Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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Box art for Kirby: Triple Deluxe from various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Tadashi Kamitake
Release date(s) Japan January 11, 2014
South Korea April 17, 2014
NA May 2, 2014
Europe May 16, 2014
Australia May 16, 2014
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 7+.png - 7+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game size 4760 Blocks
Game chronology
Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Kirby Fighters Deluxe / Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe
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Kirby: Triple Deluxe is a game released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014 and serves as the tenth main series Kirby game (not including remakes). It is a 2.5-D platformer with a special mechanic that allows Kirby and other characters to change to and interact with different planes, thus adding limited three-dimensional interactivity to the gameplay. In addition, the game makes use of the 3DS's built-in motion controls for certain gameplay elements, including tilt bowls, 3D Tilt Missiles, and Tilt Gondolas. Finally, the game marks the debut (and only) appearance of the Hypernova ability, which drastically enhances the power and reach of Kirby's signature Inhale.

This title also heavily features King Dedede, giving him his own Sub-Game and Extra Mode, as well as involving him prominently in the main story.


The main Story Mode of Kirby: Triple Deluxe takes place in the sky-bound kingdom of Floralia. Kirby is brought up to this kingdom when a giant plant called the Dreamstalk lifts his house into the air. Castle Dedede is also lifted up, from which a strange arachnid mage named Taranza is seen kidnapping its king. Kirby gives chase after them through the six major islands of Floralia, dealing with many large enemies which Taranza summons or aggravates to slow Kirby down. As Kirby ascends, he collects Sun Stones to grow the Dreamstalk further, giving him a bridge to each island in turn. He also encounters a number of Miracle Fruits which grants him the powerful Hypernova ability when consumed. At the highest island - Royal Road - Kirby finds and frees a number of imprisoned flower sprites who are known as the People of the Sky.

Once Kirby finally catches up to Taranza at the palace atop Royal Road, the arachnid mage explains how it was his objective to capture the hero of Dream Land in order to stop him messing up his and his queen's plans for domination. He then uses his magic to take control of King Dedede and have him fight Kirby while wearing a familiar mask. Kirby defeats Dedede and breaks the spell, making it clear who the real hero of Dream Land actually is. At this realization, Taranza calls upon Queen Sectonia to save him, but the furious queen instead swats him away for his failures. From there, Kirby and the queen do battle.

Queen Sectonia is overpowered by Kirby, and forced to retreat, using her magic to merge with the Dreamstalk, thus beginning the process of strangling Floralia and the rest of planet Popstar of all its energy. King Dedede regains consciousness, and with the help of the freed People of the Sky, launches Kirby toward the main stalk of the now Flowered Sectonia. They fight until the sun comes up, but just as Kirby is about to seize victory, the queen ensnares him with a vine and begins to squeeze him. At this, King Dedede and Taranza (with a change of heart) come to Kirby's rescue, freeing him and giving him one more Miracle Fruit to use against the queen. Kirby finishes off Flowered Sectonia by inhaling her giant laser blast and spitting it back out at her, destroying her utterly. This done, Kirby is ferried back home by the People of the Sky, and the Dreamstalk is purified, going into full bloom and becoming a permanent fixture of Dream Land.


One of the core features of Kirby: Triple Deluxe is Kirby's brand-new Hypernova ability, which significantly powers up his inhale, allowing him to swallow just about anything.

This game plays very similarly to its predecessor, Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It even has several of the same items, such as the Key. It introduces a new move, the Dodge. This is activated by pressing left or right while using the Guard, or pressing L or R in midair to perform an Air Dodge. This move is not usually necessary in the Main Game and is only truly useful in Kirby Fighters. However, the main new gameplay element is the foreground and background.

In Kirby: Triple Deluxe Kirby is no longer limited to just one path. He is required to use special 3D Warp Stars to move from the foreground to the background, and vice versa. While in one plane the player can see items and enemies in the other. Sometimes Kirby even gains weapons that let him directly attack the enemies in the other plane, such as the 3D Laser Bar, and the 3D Helmet Cannon. The enemies can do the same, with some enemies such as Sir Kibble and Spynum able to launch their projectiles into the other plane. Enemies such as Waddle Dee and Chip can jump from one plane to the other to ambush Kirby. There are also many obstacles that attack Kirby from the background or foreground, such as boulders, mineral pillars, trees, and springy hands. There are also several cases where Kirby may get launched forward and hit the screen, sliding downward afterward. This doesn't necessarily cost Kirby a life (as long as he is not low on stamina), but it will always make him lose his Copy Ability if he had one.

