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Friend Abilities are special combination attacks, formations, and augments which Kirby and his allies can perform in Kirby Star Allies. These abilities can be used to create devastating attacks, solve puzzles, or progress through certain obstacles.

List of Abilities[edit]

There are several types of Friend Abilities on offer. They fall into one of the three following categories:

Power Effects[edit]

Main article: Power Effect

Elemental enhancements can be applied to neutral-type Copy Abilities (typically those that resemble weapons). To do this, the weapon holder must raise their weapon, then the element wielder must use an elemental attack on the former ally to imbue it. There are five power effects in total, as follows:

  • Blizzard - provided by ice-based attacks
  • Bluster - provided by wind-based attacks
  • Sizzle - provided by fire-based attacks
  • Splash - provided by water-based attacks
  • Zap - provided by electric-based attacks

In addition, weapons which have already been enchanted can be used in turn to enchant other weapons. Certain special attacks (like Gooey's tongue attacks) can also be used to add elemental effects.

Friend Combo Attacks[edit]

In addition to the above, there are special one-time moves which the Star Allies can perform by combining specific abilities together, or by simply having the allies involved. These abilities are as follows:

Friend Actions[edit]

Finally, there are five special formations which can only be used by finding a Friend Platform at various points in stages. These require four allies of any type to activate, and are as follows:


  • While not technically a Friend Ability, there is a special ability for Sleep called 'Friend Wake-Up Call', wherein a friend pops Kirby's nose balloon while he's sleeping to wake him up early.