Attack Riders

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Attack Riders
Attack Riders Icon.png
Icon for Attack Riders
Type(s) Battle - Token Theft
Levels 2
Players 4
Appears in Kirby Battle Royale
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Attack Riders is one of the ten Battle types in Kirby Battle Royale. It pits contestants against each-other in a looping circular arena where the goal is to obtain the most tokens, stealing them from opponents by attacking them, or ramming them with a vehicle.

Rules and gameplay[edit]

Contestants are placed in a circular arena, locked to looping around it in two dimensions. The game can be played either in teams or in free-for-all. Each contestant starts with 100 tokens, and has to gain more by stealing them from rivals. This can be done by attacking them, either with Copy Abilities, or with a vehicle that appears every now and then on the stage. This vehicle will either be a Blaze Wheelie or an Electro Shock Tank, which attack in different manners. Attacking using the vehicles will deal greater damage and drop more chips from the enemies, but a single hit will cause the rider to fall off.

Like most other battle modes, contestants have stamina, and losing all of it will cause them to be KO'd and temporarily removed from the arena.


There are two stages available for Attack Riders. They are as follows:

Attack Biker[edit]

The stage contains two platform decks which hang over the floor that can be dropped through. Every so often, a Blaze Wheelie is dropped into the arena.

The Blaze Wheelie can be used to ram opponents at very high speed using a special attack.

Attack Tanker[edit]

The stage has no auxiliary platforms, and consists only of a circular floor. Every so often, an Electro Shock Tank is dropped into the arena.

The Electro Shock Tank is somewhat slow, but it fires powerful rounds of energy that can be charged for greater effect.

Battle Bonuses[edit]

The following Battle Bonuses can be awarded in Single Player or local Multiplayer Battle Mode:

  • Nimble Runner - Got hit the least by vehicle attacks!
  • Survival Rider - Rode vehicles for the longest time!
  • Ride Sideswiper - Knocked rivals out of vehicles the most!
  • Ruthless Rider - Struck others with vehicle attacks the most!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アタックライダーズ
Atakku Raidāzu
Attack Riders

Attack Riders Animated.gif
Small sequence from an Attack Riders round.