The game contains many collectibles. A primary example is Keychains. There are 256 of these scattered throughout the levels. Each one depicts a pixelated sprite of an enemy, item, or character from previous Kirby games (except Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, as the game uses 3D models). The specific Keychain that is collected in stages is not revealed until after the Goal Game. The Keychain awarded is random, and it is possible to get the same Keychain on an image more than once. There are also Rare Golden Keychains. These are found in a fixed location, one in each level. They are not random. The other collectibles are the Sun Stones, which serve a similar function to the Energy Spheres from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There are a set amount of Sun Stones in each level and 100 available total. Most are hidden in secret rooms, some are in plain sight, others are hidden in chests. A certain amount of these is required to unlock the Boss Stage. If all of the Sun Stones in a level are collected, a bonus EX stage is unlocked. These stages are slightly longer but contain few Sun Stones, and end with a battle against a DX Mid-Boss. There are also Grand Sun Stones, that are obtained after defeating the boss of a level. These give access to the next level, and it is necessary to collect all five of them. If Kirby collects all 100 Sun Stones, he will be rewarded with a Rare Queen Sectonia Keychain.

This game makes moderate use of tilt-based motion controls, having the player tilt the Nintendo 3DS system to accomplish certain tasks. These may involve tilting a bowl of water, setting the direction for a Tilt Cannon to fire, or traveling over a pit in a Tilt Gondola, and are usually required to get a Keychain. There is also a Game Mode that allows the player to play as King Dedede. His controls are also mostly the same as in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, but now he can create a shockwave with his hammer at full health, akin to Sword, and launch a cutting beam from his hammer when charged, akin to Archer. Dedede Hammer Flip and Hammer Twirl retain the ability to light things on fire, while Giant Dedede Swing now has wind properties that can put out flames; this allows Dedede to tackle most elemental puzzles that Kirby would require different abilities for.


  • Story Mode: Play as Kirby in the main story.
  • Kirby Fighters: Fight using multiple Copy Abilities against other Kirbys on multiple stages. This is similar to Super Smash Bros., though it utilizes a more traditional health system for its combatants.
  • Dedede's Drum Dash: Play as King Dedede in a rhythm game in which the king bounces on drums.
  • The Arena: Play as Kirby and fight mid-bosses and bosses.
  • The True Arena: This is the harder version of "The Arena," with old bosses in DX forms as well as new bosses.
  • Dededetour!: Play through all six Story Mode levels as King Dedede in one long time attack run, defeating harder bosses in the process.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Kirby: Triple Deluxe features a total of 25 standard Copy Abilities, with four of them being brand new abilities. Like Kirby's Return to Dream Land, these abilities feature extensive move-sets and most offer high versatility.

Copy Abilities in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Ability Icon Provider(s) Description Notes
New Abilities
Archer TD Archer Icon.png Spynum Kirby gains a bow and a quiver of arrows, allowing him to fire at foes with high accuracy and perform other techniques.
Beetle TD Beetle Icon.png Beetley, Hornhead Kirby gains a beetle's horn and wings and can use the horn to charge at and grab opponents.
Bell TD Bell Icon.png Ringle Kirby gains two bells which he can ring to damage enemies with sound waves, and can also throw the bells at opponents. Can be used underwater.
Circus TD Circus Icon.png Clown Acrobot Kirby can perform a wide variety of circus-themed attacks, including popping balloons, juggling, and performing acrobatics.
Returning Abilities
Beam TD Beam Icon.png Waddle Doo Kirby can fire magical energy projectiles in the form of a beam whip and spherical beam blasts. Move-set has been reduced slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Bomb TD Bomb Icon.png Foley, Poppy Bros. Jr. Kirby can prep and toss bombs at his opponents.
Crash TD Crash Icon.png Searches Kirby can cause a massive explosion that defeats all enemies on the screen. Single-use ability.
Cutter TD Cutter Icon.png Sir Kibble Kirby can toss bladed boomerangs which return to him and can be steered slightly.
Fighter TD Fighter Icon.png Knuckle Joe Kirby can perform a wide variety of martial arts-based moves and can fire energy blasts from his hands.
Fire TD Fire Icon.png Flamer, Hot Head, Flame Galboros Kirby can breathe fire and combust into a fireball.
Hammer TD Hammer Icon.png Bonkers Kirby gains a powerful mallet that can pulverize foes and pound Stakes. Can be used underwater. Move-set has been reduced slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Ice TD Ice Icon.png Chilly, Mr. Frosty Kirby can freeze opponents with an icy breath and aura, then kick them away. He can also encase himself in ice for protection. Move-set has been reduced slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Leaf TD Leaf Icon.png Leafan Kirby can conjure up razor-sharp leaves to strike opponents and can hide in a pile of leaves for protection. Moves have been changed slightly.
Mike TD Mike Icon.png Walky Kirby can shout at foes to defeat them at range. Three-use ability.
Needle TD Needle Icon.png Tick Kirby spouts needles of various lengths from his body for protection. Move-set has been reduced slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Ninja TD Ninja Icon.png Moonja Kirby gains a wide arsenal of ninja-like weapons and techniques to battle opponents.
Parasol TD Parasol Icon.png Parasol Waddle Dee Kirby gains a parasol which can be used to attack, defend, or gently glide downward. Can be used underwater.
Sleep TD Sleep Icon.png Noddy Kirby falls asleep for a brief moment and cannot do anything unless attacked. Limited-duration ability.
Spark TD Spark Icon.png Sparky Kirby can conjure and fire powerful electric barriers and waves. Move-set has been reduced slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Spear TD Spear Icon.png Lanzer, Pierce Kirby gains a spear that can be tossed at enemies or can strike them through walls. Can be used underwater. Move-set has been reduced slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Stone TD Stone Icon.png Rocky, Blocky Kirby can transform into stone to slide down hills and also attack with a giant stone fist. Moves have been changed slightly.
Sword TD Sword Icon.png Blade Knight, Gigant Edge Kirby gains a sword and a large array of sword techniques to battle opponents. Can be used underwater. Move-set has been expanded slightly from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Wheel TD Wheel Icon.png Wheelie, Grand Wheelie Kirby can transform into a wheel and roll at high speed through enemies and hazards. Returns after being absent from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Hat and move-set have been adjusted from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Whip TD Whip Icon.png Whippy Kirby gains a whip that can be used to strike opponents and grab items from afar and through walls.
Wing TD Wing Icon.png Birdon Kirby gains a pair of wings and can attack by divebombing and firing feathers.


