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Master Crown

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Master Crown
KRtDLD Magolor holding Master Crown screenshot.png
Magolor holding the Master Crown in the cutscene where he betrays Kirby.
Type Plot device, Boss
Function Bestows its wearer with "limitless" power, but also dominates the wearer
Found Halcandra, atop Landia's head
Game(s) Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
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Ah... At long last, it's mine! The source of limitless power... The Master Crown! Obtaining this crown has been my ultimate goal all along!
— Magolor, in Kirby's Return to Dream Land

The Master Crown is a relic from ancient times which, according to Magolor, contains "limitless power", and which was held as "Halcandra's legendary treasure" by its ancient protector; the four-headed dragon Landia. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land and its remake, Magolor deceives Kirby and his friends into defeating Landia after Magolor had failed to do so by himself, and it is implied that this failure was what caused him to crash the Lor Starcutter (which he also stole)[1] into Dream Land at the start of the game. With the crown on his head, Magolor transforms into a large spectral monstrous version of himself, and gains the ability to rip holes in space-time and travel through Another Dimension, as well as gain a number of powerful magical abilities. Eventually, however, Kirby and his friends are able to overcome Magolor and the crown, shattering the artifact in the process and freeing Magolor from its influence.

The Master Crown also serves as the final boss in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler, where it takes the form of a gigantic tree-like being due to it possessing the red fruit. Magolor confronts the Crown in his struggle to escape Another Dimension, ultimately destroying it for good with his own Ultra Sword.


Flavor text from the game suggests that the Master Crown has a mind of its own, and can dominate whoever wears it and gives into its influence. This can be seen happening as Magolor is initially defeated by Kirby, when he and it transform into progressively further-warped spectral entities. The pause screen description for the Master Crown boss battle explicitly confirms it to be sentient and able to control the minds of its wearers by devouring their souls. Furthermore, the Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions' flavor text for it also state it is capable of traveling through several worlds.

In other Kirby games that feature Landia as a boss, the dragon is also seen wearing the crown, though in these cases the crown plays no significant role in the plots of the games. In the Team Kirby Clash games, Landia EX and Parallel Landia also have their own versions of the Master Crown, though their properties are even less well-known. It is only stated, very briefly, that Parallel Landia is "blinded by the power of the crown" in his pre-battle flavor text.


The Master Crown takes on a number of different appearances, based on which game it appears in and which character is wearing it. The following table highlights each distinct look of the crown, along with other pertinent notes as appropriate:

Master Crown forms  
Form Image Description Notes
Default KRtDLD Master Crown on ground cutscene screenshot.png In its initial form, the Master Crown is fairly petite, consisting of only a small four-pronged spire with a cyan spherical gem inset in a crest at the front, and a few spiky protrusions hanging down from the crest. When worn by Landia EX in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the gem on the Master Crown turns red. The crown worn by Landia EX starting in Team Kirby Clash has a slightly spikier crest with a purple gem, and four blue diamond-shaped gems inserted into the other prongs of the spire. The crown worn by Parallel Landia is otherwise identical to the original, but has a red gem and black coloration, matching its wearer.
Magolor KRtDLD Traitor Magolor screenshot.png When Magolor puts on the crown and then transforms, the crown takes on a much larger and more intimidating appearance. Its central crest takes the form of an eye with rounded eyelashes protruding outward and wing-like designs to its left and right, and it now has five auxiliary prongs instead of four. The spiky protrusions on the front become much longer and finger-like, as if the crown is gripping its wearer. Overall, the crown becomes more detailed, and it can occasionally be seen wobbling back and forth of its own accord. When worn by Magolor EX, the central gem on the crown turns red.
Magolor's second form KRtDLD Magolor second form screenshot.png After Magolor's transformation, the crown takes on a very different shape. The main spire shrinks considerably, but several long tendrils emanate from the crown and wrap themselves around Magolor, while the wing-like designs surrounding the "eye" grow to become wing-like protrusions. Its "grip" over the wearer is much more overt in this incarnation, suggesting that the crown itself is now in control.
Magolor Soul KRtDLD Magolor Soul screenshot.png The crown on Magolor Soul is similar in shape to its appearance on Magolor's second form in Story Mode, but it has a paler color scheme and is lined with additional spikes and horns, particularly on its tendrils and emanating from its crest. Flavor text for Magolor Soul states that in this form, Magolor is "no more than a manifestation of the crown itself".[2] When Magolor Soul enters its second phase, the crown's gem turns cyan.
Tree crown without a ruler KRtDLD Master Crown boss screenshot.png Upon possessing the red fruit, the Master Crown transforms it into a monstrous tree with a single yellow eye upon its trunk. It has two large branches resembling the wings seen on Magolor's second form, which allow it to fly despite its considerable size. Its canopy vaguely resembles the magic runes on Magolor Soul's arms. The tree possesses an array of drill-like roots that it can use to attack, and the Master Crown itself is entwined across the entire trunk of the tree. Its tendrils form part of the tree's "arms".

