Heroes in Another Dimension - Final Dimension

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Final Dimension
Mage Sisters Fight.jpg
Kirby and friends battle the three enraged Mage-Sisters in the Final Dimension.
Level Heroes in Another Dimension
Boss(es) Corrupt Hyness
The Three Mage-Sisters
Theme music

no music given

Stage order
Dimension IV Last stage
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Final Dimension is the fifth and final level of Heroes in Another Dimension from Kirby Star Allies.


Final Dimension is unlocked by clearing the previous four dimensions. The entrance of Final Dimension is located at the center of the main hub.

In the first room of Final Dimension, the elevator leads to the lower area with 12 Copy Essences and Treasure Chests that contain three Dream Rods and one 1-Up. The bottom door leads to the second and final room, which is the battlefield for the upcoming two boss battles.

Abilities & Bosses[edit]

Abilities Bosses



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Letzte Dimension Last Dimension