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This article or section is about the character as it is portrayed in the story. For information about the boss, see Galactic Nova Nucleus.

Character InfoBox
Official artwork of the Galactic Nova.
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Similar Characters Star Dream, Star Dream Soul OS
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The Galactic Nova (referred to as the Comet NOVA in Kirby Super Star or just Nova for short) is a character that appears in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, being found in the Milky Way Wishes stage. Kirby must use the Starship to travel into the comet and destroy its nucleus.

Game appearances

Kirby Super Star

The Galactic Nova first appears in Kirby Super Star, playing a major role in the Milky Way Wishes game. During Milky Way Wishes, the sun and moon are fighting each other. Kirby is told by Marx that he must find the Galactic Nova and wish on it to end the conflict.

When Kirby finds the stars on each of the planets, he summons the Galactic Nova. However, before he can grant a wish, Marx appears, knocking Kirby away and wishing to rule Popstar. NOVA flies away to grants his request, while Kirby, who is given the Starship, attempts to stop him. Kirby flies into Nova's core and destroys it, halting the entity and preventing it from granting Marx's wish.

After Kirby manages to beat Marx, Marx is shown flying into the Galactic Nova, causing it to explode.

Kirby Super Star Ultra


In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the enhanced remake of Kirby Super Star, it is revealed in The True Arena that after the Nova (and Marx) explode, the remaining power from the NOVA begins to build up and is absorbed by Marx, who is brought back to life as a mutated, zombie-like form known as Marx Soul.

Nova also appears near the end of Meta Knightmare Ultra. After Meta Knight gathers the stars, the Galactic Nova appears to him, by reassembling himself; his appearance shows him to have sustained damage. Meta Knight's wish is to fight the greatest warrior in the galaxy. In compliance, Nova summons Galacta Knight, a warrior so powerful he was sealed away due to his immense power being a threat.

As neither of these modes are main games, it is likely that none of these events are canon with the main series.


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