As a boss[edit]

Master Crown
KRtDLD Master Crown boss screenshot.png
Screenshot of the Master Crown as the final boss of Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler.
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023)
Relative(s) Gem Apple Tree
Theme music

30-second sample of the Master Crown's boss theme.

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Those who wear the Master Crown will gain power, but so will the darkness in their hearts. Thanks to the red fruit, it's become a wrathful wreath—a destroyer called the tree crown without a ruler!
— VS Master Crown Phase 1 Special Page from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

The Master Crown serves as the final boss of Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. Here, the crown has taken possession of the red fruit that Magolor had assembled at the Ethereal Altar, after its pieces were initially incorporated into Crowned Doomer. Using the power of the fruit, the Master Crown turns into a gigantic tree-like entity, which sits in the background for the majority of the fight.


The following are all of the Master Crown's attacks. Attacks in brown are used in the second phase only. Most attack names listed are from official Japanese strategy guides, while others are conjectural and are marked with an *:

Master Crown's attacks in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
Attack Description Notes
Otherworldly Roots
The Master Crown creates 1-3 rifts, out from which its roots strike the stage in various patterns, creating Drop Stars on impact in The True Arena. While the roots are out, they can be attacked to damage the Master Crown, being one of the only ways to hit it.
In the second phase, the roots get larger and cover more area.
Forbidden Malus Pumila
The Master Crown creates two large Gem Apple bombs that drop from rifts onto the arena. They slowly grow larger until they detonate in a big explosion, but can be attacked to destroy them before this happens. The explosion cannot be guarded.
In the second phase, the Master Crown may drop a single extra-large Gem Apple Bomb that takes more hits to remove.
Kirby can swallow these using a Super Inhale to get the Bomb Copy Ability.
Daphne's Scream
The Master Crown shoots a laser from its eye that sweeps the ground, and then causes the entire floor to explode, hitting players within a certain range at the moment of impact. As soon as the explosion happens, the music temporarily lowers in volume, accompanied with a stun grenade sound effect.
The laser beam cannot be guarded, but the explosion can.
This attack is almost identical to the one HR-D3 uses.
"Daphne" (literally "laurel" in Greek) is a nymph in the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne that describes Daphne's transformation into the laurel tree. Pursued by Apollo, Daphne lets out a desperate cry for help to her river god father to transform her rather than continue to be the object of undesired affection. The name of the attack may refer to this outcry of Daphne, which gave origin to the laurel tree.
Dance of the Double-Edged Leaves
The Master Crown creates two groups of two large spade-shaped leaf projectiles on both sides and then fires them one at a time to its target from the background.
Kirby can swallow these using a Super Inhale to get the Leaf Copy Ability.
Seed Attack* The Master Crown drops four small seeds from above, which grow into narrow damaging vines shortly after being planted.
In the second phase, eight seeds are dropped.
This attack is nearly identical to the one Marx uses in Kirby Super Star.
Mistilteinn of Hatred and Obsession
The Master Crown flares up and creates a huge spread of unguardable lasers from its eye that start to sweep the ground. There are several different waves of lasers to dodge, some of which are double-waves. Mistilteinn is a Norse word that translates to "mistletoe", a parasitic plant which grows on trees, and in particular apple trees.
This attack is similar in name and execution to Void Termina's "Crown of Evil and Obsession" (巨悪と執念しゅうねんかんむり), and "hatred and obsession" is also used to describe the Master Crown in Magolor Soul's Extra Mode Special Page.
Wild Dance of the Double-Edged Leaves
The Master Crown creates two groups of four large spade-shaped leaf projectiles on both sides and then fires them one at a time to its target from the background. Kirby can swallow these using a Super Inhale to get the Leaf ability.
Doomer Call* The Master Crown calls in Darpas, Dippas, Dupas, and/or Deppas from rifts. These opponents have much more health than their regular counterparts, and are worth many Magic Points if defeated before they vanish in Magolor Epilogue.
Return Without a Ruler
The Master Crown teleports away, and then falls onto the arena from above, its huge shadow serving as a warning area. After crashing into the stage, after a moment, it digs deeper in, hitting anyone who isn't airborne. The Master Crown can be attacked directly while it is doing this attack.
In The True Arena, this attack makes Drop Stars appear both upon the initial landing and after the second crash.
Waltz of the Double-Edged Leaves
The Master Crown creates a big ring of sixteen leaf projectiles, then tosses them toward the stage in a sweeping manner. After passing by once, the leaves then bombard the stage from above, aiming for the player's current position.
Kirby can swallow these using a Super Inhale to get the Leaf ability.
This attack is similar to the Twelve Energy Shower and Thirty Energy Shower that Galacta Knight uses in his battles.
To free the tree and bring an end to the destruction... To take responsibility for his wicked ways... With all of his magic infused into the sword, he must strike! Magolor must atone for his misdeeds!
— VS Master Crown Phase 2 Special Page from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Once enough damage has been done in the Magolor Epilogue, Magolor finishes the Master Crown off using his version of the Ultra Sword, which he obtains for the first time by powering up a nearby sword on the battlefield. To help Magolor cleave through this foe, the player needs to shake their controller or mash directions on the Control Stick for an extended period of time, similar to Kirby's mash against Magolor in Story Mode. If the player does not mash fast enough, Magolor will lose some health and then, assuming he hasn't run out of health at this point, try to strike again.

