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Alivel Mall (Staff Side)

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Alivel Mall (Staff Side)
KatFL Alivel Mall (Staff Side) select screenshot.png
Alivel Mall (Staff Side) in the Originull Wasteland hub.
Level Originull Wasteland
No. of Waddle Dees 11
Mouthful Mode(s) Cone Mouth
Ring Mouth
Vending Mouth
Water-Balloon Mouth
Mid-Boss(es) Wild Bonkers
Blueprint Wild Hammer
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Searching the Oasis Moonlight Canyon
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Alivel Mall (Staff Side) is the third stage of Originull Wasteland in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In this stage, Kirby explores another abandoned shopping mall buried in sand. As he makes his way through, he regularly visits the aforementioned "Staff Side" in order to find his way forward, and uses a wide variety of Mouthful Modes, fitting himself into holes in the wall to bust his way forward.

There are two Capsules from Vol. 1 and two from Vol. 2 to collect in this stage, and five missions to complete. There are a total of 11 Waddle Dees to rescue here, when including the mission objectives. The blueprint for Wild Hammer can be found in this stage.

Stage overview[edit]

Kirby making his way toward the partially-buried shopping mall in the wastes.

This stage consists of one long main area, with a short introductory area and a side area partway through the main area.

At the start of the stage, Kirby makes his way toward the partially-buried mall, climbing up the sand dune past a Blade Knight on guard to enter via a broken window.

The main portion of the stage consists largely of a long hallway through the mall that leads to the right. At regular intervals, Kirby needs to head through a door that will cause the camera to swivel, showing the eponymous "staff side" of the mall, where the stage music becomes muffled and Kirby needs to deal with ghostly enemies such as Phanta and Spookstep. There are a total of four of these "staff side" transitions to be made (the last of which is optional) as Kirby ventures through the mall. Along the way, Kirby can find many things which he can use for various Mouthful Modes. He will also pass by several conspicuous holes in the wall whose shape matches his various mouthful mode transformations. Taking the correct mode and aligning it with the shape will allow Kirby to fit into it, and then channel his energy into the wall to break it, discarding his mouthful transformation in the process. Doing this is required to reach certain hidden objectives, and two in particular involving Cone Mouth are necessary to make forward progress through the stage. Near the end of the stage, Kirby will eventually find a large open area where he needs to balance on a series of spinning platforms over a bottomless pit. He needs to obtain Cone Mouth and fit it into the wall in the back to escape the mall and find the gold cage.

Partway through the stage, Kirby can access a side room by finding a small entry point in the third "staff side" hallway, guarded by a Foley. In here, he needs to fight Wild Bonkers while also dodging moving Gordos. Once Wild Bonkers is defeated, Kirby can make use of the Hammer ability to pound in two nails in the room to open a gate, allowing him to retrieve the blueprint for Wild Hammer from the Treasure Chest inside.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

There do not appear to be any differences in the number of enemies between Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode in this stage.


Kirby finding himself in the hidden break room near the end of the stage.

Alivel Mall (Staff Side) has five missions to complete, as follows:

  • "Clear the stage" - Kirby must complete the stage.
  • "Save the hidden Waddle Dees" - Kirby must find and rescue the five hidden Waddle Dees in silver cages. Their locations are as follows:
    • Waddle Dee 1: This Waddle Dee can be found behind a wall which can be broken by using Ring Mouth to fit into the circular hole. The ring can be found just after the staff side hall where the hole is by breaking open a Bomb Block barrier.
    • Waddle Dee 2: This Waddle Dee can be found shortly after the first, behind a wall with a rectangular hole in it. To break open this wall, Kirby needs to head down the hall a bit until he finds a rope platform in the corner. Cutting the rope will take him down to a side room where he can acquire Vending Mouth. While in this form, Kirby can then use a warp pad to return to the main hall and backtrack to the hole, fit in, and break it open.
    • Waddle Dee 3: This Waddle Dee is rewarded to Kirby after he defeats Wild Bonkers in the side area.
    • Waddle Dee 4: This Waddle Dee can be found in a treasure chest partially buried in sand just after the third "staff side" hall. To free this Waddle Dee, Kirby needs to enter the fourth "staff side" room obscured by boxes up ahead and then pound the stake in the wall to knock the clock off the other side, causing it to shatter and turn into a hoop that Kirby can use for Ring Mouth. From here, he can windblast away the sand.
    • Waddle Dee 5: This Waddle Dee can be found in a break room underneath the floor with the large hole in it. To reach it, Kirby first needs to bring the Ring Mouth he used to save the previous Waddle Dee over to this area, and fit into the circular hole in the wall guarded by a Jabhog. This opens a room where a water pipe can be used for Water-Balloon Mouth. While in this mode, Kirby needs to head back and fit himself into the hole in the floor to break it open.
  • "Taste test 3 kinds of ice cream" - Kirby must find and eat three different ice cream cones throughout the stage. Their locations are as follows:
    • Ice cream 1: Can be found after the first "staff side" section, to the left of where Kirby re-enters the main hallway. It is on a table with two Cappies sitting at it.
    • Ice cream 2: Can be found in the last "staff side" area, hidden by a stack of boxes.
    • Ice cream 3: Can be found in a box near where the final cone in the stage is obtained.
  • "Defeat Wild Bonkers with the Cutter ability" - Kirby must use the Cutter ability or one of its variants to defeat Wild Bonkers.
  • "Fit through all holes using Mouthful Modes" - Kirby must locate and fill all the holes in the stage using various Mouthful Modes.

Enemies and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)


  • The time on the mall's clock is 4:27, a reference to the release date of Kirby's Dream Land in Japan. The same time reference can also be found in Northeast Frost Street.
  • The fallen sign outside lists two legible brands, one called "Mobile", and the other called "Head Bear", which has a logo resembling a hat.


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Alivel Mall (Staff Side).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うら・アライブルモール
Ura Araiburu Mōru
Backside Alivel Mall
Traditional Chinese 秘・阿萊布爾購物中心
Mì Āláibù'ěr Gòuwùzhòngxīn
Secret Alivel Mall
Simplified Chinese 秘・阿莱布尔购物中心
Mì Āláibù'ěr Gòuwùzhòngxīn
Dutch Winkelcentrum Alivel (personeelsruimte) Alivel Mall (staff area)
French Au centre Aviel par l'entrée du personnel To Alivel Mall by the staff entrance
German Ambelen-Center (Mitarbeiterbereich) Alivel Mall (Employee area)
Italian Centro commerciale Alivel (retro) Alivel Mall (back)
Korean 시크릿 얼라이블 몰
Sikeurit Eollaibeul Mol
Secret Alivel Mall
Spanish Centro Comercial Alivel (solo personal) Alivel Mall (staff only)