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WiKirby likes having friends! If your site wants to offer its members a link to us, feel free to add in your banner here; you should also let an active staff member know about the affiliation so we can update our sidebar accordingly. We intend to offer as much as possible to our viewer base, all while promoting this site as well.

Banners posted here will be the typical 88 x 31 size to keep consistent with the most commonly used size. WiKirby will also use an 88 x 31 pixel banner on the Affiliated sites.

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Wiki Affiliates


NIWA members below are arranged alphabetically:

  • BPBanner.png-Bulbapedia, a community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia that covers all elements of the Pokémon franchise, including the games, anime, other merchandise and the fandom!
  • DKWikiBanner.png-Donkey Kong Wiki, the ever growing wiki on all things Donkey Kong!
  • Dragon Quest Wiki, the place to go for Dragon Quest information.
  • FEW-banner.png-Fire Emblem Wiki, the star wiki on all the Fire Emblem games, including the Japanese only games!
  • FZW Banner.png F-Zero Wiki, your number-one guide to F-Zero, the world of 2200km/h+!
  • Affiliate129x55.png-Golden Sun Universe, the comprehensive database for Nintendo's Golden Sun series!
  • BannerIcaruspedia.png-Icaruspedia, a treasure chamber of information on Kid Icarus!
  • LW Banner.png-Lylat Wiki, the up and coming wiki for all your Star Fox information!
  • MeWBanner.png-Metroid Wiki, your online source for Metroid information!
  • N Wiki, the Nintendo wiki spanning everything from games and employees to events and company relations.
  • Nookipedia, the number one Animal Crossing resource.
  • PWBanner.png-Pikipedia, the Pikmin encyclopedia that moved from Wikia, with a thriving community and good user base.
  • PFBanner.png-Pikmin Fanon, the Pikmin Fanon wiki that anyone can edit.
  • SmashWiki-WiKirby Banner.png-SmashWiki, the complete repository of information on the Super Smash Bros. franchise.
  • StarfyWiki Banner.png- Starfy Wiki, the number one Starfy resource!
  • StrategyWikilogo.png-StrategyWiki, the wiki to go to when tasks seem unconquerable!
  • SMWBanner.png-Super Mario Wiki, a collaborative knowledge-base for everything about Mario. Facts, games, characters—you name it!
  • Warswiki.png-Wars Wiki, the online encyclopedia for all of the Wars games!
  • WB Banner short.png- WikiBound, the EarthBound/Mother wiki!
  • ZWaffiliate-button.png-Zelda Wiki, The Zelda encyclopedia whose fame has transcended the internet for referrals in even printed media!

Other Wikis

  • Wikimon link button.gif- Wikimon, one of the biggest Digimon Wikis on the net.

Other Affiliates

These can be sites or forums; series specific related ones will get their own section after at least 5 (five) are up.

  • Unseen64.png Unseen64- WiKirby's affiliate in analysis, interpretation, documentation, and discussion of known beta content respective to the entire Nintendo series.
  • KIRBYINFORMER.png Kirby Informer - Your source for Kirby news, fan works and more!

Special Cases

These sites are held to strict legal terms and any link exchanges among them are not meant to be considered an endorsement or affiliation. Additional terms and conditions may apply to WiKirby. Only WiKirby staff is allowed to add these; and only after approving of any conditions to this site.

  • Prima.png- Prima Games- Nintendo's official Strategy Guide publisher. Prima offer official game strategy in print, digital, video, online, and handheld applications.