Hypernova Kirby.
Main article: Hypernova

Newly introduced in Kirby: Triple Deluxe is a special ability known as Hypernova. This ability is not obtained from any enemies and is instead acquired when Kirby touches a Miracle Fruit. Hypernova causes Kirby to shimmer in all colors of the rainbow and causes his mouth to glow white. He gains an extremely powerful inhale which can uproot and absorb things much more massive than Kirby himself. Kirby can use this ability to tear apart obstacles and move large objects, as well as inhale giant enemies. He can also move backward and forward while inhaling, but not when he has his mouth full. The Hypernova ability overrides any standard Copy Ability Kirby may have and will wear off once the stage is completed, returning Kirby's original ability to him. It cannot be discarded before this point unless the player quits the stage early.


Kirby: Triple Deluxe features a total of 42 stages in the Story Mode. All main levels include one boss stage and one Extra stage (except for Level 6, which has two Extra stages), which are included in the stage count.

Level Nr. Name Stages Boss(es)
Level 1 Fine Fields 6 Flowery Woods
Level 2 Lollipop Land 6 Paintra
Level 3 Old Odyssey 7 Kracko
Level 4 Wild World 7 Coily Rattler
Level 5 Endless Explosions 7 Pyribbit
Level 6 Royal Road 8 Masked Dedede (Story Mode only)
Queen Sectonia
Shadow Dedede (Dededetour! only)
Dark Meta Knight's Revenge (Dededetour! only)
Level 7 Eternal Dreamland 0 Flowered Sectonia (Story Mode only)





Kirby: Triple Deluxe features a large array of enemies, many of which directly carry over from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There are however a relatively small number of new enemies, with many of those being Hypernova-specific. The following tables list each standard enemy in Kirby: Triple Deluxe:

