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Fleur Tornado

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Fleur Tornado
KatFL Fleur Tornado Kirby artwork.png
Artwork of Fleur Tornado Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Based on Tornado
Blueprint location The Wondaria Dream Parade
Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×500 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×2
Starting Power-up Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×1000 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×2
No. Power-ups 3
Power(s) Grow a larger vortex for greater range
Starting Power 3
Rapid-Fire 1.5
Similar to Storm Tornado
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Grace, elegance, beauty...and brutal attacks. Pull your enemies into a flurry of feathers and turn battles into sophisticated ballets. Ow! Hurts almost as much as pointe shoes...
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Fleur Tornado is an Evolved Copy Ability based on Tornado that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. With it, Kirby can travel longer and grow his vortex over time with this ability. The design for the hat is based on the Mid-Boss Fleurina.

The blueprint for Fleur Tornado can be found in the stage The Wondaria Dream Parade, and can be accessed by using Water-Balloon Mouth to launch a Runaway Parade Car into a fragile wall behind a damaged shutter. Fleur Tornado is required to play the Treasure Road stage Swirl and Twirl! Turn the Windmills.


All names are conjectural.

Fleur Tornado moveset 
Move Button execution Description
Fleur Tornado Attack B or press and hold B Kirby spins around and creates a vortex, allowing him to move more quickly and float in the air. Enemies and objects caught along the way are carried through the vortex until the move ends.
Fleur Hyper Tornado B during Fleur Tornado Attack or hold B (to execute Fleur Tornado Attack) and release or rotate the Left Stick during Fleur Tornado Attack Kirby strikes a pose and ends his vortex, which causes a whirlwind that blows away any enemies hit by it. This also flings away any enemies or objects caught in the vortex previously.
Pirouette Rotate the L-Stick in a circle Kirby will start pirouetting. He can then move and jump. This move does not damage enemies.
Pose Return the L-Stick to a neutral position after Pirouette Kirby strikes a pose, creating a small gust of wind which can damage enemies, similar to Fleur Hyper Tornado.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スワロトルネイド
Suwaro Torunado
Swalo Tornado
Traditional Chinese 天鵝龍捲風
Tiān'é Lóngjuǎnfēng
Swan Tornado
Simplified Chinese 天鹅龙卷风
Tiān'é Lóngjuǎnfēng
French Tornade Plumerine Fleurina Tornado
German Feder-Tornado Feather-Tornado
Korean 스완 토네이도
Seuwan Toneido
Swan Tornado
Spanish Tornado cisne Swan Tornado