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Heroes in Another Dimension - Final Dimension

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Final Dimension
Mage Sisters Fight.jpg
Kirby and friends battle the three enraged Mage-Sisters in the Final Dimension.
Level Heroes in Another Dimension
Boss(es) Corrupt Hyness
The Three Mage-Sisters
Stage order
Dimension IV Last stage
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Final Dimension is the fifth and final level of Heroes in Another Dimension from Kirby Star Allies.


Final Dimension is unlocked by clearing the previous four dimensions. The entrance of Final Dimension is located at the center of the main hub.

In the first room of Final Dimension, the elevator leads to the lower area with 12 Copy Essences and Treasure Chests that contain three Dream Rods and one 1-Up. The bottom door leads to the second and final room, which is the battlefield for the upcoming two boss battles. For more specific information on those boss battles, see Hyness and The Three Mage-Sisters.

In the final room, Kirby and his allies watch as the four magical spears they collected pierce the Jamba Heart, releasing Hyness, who has been twisted by its power. Now as "Corrupt Hyness", the sorcerer battles Kirby one more time, relying on three logs dressed up as The Three Mage-Sisters instead of the real ones for the second phase. When Corrupt Hyness is defeated, he is knocked out cold, and the real mage sisters come in, themselves having their appearance changed. They spend a moment to lament their situation as they gather around the unconscious Hyness before vowing to get revenge on Kirby and his team. The mages attack together, and an intense showdown ensues.

After a long and hard fight, Kirby and his Star Allies defeat the three mages and knock them to the ground. If at this point Kirby and his friends did not collect at least 100 Friend Hearts, a bad ending will play where Kirby and his team leave the fallen mages behind. If on the other hand 100 or more hearts were collected, Kirby gathers their power into a big Friend Heart and uses it on the three fallen mages to knock them back to their senses and return them to their normal look. After a moment to wordlessly realize just what has happened, the mages use their power to calm the arena, and then bring a Warp Star down to carry Kirby and his team away. They wave him off, and as Kirby flies, he leaves one last little heart which floats down to Hyness and restores him to normal, thus completing the Happy Ending of Heroes in Another Dimension.

Abilities & Bosses[edit]

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Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Final Dimension.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイナルディメンション
Final Dimension
Traditional Chinese 最終空間
zuì zhōng kōng jiān
Final Dimension
Simplified Chinese 最终空间
zuì zhōng kōng jiān
Dutch Laatste dimensie Last Dimension
German Letzte Dimension Last Dimension
Latin American Spanish Dimensión Final Final Dimension
European Spanish Dimensión final Final dimension