Neutral enemies in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Name Image New enemy? Description Notes
Antler KTD Blue Antler.png KTD Green Antler.png
KTD Red Antler.png KTD Lord Antler.png
Yes Four different varieties of ant-like soldiers who are summoned by Queen Sectonia in her various fights. Larger Antlers have higher Stamina and are harder to inhale. Some have a projectile attack. The Blue, Red, and Green Antlers have the abilities Ice, Fire, and Spark respectively. The Lord Antler wields no Copy Ability however.
Barbar KTD Barbar.png No A giant eel-like enemy who cannot be attacked and will try to eat Kirby. It can lunge in from the four cardinal directions, as well as from the background.
Blipper KTD Blipper.png No A round fish with goggles that will swim toward Kirby in water, or jump out of the water at him. Blipper can also do this from a different plane.
Bronto Burt KTD Bronto Burt.png
KTD Sectra Bronto Burt.png
No A brash pink flying foe who charges at Kirby or flies slowly in fixed patterns. It is capable of flying between planes. Has a normal and Sectonian variety.
Broom Hatter KTD Broom Hatter.png No A yellow lass with a witch's hat who sweeps her broom across the floor.
Burner Guardian KTD Burner Guardian.png Yes A giant golden snake statue which lies out of Kirby's reach and shoots fireballs at him on a regular basis. It will always aim toward Kirby's present position.
Cappy KTD Cappy.png No A mushroom-like foe whose cap can be inhaled separately.
Chip KTD Chip.png No A yellow limbless fuzzy creature with a fox's tail. It can make huge leaps, and will cheerfully jump between foreground and background. This is Chip's first 3D appearance.
Como KTD Como.png No A spider-like enemy which drops from a string when Kirby gets near. It may also be seen swinging around in a circle. It can be defeated by cutting its string.
Craby KTD Craby.png No An amphibious creature which scuttles along the ground and will send one of its arms out to snip at Kirby if he is above it.
Degout KTD Degout.png No A flying robotic nautilus-like creature with high durability which cannot be inhaled and moves slowly toward Kirby.
Dekabu KTD Dekabu.png No A larger version of Kabu with high durability and the ability to spit out Kabus from its mouth. This is Dekabu's first appearance in 3D. Its appearance has been adjusted to resemble a sandcastle.
Fuwa Rover KTD Fuwa Rover.png Yes Ghostly foes who can appear out of nowhere and float in toward Kirby. They may also be invisible, but will always show up in a mirror's reflection.
Ghost Book KTD Ghost Books.png Yes A possessed book which flaps like a bird and tries to collide with Kirby. Easily defeated using Hypernova.
Ghost Dish KTD Ghost Dishes.png Yes A possessed and cracked plate which floats in the air like a flying saucer and tries to collide with Kirby. Easily defeated using Hypernova.
Ghost Gordo KTD Ghost Gordo.png Yes Invisible cyclops Gordos which can only be seen through mirrors.
Gigatzo KTD Gigatzo.png No Plump invincible red cannons which fire huge red cannonballs at Kirby. The shots travel slowly, but cannot be destroyed, and can come in from the foreground or background. Gigatzo has been redesigned from its appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and made slightly smaller.
Glunk KTD Glunk.png No Amphibious anemone-like creatures which fire projectiles out the top of their heads, and can be seen sticking to walls and ceilings.
Gordo KTD Gordo.png
KTD Sectra Gordo.png
No Spiky ball-shaped creatures which hold position or move in set patterns and cannot be defeated. Has a normal and Sectonian variety.
Grandy KTD Grandy.png Yes A large woolly Waddle Dee who serves as the effective replacement for Big Waddle Dee.
Grizzo KTD Grizzo.png No A large striped yellow bear with a headband who can be seen sleeping or will charge at Kirby when he gets near. Grizzo has high durability. This is Grizzo's first 3D appearance.
Horror Tramp KTD Horror Tramp.png Yes A ghastly Waddle Dee-like foe who can appear out of nowhere and stalks Kirby with its arms raised. In mirror halls, it can be invisible, only perceivable from the mirror's reflection.
Hunter Scarfy KTD Hunter Scarfy.png
KTD Angry Hunter Scarfy.png
No Redder variants of Scarfy which are passive unless Kirby is carrying a Key. They are capable of flying between planes.
Kabu KTD Kabu.png No Brown stone idols that can move quickly while spinning around.
Key Dee KTD Key Dee.pngKTD Key Dee DX with skis.png No A golden Waddle Dee-like creature with a monkey's tail who is typically seen with a Key. Kirby usually has to chase it down before it runs into a Gate or into a bottomless pit.
Lumberjack Waddle Dee KTD Lumberjack Waddle Dee celebrating.png Yes A Waddle Dee with a hat and axe who chops down trees in the background which can fall on Kirby.
Mamatee KTD Mamatee.png Yes A large, blue, wide-finned relative to Blipper who acts much the same.
Mumbies KTD Mumbies.png No A floating red eyeball wrapped in bandages which slowly pursues Kirby and cannot be inhaled. It will freeze if Kirby looks at it.
Nidoo KTD Nidoo.png No An invincible green-eyed trickster which disguises itself as a doorway or a platform, revealing itself when Kirby attempts to interact with it. This is Nidoo's first 3D appearance. Reworked from its appearance in Kirby's Dream Land 3.
Pacflower KTD Pacflower.png Yes A floral variant of Pacto with slightly higher durability.
Pacto KTD Pacto.png No A floating yellow creature with a huge maw. It will try to swallow Kirby if he gets close and cannot be inhaled.
Scarfy KTD Scarfy.png
KTD Angry Scarfy.png
No A seemingly cute creature who turns into an exploding demon if Kirby tries to inhale it. Is capable of chasing Kirby between planes.
Shelt KTD Shelt.png No A small creature with a horned metal case that will try to charge at Kirby. If its shell is broken or inhaled, it will run away.
Shotzo KTD Shotzo.png No A small invulnerable cannon that fires continuous volleys in Kirby's direction. It is capable of aiming at him even from a different plane.
Soarar KTD Soarar.png No A yellow vaguely airplane-shaped enemy who flies in elegant patterns between foreground and background, and may home in on Kirby. This is Soarar's first 3D appearance.
Springy Hand KTD Springy Hands.png Yes An invulnerable hazard consisting of a large hand-shaped plate attached to a spring. It continuously springs out then reels back in, launching Kirby into the fourth wall if he is hit during the extension.
Squishy KTD Squishy.png No An amphibious squid-like enemy who swims in spurts in the water and can move about on land.
Swinging Waddle Dee KTD Dracula Waddle.png No A Waddle Dee who swings from a rope. If its rope is cut, it will fall to the ground and become a normal Waddle Dee.
Waddle Dee KTD Waddle Dee.png
KTD Sectra Dee.png
No Round fuzzy creatures who are not very threatening under normal circumstances. They can be found in a wide variety of situations and roles. Has a normal and Sectonian variety.

