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Point of Arrival

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Point of Arrival
KatFL Point of Arrival screenshot 01.png
Screenshot from the beginning of Point of Arrival
Level N/A
No. of Waddle Dees 0
Mouthful Mode(s) Car Mouth
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
First stage Downtown Grassland
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Point of Arrival is the first stage of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, taking place right after a new game is selected, and before the first level: Natural Plains. As such, Point of Arrival does not belong to any particular level. In this stage, Kirby washes ashore in the new world and makes his way through the first parts of the abandoned city, making use of the Car Mouth transformation for the first time. From there, he sees Waddle Dees being kidnapped by the Beast Pack and makes his way to the ruins of Waddle Dee Town, where he rescues Elfilin from some Awoofies. After freeing him, Elfilin tells Kirby about the situation with the kidnapped Waddle Dees, and Kirby agrees to help. They hop on a Warp Star and head to the Natural Plains.

There are no capsules to collect and no missions to complete in this stage.

Stage overview[edit]

Kirby discovering a new world full of overgrown ruins.

After the intro cutscene for the game, wherein Kirby is sucked through a dimensional rift from his home in Dream Land, the pink puffball is deposited on the shore of a beach by himself. After collecting himself, he takes notice of the strange new world he has found himself in. From there, control is given to the player.

Point of Arrival takes place in three distinct areas. The first has Kirby walking through a dense coastal forest where prompts are given to the player for how to control Kirby and interact with the environment. In this area, the chirping birds can be heard singing the first measure of the stage's main theme. An Awoofy is also present in the woods. Kirby soon emerges to find a vast overgrown cityscape as the proper stage music begins. From here, he is directed to a path where he can inhale a Blade Knight to get the Sword ability, and use that to clear the path of other foes, foliage, and obstacles (a blue Star Coin can also be found by taking the Sword ability back to the forest area just before the cityscape and cutting the foliage to the right of the path forward near the tree on the right). Next, Kirby comes upon a building where he needs to hover and use a ladder to climb up, and can nab an Energy Drink along the way. On top of the building, Kirby can obtain the Bomb ability from a Poppy Bros. Jr. and then bomb the foes on the elevated walkways. Crossing a long bridge down to a platform further back leads Kirby to a building which originally belonged to "Holine Auto Custom", with a sign above that reads "brand new!".

Kirby taking on Car Mouth for the first time.

Upon entering the building, a cutscene plays where Kirby looks around the shop only to be ambushed by three Awoofies from behind an old car. Kirby inhales these foes, but in the process, also inhales the car. Kirby tries to swallow the car with difficulty, but instead he gets his mouth wrapped around the top of it, thus achieving his first Mouthful Mode.

The second area has Kirby moving forward using the Car Mouth transformation. After driving through the shop, he can crash through a wall to get out in a flashy cutscene. From there, he drives along a winding road and flattens any enemies that get in the way. Along this path, he can topple a wooden barricade to form a bridge and get a pile of Star Coins. The path continues along a long bridge, which needs to be toppled over to progress to the next area. With this done, a cutscene of Kirby driving along the roads of the new world plays with musical accompaniment as the title for the game is shown. From here, the scene continues as Car Mouth Kirby sees Waddle Dees in cages being carried by dark-feathered crow-like creatures. After seeing a bunch of Waddle Dees being hauled off in the distance, Kirby makes his way to a small cliff, forcing him to abandon his car.

The version of this stage in the game's demo does not include the "Welcome to the New World!" cutscene. Instead, the bridge that normally needs to be knocked down is already down, and passing through leads directly to "The Waddle Dees Are Here Too?!" cutscene.

Kirby rescuing Elfilin from his cage.

The third and final area has Kirby walking along a grassy path until he comes across the smoking ruins of a village. Here, he sees more Waddle Dees getting kidnapped, and then spots a blue flying rodent-like creature getting cornered by some Awoofies and captured as well. Kirby steps in to rescue this creature, engaging in an enemy ambush against several Awoofies. After the last one is defeated, Kirby frees the creature, and the two have a victory dance.

Kirby convenes with the creature he saved, who reveals himself as Elfilin. Elfilin explains to Kirby that all the Waddle Dees have been kidnapped, and Kirby agrees to help get them back. Bandana Waddle Dee arrives shortly afterward and notifies Kirby that he can join if needed. Both Kirby and Elfilin then hop on a Warp Star and fly into the sky, completing the stage.

This stage can be replayed using a Warp Star that appears in Waddle Dee Town, where it is referred to as Arrival Point. When replaying the stage, there are no cutscenes that play, and the stage automatically ends after the Car Mouth section, returning Kirby to Waddle Dee Town. As such, the first ambush scene where Kirby frees Elfilin can only be played once per save file. As multiplayer in the full game is not unlocked until after completing this stage, the ambush scene can only be played in multiplayer in the demo version of the game.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

In Wild Mode, two more Cappies, another Kabu, and another Bronto Burt are added to the first area prior to getting Car Mouth. The Car Mouth section has two additional Cappies and an additional Kabu. The rest is the same as in Spring-Breeze Mode.

Enemies and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

  • None

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)





Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Point of Arrival.
100% walkthrough of Point of Arrival (demo version).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はじまりの
Hajimari no Chi
Starting Place
Chinese 初始之地
Chūshǐ Zhī Dì
Starting Place
Dutch Aankomstpunt Arrival point
French Point d'arrivé Point of Arrival
German Ort der Ankunft Place of Arrival
Italian Punto di arrivo Point of arrival
Korean 최초의 땅
Choechoui Ttang
Starting Place
Spanish Punto de Llegada Point of Arrival