The Master Crown is also faced as the penultimate opponent in The True Arena, where Kirby and other characters can fight it. The last phase of the fight with the Ultra Sword clash does not happen in this version of the battle.

Connection to Dark Matter[edit]

The "Crown of Evil and Obsession" attacks that Void Termina uses in Kirby Star Allies, where he fires lasers in many different patterns from a Master Crown-like object.

Although nothing explicitly has been said about the origin of the Master Crown, there are hints that suggest it may be related to Dark Matter and other entities like it. The most telling clue are the forms of Magolor's second form and Magolor Soul, as in these forms, Magolor gains a giant singular eye in his mouth reminiscent of Zero from Kirby's Dream Land 3. The crown tending to dominate the wearer's mind is another similarity it shares with Dark Matter.

In addition, a later connection would be made in Kirby Star Allies, as two of Void Termina's attacks have heavy implications to the Master Crown, with Void Termina himself being strongly suggested to also connect to Dark Matter:

  • "Destructive Dual Slash" and "Lonely Blizzard/Sizzle/Zap", used in the "Demon God Form" once enough eyes on the stamina bar have been depleted. This attack has Void Termina turn his hands into two giant swords protruding from Master Crown-like objects.
  • "Crown of Evil and Obsession", used in the "Angel Form", where one or more giant objects that greatly resemble the Master Crown are used to fire huge lasers. A similar term used to describe the crown in Magolor Soul's pause screen, being "hatred and obsession" instead. A similar laser attack named "Mistilteinn of Hatred and Obsession" would later be used by the Master Crown in its own boss battle in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
The "Lonely Blizzard/Sizzle/Zap" move that Void Termina uses in Kirby Star Allies, conjuring giant swords with hilts similar in appearance to the Master Crown.


  • Notably, whenever a boss who is wearing the Master Crown enters their second battle phase (when their health is knocked to 50-60% of their maximum), the Master Crown starts to shimmer and give off energy. This is naturally notable on Magolor and Magolor Soul, but also happens during the battles with Landia. This seems to imply that Landia also makes use of the crown's power when battling Kirby, though it is unclear to what extent the crown influences the dragon.
    • The boss description for Landia EX in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe furthers this claim, mentioning that while Landia is the protector of the crown, he is unable to completely control the crown's "overwhelming, terrible power to rule".
  • During the Master Crown's boss battle, its eye can be seen following Magolor (or any of the other playable characters)'s movement.
  • Fighting the Master Crown as an ability-less Kirby in The True Arena is the only way one can inhale Darpas, Dippas, Dupas, and Deppas. This reveals that Deppas are internally coded as large enemies and require a Super Inhale to swallow.


Boss battle[edit]

Video walkthroughs[edit]

Video of the battle with the Master Crown in Magolor Epilogue.
Video of the battle with the Master Crown in The True Arena.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスタークラウン
Masutā Kuraun
Master Crown
Traditional Chinese 大師王冠
Dàshī Wángguān
Master Crown
Simplified Chinese 大师王冠
Dàshī Wángguān
Dutch Meesterkroon Master crown
French Couronne suprême Supreme crown
German Meisterkrone Master crown
Italian Corona suprema Supreme Crown
Korean 마스터 크라운
Maseuteo Keuraun
Master Crown
Portuguese Coroa Suprema Supreme Crown
Spanish Corona Maestra Master Crown


  1. "Magolor stole the Master Crown and the Lor from their sacred resting places on Halcandra. He's a liar and a wizard... Defeat him!" --Pause screen text for Magolor EX from Kirby's Return to Dream Land
  2. "A sad shell possessed by the limitless power of the Master Crown, no more than a manifestation of the crown itself." --Pause screen text for Magolor Soul from Kirby's Return to Dream Land