Ability-providing enemies[edit]

Copy Ability-providing enemies in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Name Image New enemy? Ability Description Notes
Beetley KTD Beetley.png Yes Beetle A wandering spherical entity with a beetle-like crest and wings. It will try to swipe with its horn when Kirby gets close.
Birdon KTD Birdon.png No Wing A flying magenta bird foe with an aviator's cap who can shoot feathers at Kirby. This is Birdon's first 3D appearance.
Blade Knight KTD Blade Knight.png No Sword A green swordsman who holds his ground or walks back and forth, and will swipe at Kirby if he gets close.
Chilly KTD Chilly.png No Ice A snowman with thick eyebrows, a golden bell around his neck, and a green fez. He moves slowly or stands in place and emanates a freezing aura around himself.
Clown Acrobot KTD Clown Acrobot 1.pngKTD Clown Acrobot 2.png Yes Circus A clown-like opponent with no legs who can be seen either spinning a hula-hoop or juggling pins. It moves very slowly left-to-right while doing this.
Flamer KTD Flamer.png No Fire A spinning pink disk that crawls along walls and emits flames from its spouts. It can fly between planes.
Foley KTD Foley.png No Bomb A bulbous yellow creature that flies around on a propeller and can travel between planes. When Kirby draws near, Foley detaches from its propeller and drops, exploding if it hits him or the ground.
Hot Head KTD Hot Head.png No Fire An orange foe with fire for hair and an octopus-like snout, out of which it can spew flames.
Knuckle Joe KTD Knuckle Joe.png No Fighter A compact kid armed with many martial arts-based moves.
Lanzer KTD Lanzer.png
KTD Sectra Lanzer.png
No Spear A purple-clad soldier who marches back and forth and can jab with its trident. Has a normal and Sectonian variety.
Leafan KTD Leafan.png No Leaf A small creature with a leaf crown which can float gently through the air and fire seeds from its head.
Moonja KTD Moonja.png No Ninja A purple-cloaked foe who has many stealthy techniques.
Noddy KTD Noddy.png No Sleep A small pink creature who wears a night cap and is usually asleep.
Parasol Waddle Dee KTD Parasol Waddle Dee.png
KTD Parasol Sectra Dee.png
No Parasol A Waddle Dee who wields a parasol. Can be seen gliding down from the air, including from the background. If attacked and not defeated, it will drop its parasol and become a normal Waddle Dee. Has a normal and Sectonian variety.
Parasol Waddle Doo KTD Parasol Waddle Doo.png No Parasol or Beam A Waddle Doo who wields a parasol. Acts much like a Parasol Waddle Dee, but will behave like a Waddle Doo if it loses its parasol.
Pierce KTD Pierce.png No Spear A flying bumblebee soldier who wields a spear. Can chase Kirby between planes.
Poppy Bros. Jr. KTD Poppy Bros Jr.png No Bomb A trickster in a blue clown suit who tosses bombs at Kirby. He can toss them between planes as well.
Ringle KTD Ringle.png Yes Bell A small creature who resides inside a bell. It can be seen walking along the ground or floating in the air, and will ring about in the latter case.
Rocky KTD Rocky.png No Stone A tough stone-shaped creature with feet and a headband which can drop quickly in the air or slide down slopes.
Searches KTD Searches.png No Crash A circular floating bomb enemy who attempts to explode if Kirby gets too close.
Sir Kibble KTD Sir Kibble.png No Cutter A yellow suit of armor who throws a cutter boomerang at Kirby. He can throw it from a different plane as well.
Sparky KTD Sparky.png No Spark A green blob with round hands that can hop around and generate a static field around itself.
Spynum KTD Spynum.png
KTD Sectra Spynum.png
Yes Archer A shrouded figure wearing a thick coat and feathered cap which holds position and fires arrows at Kirby. It can also do so from a different plane. Has a normal and Sectonian variety.
Swinging Waddle Doo KTD Swinging Waddle Doo.png No Beam A Waddle Doo who swings from a rope. If its rope is cut, it will fall to the ground and become a normal Waddle Doo.
Tick KTD Tick.pngKTD Tick primed.png No Needle A white blob with a deceptive face who shoots a huge tip out the top of its head when provoked.
Waddle Doo KTD Waddle Doo.png No Beam A red creature with a single large eye for a face who can fire a beam whip. Often found in the same situations as Waddle Dees.
Walky KTD Walky.png No Mike An anthropomorphized microphone who walks around and occasionally sings a harmful song.
Wheelie KTD Wheelie.png No Wheel A cyclops wheel creature that can ride back and forth at high speed. This is Wheelie's first 3D appearance in a main series game.
Whippy KTD Whippy.png No Whip A ball-shaped cat-like creature with a long tail, which it uses to whip at Kirby.

