too early. The sub-game ends when Kirby loses to an opponent. A sign at the lower-right of the screen indicates the time from the signal to the reaction. Kirby uses a different weapon against every opponent, and likewise, every opponent uses their own.


Foe Reaction Kirby's weapon and effect Opponent's attack
Waddle Doo KSS SK sprite.png
Waddle Doo
82 centiseconds A fan, which knocks him down Smacking Kirby with a fan
Wheelie KSS SK sprite.png
50 centiseconds A hammer, which knocks him flat Running over Kirby, with a tire mark on his face
Chef Kawasaki KSS SK sprite.png
Chef Kawasaki
21 centiseconds A pie, which hits into Kirby's face Whacking a frying pan onto Kirby's head
King Dedede KSS SK sprite.png
King Dedede
16 centiseconds A megaphone, which knocks him over Whacking Kirby flat with a hammer
Meta Knight KSS SK sprite.png
Meta Knight
11 centiseconds A sword, which cuts off his mask Cutting Kirby's face with a blade


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  2. "You can play with one button." —Kirby Super Star Ultra (in-game instructions)
  3. "Press any button immediately when you see "!"" —Kirby Super Star Ultra (in-game instructions)
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