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Wiki affiliates

WiKirby Affiliates  
Site Description
The main site for NIWA, where news and information on affiliate wikis is shared.
A wiki devoted to the Nintendo Switch game ARMS!
A community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia that covers all elements of the Pokémon franchise, including the games, anime, other merchandise and the fandom!
The comprehensive resource wiki about Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's action RPG for mobile devices!
An extensive encyclopedia on the Drawn to Life series!
The star wiki on all the Fire Emblem games, including the Japanese only games!
The definitive guide to F-Zero, the world of 2200km/h+!
The comprehensive database for Nintendo's Golden Sun series!
The fundamental resource for Tetris knowledge.
A repository of information on Kid Icarus!
A comprehensive guide to all things Splatoon!
An extensive and brimming guide to the Kingdom Hearts franchise!
The go-to encyclopedia about the wonderous world of the Magical Vacation series!
The venerable wiki for all your Star Fox information!
A deep dive into the finer details of the Metroid universe!
A wiki all about Miis and the games they're featured in!
A wiki covering all Mystery Dungeon games.
The Nintendo wiki spanning everything from games and employees to events and company relations!
The number one Animal Crossing resource!
The heartiest wiki out there covering the Pikmin franchise!
The Pikmin series "fanon" wiki allowing fans to express their own ideas!
The complete and united repository of information on the Super Smash Bros. franchise!
A spunky little wiki covering the Starfy universe!
The wiki to go to when tasks seem unconquerable, containing guides on games from any and all systems!
The ultimate encyclopedia on all things Mario! So successful, it's been copied by "real" encyclopedias!
BLJ on over for in-depth Super Mario 64 knowledge!
The online encyclopedia for all of the Wars games!
The charming EarthBound / Mother wiki!
The young and ambitious wiki covering the monolithic Xeno franchise of games!
The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia whose fame has transcended the internet for referrals in even printed media!
Interlanguage NIWA
The German knowledge-base for everything about Mario!
The Italian Pokémon encyclopedia!
The Italian knowledge-base for everything about Mario!
The Italian EarthBound/Mother wiki!
The Italian wiki all about Xenoblade Chronicles!
The German Legend of Zelda encyclopedia!
Other wikis
One of the biggest Digimon wikis on the net!
A competitive-focused compendium for lesser-known fighting games!
An encyclopedia about the Japanese company Sanrio and all of their franchises, including Hello Kitty!
A place where users can let their own ideas for popular franchises run wild!
The "Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance": home to wikis that cover franchises by the famous game developer!
Other sites
WiKirby's affiliate in analysis, interpretation, documentation, and discussion of known beta content respective to the entire Nintendo series!
Your source for Kirby news, fan works and more!
A Nintendo Switch-based matchmaking site. Check them out to play against other people who also have Switch games!
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