Enemies fought using Hypernova[edit]

Hypernova-specific enemies in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Name Image Description Notes
Ace Fuwa Rover KTD Ace Fuwa Rover.png A large bearded ghost with a wizard's hat, who can be found hiding inside suits of armor in the background. Kirby can expose them by dodging the armor's attack, then initiating his inhale.
Big Missile KTD Big Missile.png A large metallic missile that slightly resembles a shark and flies slowly forward. Kirby can inhale it and spit it back using Hypernova. If it collides with another missile or its launcher, point stars and food will drop.
Cannon tower KTD Cannon Tower.png A large rotating cannon that fires a missile whenever it is pointed in Kirby's direction. On the other side is a glowing light which if hit by the retaliated missile, will destroy the cannon. Can be found individually or stacked on top of each other, and may also shoot out a long spiked bar instead of a missile.
Land Barbar KTD Land Barbar.png A very long red eel similar to Barbar who inhabits pipes out on dry land. After an attempted bite, its star-tipped tongue sticks out briefly, giving Kirby the opportunity to use his Hypernova to swallow the giant eel in its entirety.
Lollipop Tank KTD Lollipop Tank.png
KTD Sectra Tank.png
A large tank piloted by one or more Waddle Dees which rolls along the background and fires continuous volleys at Kirby. It is capable of breaking heavy stone and metal blocks which it drives into, though it is impeded by other obstacles. Its volleys are also capable of breaking such blocks. It can be dropped into the bottomless pit to defeat it, or can be inhaled using Hypernova. Has a normal and Sectonian variant.
Pipe Worm KTD Pipe Worm.png A large spiky worm that resides inside of hollowed logs. It will attempt to bite at Kirby if he gets close but regularly switches its orientation. If Kirby uses Hypernova against the tail side, he can inhale the worm to defeat it.
Waddle Dee Train KTD Waddle Dee Train.png A large train that follows a track in from the background, crossing at regular intervals. If it hits Kirby, he will be flung into the fourth wall. Kirby can inhale the train with Hypernova, eating it piece-by-piece.


Note: More powerful Deluxe forms of these mid-bosses, which have "DX" appended to the ends of their names, appear at various points throughout Story Mode; in Dededetour!, all mid-bosses are battled in their DX forms.

Mid-Bosses in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
KTD Blocky.pngKTD Blocky DX.png
Stone Blocky's debut 3D appearance. He attacks by slamming the ground, and rolling about in various patterns.
KTD Bonkers.pngKTD Bonkers DX.png
Hammer Bonkers returns, bearing much the same strategy as before, though he now has the ability to do a flying hammer spin from the background.
Flame Galboros
KTD Flame Galboros.pngKTD Flame Galboros DX.png
Fire A large Galbo-like enemy that attacks with big spouting flames and body attacks.
Gigant Edge
KTD Gigant Edge.pngKTD Gigant Edge DX.png
Sword A large armored swordsman who carries a shield and charges with his blade. His attacks are slow but dangerous.
Grand Wheelie
KTD Grand Wheelie.pngKTD Grand Wheelie DX.png
Wheel A large eyeballed wheel with an attached engine on top. It attacks by driving about the stage and performing wheelies.
KTD Hornhead.pngKTD Hornhead DX.png
Beetle An armored beetle-type enemy that attacks by charging with its horn, which it can grab Kirby with if it connects.
Mr. Frosty
KTD Mr Frosty.pngKTD Mr Frosty DX.png
Ice His debut 3D appearance, Mr. Frosty attacks by kicking ice blocks, and doing freeze breath twirls. He also occasionally charges forward.

Hypernova-specific Mid-Bosses[edit]

These mid-bosses are only encountered during Hypernova sections, and can only be defeated using the said ability. They do not appear during Dededetour! and do not have DX forms.

Hypernova-specific Mid-Bosses in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Name Appearance Description
Gigant Chicks
KTD Gigant Chick 1.png
Three large round birds who can fire Air Bullets and fly in circles. They can only be defeated using a Mandola Root.
King Fuwa Rover
KTD King Fuwa Rover.png
A bearded ghost with a wizard's hat and crown inset who is battled in Wild World - Stage 3. He possesses various objects in a cluttered room and Kirby must inhale each one at the right moment. More minor versions of this mid-boss are encountered earlier in the stage who do not have a crown.
Mowlee Bros.
Mowlee Bro 2 KTD.png
Four giant mole brothers who attack by throwing clods of dirt at Kirby while popping in and out of the ground. Kirby can return these dirt clods using Hypernova to defeat them.
Waddle Dee Steel Fortress
KTD Waddle Dee Steel Fortress.png
A huge cannon tower that houses three Waddle Dees. Kirby has to use the missiles it fires to take out each of its support beams.
Winged Eggers
KTD Winged Eggers 1.png
Four plump dragons who carry large shields. Kirby has to retaliate with their projectiles and hit them while their guard is down.


Note: In Dededetour! and The True Arena, all bosses are fought in their more powerful Deluxe (DX) forms (except for those that only appear in Story Mode).

Bosses in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Boss Main Form HP Defense Modifier DX Form HP Defense Modifier
Flowery Woods Flowery Woods arena icon.jpg 440 (Fine Fields)
330 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 Flowery Woods DX arena icon.jpg 620 (Fine Fields)
465 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Paintra Paintra arena icon.jpg 460 (Lollipop Land)
345 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 Paintra DX arena icon.jpg 640 (Lollipop Land)
480 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Kracko Kracko arena icon TD.jpg 520 (Old Odyssey)
390 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 (body)
×0.7 (2nd phase spikes)
Kracko DX arena icon.jpg 700 (Old Odyssey)
525 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
×0.75 (body)
×0.7 (2nd phase spikes)
Coily Rattler Coily Rattler arena icon.jpg 520 (Wild World)
390 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 Coily Rattler DX arena icon.jpg 680 (Wild World)
510 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Pyribbit Pyribbit arena icon.jpg 600 (Endless Explosions)
450 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.9 Pyribbit DX arena icon.jpg 760 (Endless Explosions)
570 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Masked Dedede Masked Dedede's Revenge arena icon.jpg 620 (Story Mode)
465 (The Arena)
×0.75 No No No
Queen Sectonia Queen Sectonia arena icon.jpg 640 (Story Mode)
480 (The Arena)
×0.9 Queen Sectonia DX arena icon.jpg 790 (Dededetour!)
592 (The True Arena)
Flowered Sectonia Flowered Queen Sectonia arena icon.jpg 700 (Story Mode)
525 (The Arena)
×0.9 No No No
Shadow Dedede No No No Shadow Dedede arena icon.jpg 800 (Dededetour!)
600 (The True Arena)
Dark Meta Knight's Revenge No No No Dark Meta Knight's Revenge arena icon.jpg 820 (Dededetour!)
570 (The True Arena)
Soul of Sectonia No No No Soul of Sectonia arena icon.jpg 999 (1st)
450 (2nd)
×0.9 (1st flowers)
×1 (1st vines)
×1 (2nd)


The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby: Triple Deluxe:

Staff of Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Position Developer(s)
Director Shinya Kumazaki
Lead Level Design Yuki Endo
Assistant Director Tatsuya Kamiyama
Nobuyuki Okada
Programming Director Hiroaki Nakano
Lead Programming Yoshihiro Nagata
Lead Action Programming Katsuyoshi Sumitomo
Programming Sho Tajima
Tomohiro Kamochi
Takashi Nozue
Shinichi Kawaji
Yuki Nishimura
Masashi Sato
Yutaka Watanabe
Shinya Watanabe
Hiroshi Ohnishi
Keita Tanifuji
Design Director Tadashi Kamitake
Lead Character Design Kenichiro Kita
Monami Matsuura
Tsuyoshi Fujita
Design Akiko Hayashi
Riki Furhmann
Ryusei Matsuo
Tetsuya Mochiduki
Akiko Hayashi
Kenichi Sakuma
Hitomu Ito
Yasuhiro Mukae
Tsuyoshi Wakayama
Hitoshi Kikkawa
Motif Design Tadashi Hashikura
Daisuke Morishita
Yusuke Ota
Tomomi Minami
UI Design Yukari Kemmochi
Yumi Todo
Shigeyuki Kawata
Yuki Honda
Movie Kunio Watanabe
Modeling Minoru Yoshikoshi
Emi Imamura
Kumi Habuta
Design Adviser Ashura Benimaru Itoh
Sound Hirokazu Ando
Jun Ishikawa
Voice Makiko Ohmoto (Kirby and Queen Sectonia)
Team Support Satoshi Mitsuhara
Yoshimi Takahashi
Seiji Otoguro
Koji Akaike
Public Relations Satoshi Ishida
Tomohiro Minemura
Artwork Masayo Nakagami
Rieko Kawahara
Yumiko Sano
Yuki Yada
Yasuko Sugiyama
Sachiko Nakamichi
Manual Editing Kiyomi Itani
Yasuo Inoue
Localization Management Kimiko Nakamichi
Localization Coordination Xu Xizhou
Ilho Kim
NOK Localization Management Hyokjin Jung
NOK Localization Dongyeon Kim
Yoonmi Cho
NOK Artwork Kwania Lim
Siyoung An
Testing Masaru Kobayashi
Akimitsu Ushikoshi
Dai Suzuki
Yuta Yamashita
Daisuke Fujita
Syunta Sano
HAL Debug Team
Mario Club
NOK Testing Junbong Lee
Eodo Lee
NOK Quality Control Sect.
Technical Support Tomokazu Tsuruoka
Takayuki Sugano
Ryoichiro Atono
Takuya Abe
Munemasa Kimura
Yuta Ogawa
Shingo Okamoto
NOA Localization Management Leslie Swan
Nate Bihldorff
Tim O'Leary
Scot Ritchey
Dan Owsen
NOA Localization Eric Smith
Ryan N. Kelley
Alexandre Higashi
César Pérez
Hélène Bisson-Pelland
Galia Rodríguez Hornedo
Thaddée Wiseur
Kento Oiwa
NOA Product Testing Masayasu Nakata
Randy Shoemake
Seth Hanser
Sean Egan
Jim Holdeman
Julian Emery
Kathy Huguenard
Shannon Jaye Roberts
Sara Hoad
Stéphane Arlot
Ludovic Tientcheu
Tomoko Henley
PTD Techs
Localisation Producer Christian Massi
Flavia Madonia
Localisation Quality Specialist Aatish Pattni
Sabrina Bretant
Laura Innocenti
Martina Deimel
José Manuel Malagón
European Translation CULTURETRANSLATE
Special Thanks Shigefumi Kawase
Masanobu Yamamoto
Kazuya Konishi
Junichi Aoyagi
Takaaki Kazuno
Yousuke Fukunaga
Shigenobu Kasai
Yoshiya Taniguchi
Koujiro Oki
Masa Matsubayashi
Souta Sugisaki
Shun Yasaka
Kazuya Suetsugu
Shinya Wakayama
Etsuko Sato
Hiroshi Fujie
Tetsuya Notoya
Kensuke Tanabe
Kazuhiro Yoshikawa
Managing Director Yurie Hattori
Kenta Nakanishi
Project Management Tetsuya Abe
Producer Hiroaki Suga
Hitoshi Yamagami
General Producer Masayoshi Tanimura
Shinya Takahashi
Executive Producer Satoru Iwata
HAL Laboratory, Inc.

HAL Laboratory, Inc. and Nintendo are the authors of this software for the purpose of copyright. All rights reserved.
©2014 HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo


  • The title of Triple Deluxe has multiple meanings. It can be compressed to "3D", which emphasizes the 3D elements of the game, but it could also be read as "DDD", which can help to explain King Dedede's prominence in the game. It also references the Japanese title of Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Deluxe.
    • Unused ideas for the game's title include one that would reference the game's theme of an adventure through floating islands, and one that would use the letter "X", 10 in roman numbers, since this game is the tenth traditional Kirby platformer.[1].
  • If the first letter of each level is put together, it spells out FLOWERED (Fine Field, Lollipop Land, Old Odyssey, Wild World, Endless Explosions, Royal Road, Eternal Dreamland). This is a reference to the final boss, Queen Sectonia, who becomes Flowered Sectonia after merging herself with the Dreamstalk (effectively becoming "FLOWERED"). This is also the name of the ending cutscene in the Theater. Similar easter eggs are found in Kirby's Adventure, Kirby: Canvas Curse, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Planet Robobot and Kirby Star Allies.
  • This game was first to have interactable onscreen HUD display: when Hypernova Kirby inhales a boss, its health gauge "peels" off before being inhaled when emptied; breaking the fourth wall.
  • The Puzzle Swap mode in Streetpass Mii Plaza, a game packaged digitally with a system in the 3DS family, contains a puzzle based on Kirby: Triple Deluxe, which, once completed, shows a 3D animation of Kirby running through a medley of level themes from the said game (while switching between foreground and background) until he comes across a Miracle Fruit. He jumps into it, and the animation loops. By moving the camera around, hidden Keychains can be found, like a Bandana Waddle Dee or Meta Knight keychain.[2]
  • The Latin script logo for this game features the Kirby series logo in yellow with a blue outline, with the yellow part referencing the Hypernova ability, and said colors were used for Latin script logos of later mainline Kirby games. These two colors are the same used for the Japanese logos of the mainline games since Kirby Super Star (with the exception of Kirby: Squeak Squad; Kirby & The Amazing Mirror uses the same colors, but fittingly reversed).


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ トリプルデラックス
Hoshi no Kābī Toripuru Derakkusu
Kirby of the Stars Triple Deluxe
French Kirby: Triple Deluxe Kirby: Triple Deluxe
German Kirby: Triple Deluxe Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Italian Kirby: Triple Deluxe Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Korean 별의 커비 트리플 디럭스
Byeorui Keobi Teuripeul Direokseu
Kirby of the Stars Triple Deluxe
Spanish Kirby: Triple Deluxe Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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